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Earth Paint Kits Are Here!

Paint your world with colors from the earth Children’s Earth Paint Kit Two new easy-to-use kits make wonderful holiday gifts! These naturally colored clays—some millions of years old—are collected from the earth, dried, crushed, and sifted to create the pure pigments used in my kits. The resulting paint is very high quality, completely Earth friendly, and […]

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Leah Fanning Mebane Announces Earth Paint Kits at Siskiyou School Winter Faire

Earth Paint Kits: the Earth Oil Paint Kit comes in a beautiful, eco-friendly box and includes 6 earth pigments, refined walnut oil and Earth Paints booklet. The Children’s Earth Paint Kit includes 6 powdered paints (that makes a thick, vibrant paint when mixed with water), compostable mixing cups and booklet with nature-based art activites and more.

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Interviewed by 11 year old Journalism Students

I was very honored to be interviewed by a Journalism class at Willow Wind School last month. Here is the winning class interview by Hazel Richards and Dana Baughman. Local Earth Artist: Makes Paint from the Earth By Hazel Richards and Dana Baughman Local artist Leah Mebane creates abstract oil paintings using pigments from the earth. […]

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Weekend at an Oregon Artist Retreat

I spent a wonderful weekend at the Chinook Artist Retreat in Klamath Falls two weeks ago. The grounds were pretty amazing with a huge, light-filled studio (windows all the way around), a separate living space with bedroom and access to a big living room, dining room and kitchen. And the best part, a beautiful bath house with […]

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100,000 year old paint making workshop discovered

A new discovery was just reported in the New York Times of a 100,000 year old paint making workshop in a South African cave. The archeologists found hundred’s of pieces of red ocher stone, special ocher grinding stones, tools made from animal bones and large abalone shells where the paint was mixed. Before this discovery, […]

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Detoxing for Artists (and everyone else)

Even though I now have only natural art materials around, I have to admit that I spent most of my life bathing in turpentine and leaving heavy-metal laden paints on my skin to seep into my bloodstream. Noone ever brought up the subject in high school or art school or beyond so I didn’t worry about it. […]

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Nature Inspired Children’s Book

A new project in the works! I’m illustrating a sweet little children’s book by my friend, Myron, about how children can find fun and joy in nature without batteries, plastic or electronic gadgets. Just simple play in nature. I’ll let you know when it’s complete.  

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Bring Nature Indoors

I’ve been having a wonderful time painting sweat peas, snakes, lizards, calla lilies and red maple trees in a private home this past week. I’ll be painting tree frogs in the entranceway next week!    

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“Resurgence” Earth Art Article

International, UK based, magazine Resurgence printed this article by myself and British artist, Cea Blythe. If you can’t read the text click HERE.    

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Collecting Earth Pigments

My husband and I went up to the beautiful North Umpqua River this weekend to tour waterfalls but I discovered some great pigments along the way!

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