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Set Sail

Happy New Year! Its takes me about a week (right on schedule here at January 7th….) to fully own and embrace the new year. A couple of days chocolate/carb/Christmas decoration hangover, a few days of nutrition/exercise/green juice guilt, a day of false starts in back to work mode and eventually a cheerful mosey into my […]

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Boat Float

My plum pudding just arrived…from Amazon. No, I will not be baking. Somewhere in the toddler-walking stage of my small business growth, I let go of all things SHOULD and that includes a long list formerly written in calligraphy for Holiday To Dos. I still have lots of sweet traditions and decor that lights me […]

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All is Bright

The holidays have begun! I want to take a moment in this little space to thank you for reading, supporting, purchasing greeting cards or art or both. There’s a new-ish movement that has (thankfully) taken off called Small Business Saturday. It’s all about shopping small, shopping local and supporting your local artisans, retail shops or […]

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Sweater Weather

I love October!!! All of it. The blue skies, crispy cooler weather, the rainbow of foliage, the start of rain, slow cooking, pumpkin spice lattes and yes, sweater weather. I was so inspired this year, I created an autumnal fancy parlor to escape to with that warm mug of cozy-ness and good book. (It was […]

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Anyone Home?

It’s been a few minutes (or months) since I’ve touched base here and I’ve missed it! How is it October 1st? Time has become so very strange in the last year and a half. So am I home? Yes! Am I working? You bet! Painting? Errrr….yes….but. Not nearly as much as I was and like […]

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Coffee & Croissant

Bonjour! The world is opening up. Are we ready? Je pense que oui. (I think so.) Scrolling through the news is not generally joyful these days but over the last few weeks seeing photos of Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco and LA, it gave me goose bumps to see shop owners put out chairs […]

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In my little neck of the woods, the pandemic vibe is one foot in, one foot out. We’re ok to eat in restaurants. But apart. Ok to go to the gym. But with a mask. Hugging if you’re vaccinated…elbow bump hello if not? I’m as confused as the rest of us but one thing this […]

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“A party without a cake is just a meeting.” Julia Child Happy Saturday, friends! I’ve just sent a fresh batch of paintings to wonderful shop and long time friend Watson Kennedy in Seattle, WA. This recent collection is a combination of FUN (because who else is needing that right now…???), fanciful with a side of […]

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Yay, it’s May!!!! Life and work are busy these days and I’m extremely grateful for that! And….anyone else ready for some FUN??? I have the urge to jump on a trampoline, ride in a convertible, hop on a boat or watch an action flick in a theatre with popcorn!! With people!!! This piece was definitely […]

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Bird in Lemon Tree

Happy Monday! Painting lots of birds and branches, butterflies and blossoms and it feels quite lovely to look outside at 6:30pm and see…daylight-ish sky! It feels literally and figuratively like spring. These flora and fauna inspired pieces are making me happy. They’re part play, color exploration, memory from my years working with vintage natural history […]

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