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Volunteer Profile: Kristianna Woods

Kristianna has been a Britt fan since moving to the Rogue Valley 14 years ago. She loves live music, especially in outdoor settings and enjoys the variety of music that Britt Festivals provide. She’s been a volunteer for 4 seasons and held many positions on the hill: ticket taker, event staff, clean up, and usher. She prefers to "work the hill" as an usher because she can interact with patrons, addressing questions or concerns. She says that patrons are there to have a wonderful time and she enjoys helping them to have that experience.  

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See What Happened at the Ukulele Getaway

Enjoy exploring the many faces of the recent Britt Ukulele Getaway, June 27-29, 2014, which was open to all ages.  Both children and adults had fun learning how to play the Ukulele from a group of spirited, experienced instructors. My dog has fleas!  Photos taken by Lisa La Pierre, Britt Intern, 2014.

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See What Happened at Rock Camp

Enjoy exploring the many moments of Britt’s 2014 Rock Camp, a week-long workshop, designed to foster creativity, community, and collaboration while providing an entry point to the arts for middle and high school students. Rock on with your bad self!  Photos taken by Lisa La Pierre, Britt Intern, 2014.

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Catching up with Cody Stover, Former Britt Intern

We encourage our former interns to share their discoveries as they venture forward, building interesting lives. In these brief interviews, they explore how contributing as a Britt Intern has formed them as individuals. Cody Stover was a Britt Intern during 2012, focusing on video marketing but let’s hear him in his own words: "Two years following my internship, I look back and realize how incredibly valuable my summer on the Britt Hill was for my development. Starting my internship, I was not sure of my own career plans but after working for ten weeks in the Britt non-profit environment, I began to find my path."

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Jacksonville Elementary performs The Jungle Book

On June 5, Jacksonville Elementary students presented their annual school musical on the Britt hill. This year’s production was Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids. The whole school is involved in the production, from performing to costumes to set design to running the box office. The students gave a matinee performance for students all over the valley, and an evening performance that was open to the public. Take a look at these great performers, with their creative costumes and set design!  

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2014 Fine Arts Poster Reception

The new Britt Festivals’ Poster for the 2014 Season was unveiled on Monday, June 2 at a reception on the hill. Jerry Simon, the artist, described his inspiration for the design to an attentive audience. Simon explained: "It is a Festival of so many interesting kinds of music and is depicted through the musicians in the center of the poster and the musical instruments that break out at the edges. The color is rich and vibrant and the players are passionate about the performance. In the central focus is the banjo, an instrument strongly associated with America’s past through folklore and the rural working class. But everyone, in each style, in their own way, is making beautiful music." The poster is now on sale at the Britt offices in Medford: $35 for a signed poster and $20 for an unsigned version.

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Ray Robison Recalls a Memorable Night at Britt

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends to remember a special night at Britt, that might have included, for example, falling in love, dancing on stage, connecting with old friends, or something else. We were moved in particular by Ray Robison’s answer and thought we’d post it here to honor his contribution. What follows is in Ray’s own words and images.

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Catching Up with Teena Estep, Britt Volunteer

This is my second year volunteering at Britt and I love it. Interacting with people from our community is a highlight to my summer.  I enjoy assisting as a ticket taker, merchandiser, hill usher, and cushion renter. My focus in life is helping other people.  I work  with wonderful individuals, some of whom are disabled or deaf.  Sign language is an amazing language and I find Deaf Culture fascinating.  I love that Britt offers such an array of artists.  My favorite is country, but experiencing Britt has opened me up to all kinds of music.  

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Gabriella Mingoia, Former Britt Intern

Catching up with Gabriella Mingoia We like to check in with our former interns to discover what new adventures they’re having and how being a Britt Intern contributed to their career goals. Gabriella was a Development Intern during 2013.

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2014 Season Announcement Party Rocks!

Britt announced its 2014 line up of artists this Wednesday to a packed house of excited Britt Festival subscribers, TV reporters, and local businesses.  Donna Briggs, Britt Festival’s President and CEO, presented the artist roster creatively, offering patrons the opportunity to guess the band from the song, played with gusto by the Matt Hill Trio.  

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