Are we there yet? COVID update from Mindy Carpenter

Are we there yet? Close? No? Okay, let’s look at art instead and laugh a little and count our blessings even when we’re feeling the weight of our new normal. I’m like you, sheltering in place, probably doing similar things as you, like Zoom meetings, rearranging the sock drawer, watching Netflix, slow cooking, fast eating, walking the dog, patting the cat, cleaning the junk drawer, reorganizing every closet, sending mail, painting, working on my business, staying connected and obsessively consuming the news and a variety of funny inspired memes. We will get through this. And the daily ups and downs are profound….for instance, in a cosmic timing trifecta, I had a book, catalogue and greeting card launch all on/around March 15th. Yup, The Day It Started.

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Congrats to Richard & Rochelle Newman!

Hilltop Gallery, Ashland, Oregon

The gallery listing for Hilltop Galleries at has been taken down, and we’re sorry to see a nice gallery like theirs close up and the owners step aside. However, we’re happy that Richard & Rochelle Newman, proprietors of the Hilltop Gallery, have decided to fully enter (read: enjoy) their retirement! We wish them a wonderful retirement and thank them for their participation in the Southern Oregon Artists Resource while their gallery was in business.

Followup on St Mary's Call to Artists - Congratulations to Kevin Christman!

We recently posted a call to artists for an enviable job creating 32 stained glass windows and a set of art niches for St Mary’s Chapel. Yesterday we learned that Kevin Christman won the bid for this amazing project, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be following his progress here at Art Matters! We’ll have more information soon, but meanwhile, here is a little information about it

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