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Top 10 Designers to Watch in 2020!

Hello from that equally slow motion and uber revved up time warp between trade shows. It’s a time where coffee in the morning is extra luxurious and slow but orders also need to be filled pronto and the day is planned strategically. I’m between Atlanta AmericasMart and Las Vegas Gift Show and appreciating every minute. […]

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XO Stationery Stash

It might be less than two weeks into the new year but in the retail world…guess what is virtually tomorrow??? That’s right, Valentine’s Day! Just in case you’re the stash-that-perfect-card-away-for-the-right-occasion variety (you’re in good company), let me introduce you to a few new designs in the XO category. I’m headed off into the season of […]

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Vintage Florals in time for the holidays!

Hello art lovers & floral enthusiasts! I’ve just popped two vintage florals on my website just in case Santa’s helpers are looking for…help! If you are considering gifting original artwork this year (or cards or envelopes), I wrap, ship and include my signature extra pack of paper goodies in every order. If it is a […]

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Shipping in time for Christmas!

Hello and happy holidays from the studio! Are you painting? Holiday cookie baking? Shopping? Making your own Christmas decorations? Yes to all of it. I’m a big fan of things or experiences made by hand or small businesses and love the personal details that often accompany it. I have a small and sweet collection of […]

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Leopard & Louis

Hello and happy December wherever you are! I know some of you might be shopping or browsing or thinking about shopping and browsing for Christmas and if original artwork is on your list for your favorite artist or art lover…I might be able to help. Or one of these lovely retailers might… I have a […]

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Chanel Red

I called this painting “Chanel Red” but my inner lip syncer really wants to call it “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” (so I can…so I can….). I am Canadian after all!! Corey Hart practically raised us. Whether you’ve got this song stuck in your head now or you’re in love with the other subject, […]

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A Room of Your Own

I’ve written a fair bit about my funny fancy parlors. Are they real? Are they figments of my imagination? A combination? All of the above. I would like to jump into a room filled with leopard lounge chairs and a pink velvet settee. Art clustered on the wall, vintage charts mixed with contemporary treasures and […]

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Nautical Parlour

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Emerson I love this quote, this sentiment and this reminder to be present and appreciate life’s lovely moments as well as it’s ebb and flow. Especially this week. Thanksgiving week, a week by definition, a time to be even more […]

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Fancy Envelopes

This afternoon in sweet Ashland, Oregon, it’s pouring icy fog rain, dark by 3pm, wind howling around the house and I am recovering from part one of some dental work. Before you turn green with envy, there is an upside. I’m home for the afternoon doing “nothing”. “Nothing” is a requirement when I’m supposed to […]

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Table Setting

Table setting is an art. You can’t get it wrong, the only requirement is using your good stuff, your everyday stuff, whatever makes your heart sing stuff and group it together. There are berries to pick outside or your grandparents salt and pepper shakers or your tapered candles that you’re “saving”. Use them today. If […]

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