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The tip of the iceberg

About 200 hundred pages into the Kilmartin translation of Swann’s Way—I came back to this passage after finding a similar observation in the second book—Proust talks about how his fiction is non-intellectual, and that his lack of ideas originally persuaded him that he couldn’t be a writer.  A La Recherche du Temps Perdu shows how […]

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Peace be with you

What can I say that you haven’t read, seen, experienced or felt already? Not much. So I’m just here to say hi, send a hug from a far and staying connected in the way I know how. I’m exercising a bit. Walking outside. Puttering. Starting projects I can’t finish. Emailing, calling and texting to stay […]

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Gallery Closure

After listening to members who are self-quarantining due to the coronovirus and those who are following instructions from the CDC and WHO, we have decided to close the gallery until further notice. Let’s all stay home and make art.

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Dutch diversity

From Black in Rembrandt’s Time, at the Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam (closed at the moment in the European shutdown.) From the museum’s website: “For years I’ve been looking for portraits of black people like me. Surely there had to be more than the stereotypical images of servants, enslaved people or caricatures? I found the alternative […]

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The life you save may be Bill’s

Bill Murray tells the story of how he stumbled onto this painting and how it saved his life, more or less, at an especially discouraging moment in his early career. Or at least it showed him how he had nothing to be discouraged about. I love how Breton manages to illuminate the figure with the […]

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The Kramer

JERRY: I have to go meet Nina. Want to come up to her loft, check out her paintings? GEORGE: I don’t get art. JERRY: There’s nothing to get. GEORGE: Well, it always has to be explained to me, and then I have to have someone explain the explanation. JERRY: She does a lot of abstract […]

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All about the grind

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every day at 9 a.m. sharp.”  That quote has been attributed mostly to Faulkner but also to a number of other writers. It summarizes pretty much what it requires to be professional at anything: habitual hard work. I like the quote because that’s exactly the time […]

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March 2020 Main Exhibit

Art Presence March 2020 Main Exhibit
Off the Beaten Path
March 6 – April 26, 11am–5pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Reception Saturday, March 7, from 1–3 pm

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March 2020 Guest Exhibit

Our guest exhibit for March 2020 is an exhibition of works by the Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild, running from March 6–29. The Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild — co-founded in 1980 by Tom Phillips, at that time a recent transplant from the Bay Area — has about 60 members, who present their works in a highly anticipated annual […]

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March 13 Book Night Change

Unfortunately, our scheduled author for book night on March 13, Anna Elkins, has cancelled. David and Ginna Gordon will fill in with a talk about Indie Publishing. They will also introduce the first mention of an in-depth look at the Indie author’s world, presented at Art Presence, in the fall, with a three part workshop. […]

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