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10 Great Reasons Artists Should Have a Blog

Gazing, original painting by Lori McNee

“Gazing” by artist Lori McNee. 36″ x 22″, oil on linen.

Do you have a blog on your art website? You might want to consider it. Here are 10 benefits of becoming a blogger: Blogging adds fuel to your web presence with new content, and makes your website more visible in search rankings. When optimized with keywords and SEO, it also makes your site more searchable. It makes you instantly shareable. When you create and add a new entry to your blog, you have the opportunity to share it on social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Submit your blog post to StumbleUpon and pull in even more traffic and interest. This enables you to share with non-subscribers too. Blogging allows you to tell your story as an artist, so each visitor to your site gets to know you better and understand what inspires you.

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What’s the Gov’t saying about Arts in Schools?

The Dept. of Education released a report on Monday with valuable information about how the arts are being offered in our public schools. Read more here:

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Psychology Today Article About Mandalas

Luminous Mandala

I was reading an article from “Psychology Today” about Mandalas. It is entitled, “Cool Art Therapy Intervention #6: Mandala Drawing” by Cathy Maichiodi. So many of the conclusions she reaches I have come to from my own experience of t…

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Creation vs. Creativity vs. The Creative Habit (from Arts Watch)

I want to add to Mark and Eric’s sentiments that we need to be careful about the claims of arts education teaching the 4 Cs (critical thinking & problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity & innovation). When claiming this monopoly on creativity, I think we need to refine our message. So, here I offer a […]

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