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Can Earth Art Help Us Heal?

Natural Painting Workshop in Italy! Natural Earth Paint logo

Earth Art isn’t just beautiful, it lifts your spirits, strengthens your connections, and even lessens the effects of mental illness.

At Natural Earth Paint, we’ve always known that earth art making can change your life. But what is the science behind those changes? We’ve done the research for you.

“Humans are a vital part of the Earth’s ecosystems; we’re deeply connected to nature rather than separate from it. Our oldest, most basic bond is to Mother Earth, the environment around us which we rely on, contribute to, and create with.

Because of our connection, creating with earth-based materials ties us to the world around us as well as our natural selves. Earth-based materials are an extension of our organic bodies, heritages, and histories.

Creating art to ground yourself in the Earth, your heritage, and your environment provides clarity and reduces anxiety. It provides space to explore

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Aboriginal Ochre

The Aboriginal Ochre Wars There was a time when all of Australia was a network of trading posts. And good ochre was one of the most prized items to trade. “Wilga Mia” in Western Australia is one of the most sacred ochre mines on the continent. If viagra online canada you want to collect any […]

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Eco Oil Painting Tutorial Video

I’ve recently recorded an 8 minute video of me explaining how to eliminate all toxins from your oil painting practice. There will be tips and techniques and info on how to use only natural materials (nothing synthetic or petroleum based). Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Artist Leah Fanning Mebane

Leah Fanning Mebane Painting

A video introduction to artist Leah Fanning Mebane and her abstract paintings.

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Earth Art & Paint Summer Newsletter

Earth Art & Paint Summer Newsletter Children’s Earth Paint, not just for children! After teaching nature-inspired art classes over the past Summer, I’ve discovered that adults are having just as much fun with the water soluble Earth Paints as children! From making leaf print stationary and painting flower pots to decorating wooden frames and large garden rocks, the fun can be enjoyed by all ages.

Summer Art Project: Sea Shell Collages Have you ever wondered what you’ll do with that bag of shells that you’ve been collecting at beaches for years? Here ya go… 1. Paint shells with Earth Paints 2. Glue to a scrap piece of wood or stiff board in pretty patterns or in shape of animals, flowers, people, etc. * Toddler Option: Instead of gluing them down, let your toddler sort, arrange, and put them in different containers. My 2 ½ year old was occupied

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Balancing Family and a Creative Business

I’ve just been interviewed by the great blog “Creative with Kids” with great questions including How do you balance family & business? What inspired you to start this business? How do you balance your creative side with all the linear, fine-detail stuff that comes with running a business? and more….. How do you balance your […]

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Natural Art Projects & Materials

The beautiful art that was created in my latest “Nature Art Class” was pretty amazing. Especially considering they used natural plant stalks as paint brushes and celery and potatoes as printing devices. See their creations below!

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“Non-toxic Painting” Article in Artists and Illustrators Magazine

Click image to read my latest article in Artists & Illustrators Magazine’s May 2012 issue. Non-toxic Painting – An Eco Oil Painting Guide

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Happy Earth Day from Leah Mebane's Earth Art!

Earth Day Painted Hands

In Gratitude on April 22nd I would like to express deep gratitude for our Mother Earth. Not only for giving us life and nourishment and blue whales (as if that weren’t enough) but also for providing us with beautiful ready made paint for over 100,000 years.

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Earth Art Day with Leah Fanning Mebane

Earth Paints & Nature Art Class with Leah Mebane

We will celebrate Earth Day with an all natural earth art class. We will learn to make our own earth paints from natural clay and paint smooth river stones and drift wood for your home or garden. We’ll make eco stationary with leaf, veggie & flower prints and Native American paint brushes with plant stalks. If time allows we’ll also learn how to make earth pastels and natural egg tempera paint.

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