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Even More Marvelous Moons

I tend to paint the moon more often in the winter. The full moon is just so luminous and bright in a dark and cold time of year, it’s impossible for my artistic eye to resist. This series continues to be a popular one for me. I like to think that in these troubled times of […]

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February’s Gifts

It must be spring somewhere because I found tulips and strawberries at the market! This robust bouquet of brilliant reds, greens and yellows created a dynamic still life. Promising warmer weather, the flowers and strawberries call out with color to the newly opened buds on the trees outside my window. Oil on canvas 16″x20″ $525

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Summer Illusion

Those who have heard tales of Mt. Shasta’s “tall people” and mystical powers know that it is a place where realities can differ. This January was one of the driest and warmest on record for the region; as a result, the snow-less top of Mt. Shasta looked much like it does in the summer, and […]

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Autumn Brilliance Revisited

I first painted this scene in plein air, and while my eyes took in the brilliant color, I came away with a piece that was slightly muted. In my studio, I revisited the location in my mind’s eye, and I love the result: a knife-painted piece that proudly declares the boldness of autumn’s hues. 30″x24″x3/4″deep […]

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Red, Bright and Blue

I painted this large bouquet of sunflowers from this farmers’ market this fall. It went through some iterations in my studio as I worked to find the right background colors and patterns to complement the flowers’ lively personalities. Now winter is here, and it’s finally done! SOLD 28″x22″ oil on canvas © “Copyright” 2013 […]

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Irelands’ Lighthouse

In Gold Beach, on the Oregon Coast, I stayed at a hotel and RV park called the Irelands. This reproduction lighthouse was visible from my balcony, and it made a nice subject for a painting! Knife-painted on 16″x12″ canvas $500 © “Copyright…

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Gold Beach

On a short trip to Gold Beach, I painted the view from our hotel balcony as a storm rolled in. One curious seagull hung out nearby – requesting food or maybe just looking for artistic insight! Knife-painted oil on 14″x 18″ canvas. $65…

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Sunny Gold Beach

The Oregon coast is one of the most remote and unpopulated coastlines in the continental U.S. Wind and rain are always a possibility, but even in the winter there are days that make the heart sing because the water is so blue and the breezes are so mild. Needless to say, it’s one of my […]

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Scenic Hills

Summer’s rainbow colors harmonize in the reflections of the pond. I did this work in plein air, but kept playing with it back in my studio until I got the water just right. I believe the result was worth it! Oil on 16×12″ canvas $425 …

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Fall Brilliance

The fall colors in Southern Oregon were incredible this year. I enjoy capturing both the color and the light, working – as always – on location! Oil on 12×16″ canvas $425   © “Copyright” 2013 Silvia Trujillo The post Fall …

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