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Post Election To Do List

So much attention is paid to the time leading up to Election Day that people often forget about how valuable the time is after the election to the when the winners are sworn in. This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to the newly elected and an excuse to reconnect with incumbents. Here at […]

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What the Elections Mean for the Arts

Most of the nation has happily put the elections behind them and are looking forward to the holidays but here at the Arts Action Fund we wanted to take a few moments to explain what the elections mean for the arts and arts education.

There will be more than 100 freshmen entering Congress this year – 16 new Senators and 94 new Representatives. This new group entering the House of Representatives means the House will switch from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority. Why does this matter for the arts? Well, it means that the leadership will change and the current all “A” Member leadership team will be replaced with an all “F” leadership team according to the 2008 Congressional Arts Report Card. In these tough economic times this change in leadership will add another challenge to defending the arts and arts education.

In addition, the switch in party

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Election Day Thoughts – The Single-Issue Voter, Cross-sector Advocacy, and Mission Creep

Without a crystal ball or Miss Cleo’s digits, it’s impossible to write a “what will the election mean …” piece before the polls close. Right? Well, I like a challenge, so I’m going to try anyway. Of all the blocs of voters we have heard about this election — women, moderates, youth, Tea Party, single, […]

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