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Why is Earth Paint Sacred?

Well, it’s a well guarded secret by the Aborigines in Australia and it’s forbidden for anyone to talk about it, but there are many guesses. It was a general belief among Aboriginal cultures that the geographical features of the land were created by a mythical snake as it journeyed over it. The ochre seams were […]

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The Aboriginal Ochre Wars

At one time, all of Australia was a huge network of trading posts. And good ochre pigment was one of the most prized items to trade. “Wilga Mia” in Western Australia is one of the most sacred ochre mines on the continent. If you want to collect any you have to ask permission from the […]

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Native Americans and Earth Paint

Ochre was the first color paint on this planet. It has been used on every inhabited continent since painting began, and it’s been around ever since, on the palettes of almost every artist in history. In Swaziland, archaeologists have discovered mines that were used ATLEAST 40,000 years ago to excavate red and yellow pigments for […]

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What is ochre?

There seems to be confusion in all the books and articles I’m reading about the word “ochre”. Some say it’s just a specific color, some say it means “earth pigments” or colored clay with many possible colors and some say it means iron oxide. I think the general consensus is that ochre means any natural […]

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Earth Painting at Tease

Painting Live at “Tease”, a swanky coctail lounge in Ashland, was alot of fun last month. It was also challenging trying to stay in “the zone” space with everyone I knew in Ashland stopping by to chat (which was also wonderful by the way). I couldn’t bring my big glass palette and tons of jars […]

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Earth Painting on Interior Walls

My latest earth painting project was on the interior walls of a strawbale house. Since it was a natural wall with an earth plaster on top, I was able to just use earth pigments mixed with water. It made a wonderful creamy easy to apply paint. Although when it dried it was powdery to the […]

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The Amazing Egyptians

The Egyptians were amazing innovators and discovered and developed most of the arts and sciences that we recognize today. They seem to me to also have been early permaculturists, using each element of nature for many different uses. For example, using a natural gum to make incense, perfume, paint, a protective furniture covering, medicines and […]

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