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The Horse Boy

Every now and then, if you’re lucky and your timing is good, you might catch a love story on television that’s actually worthwhile watching. This one, about the lengths to which two parents will go to heal their little autistic son, blew my mind. Autism is a mystery, but not a disability, as this little boy’s experience proves. And love can overcome difficulties that still leave medical science guessing. Different is not deficient, and we have much to learn about the diversities of the human mind, how to value, nurture and appreciate them. This beautifully documented experience is a testimony to what’s possible in this life, to the beauty of lives lived artfully with true, active love and thoughtful care, and a must-see for everyone, especially for those of you close to an autistic person. For you it will surely be cathartic, and perhaps even a deliverance. My family and

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@im_inebriated to @arttherapynews: Art Therapy is a Fake!

OMG, someone is using Twitter to disparage my profession. At first I dismissed this tweeter as twitwit and even a bit of a twhiner. But then I started to wonder: Is Twitter possibly a digital oracle of wisdom? Is art therapy really a fake? Primar…

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Art Therapy Meets Digital Art and Social Multimedia

In the 20th century, art therapy mirrored modern art movements and the media of the time period—drawing, painting, and sculpting. And just as digital means of expression, image manipulation, and social multimedia have permeated the early 21st century…

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