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Return Home from Women’s Journaling Retreat

How can I describe how it feels when your dream out pours right in front of your eyes? What words can I select to paint how watching the spirit of the Universe work, as it exceeds my wildest visions? That’s what I’m going to try to do here for you.I’ve…

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My Dream Comin’ True!

Ok, you all know how passionate I am about my sketchbook/journaling, right? Well, the biggest reason I teach is to sprinkle around the joy, value and personal rewards available when one chooses to express this way. So when I get this kind of email from…

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Cool Art Therapy Intervention #6: Mandala Drawing

A circular form in art is often referred to as a “mandala” and is also known as a “sacred circle.” Mandalas evoke the cycles of nature, personal and universal symbols, ritual, transcendence, and wholeness. It’s a magic circle that can both soothe and i…

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Ending of a Month ~ Beginning of an Adventure

Ok, here’s another awkward post … but, we’re aiming at honesty here, so here we go …It’s been peculating probably for a year, this episode in my life. At first I was startled by it, resistant, then, realizing that it truly was a dream of my husband…

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