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I’ve been in the “l’atelier”

I was thinking today, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted on my blog. Proof that the covid time vortex exists because “a bit” was LAST YEAR. Ok, it was December 31, 2020 but still…what I thought was maybe a few weeks was nearly two months. Hello. Fast forward. It was January. Cold, wet, a […]

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It’s the last night of 2020. How do I even begin writing about a year that lasted a decade? I’m counting my blessings. I’m here. I made it, my house is standing, I’m healthy, my parents are healthy, my small business is alive, there’s food in the fridge and gas in my car. I’ll be […]

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Butter makes it better

Butter really does make everything better. Especially this time of year! My obsession with the humble envelope continues and I made this funny one into a fancy lope. Whether it’s the year of enjoying the simple things or maybe Covid (stir) craziness…the art of the handwritten note has become one of my most relaxing joyful […]

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Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays means something a little different this year. Usually that would mean me flying to Victoria, BC to be with my family. This year, it’s staying in Ashland, OR, also home. Am I disappointed? Of course. But here we are, everyone in the same boat more or less and I’m going to […]

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From my table to yours

Wishing you and yours a peaceful day of good food, zoom calls and cozy couch time or outdoor walks. xo

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Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hello from my second lockdown to yours! It’s Thanksgiving week and it looks and feels a lot different than previous years. But you know what? There’s still pie. And there will be turkey and stuffing and it will be a very small quiet day but it’s a year of lowered (lowest?) expectations. I’m not traveling. […]

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The sound heard around the world….

It’s a new day. I think the outpouring of love and celebration and relief in the United States is incredibly heartwarming and hopeful but what I find even more telling and truly optimistic, is the outpouring of pure joy from the WORLD. Global citizens and leaders alike are celebrating a change for good. A change […]

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When the going gets tough…

The tough make stickers. Like you, I’m in month 4078 of Covid lockdown, pre-election anxiety and a myriad of other lifey events. And yet life goes on. And business goes on. And I’m forgetting how to laugh some days and then the next I’m having a laugh attack over something David Rose said. (God Bless […]

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It’s been almost two weeks since the Almeda Fire happened. It’s been about two days since the severe risk has passed and about two hours since we’ve seen blue skies and can breathe fresh air. The numbers are staggering. Over 2800 structures and homes lost. Hundreds of small businesses that thrived in this valley are […]

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Fire update

Yesterday I wrote a very long heartfelt upsetting blog post. It was about the Almeda Fire that happened here on Tuesday. The day it started, how it started, where it was and what I saw. I have published hundreds, maybe thousands of posts and not once has one not saved or accidentally been deleted. Yesterday […]

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