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Chardin’s dreaming

  When I was a boy, I used to take a toy, whether or not it was meant to represent something aeronautically sound, and I would hold it out in front of me and “fly” it above the sofa mountains of our living room or, outside, over the terrain in our East St. Louis yard: […]

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“It’s tough” is relative

Bill Santelli sent me this interview, which is a good read. Jonas Wood makes Hockney-esque paintings that look like graphic art, colorful in unpredictable and interesting ways, and dense with detail. They feel immediate and carefully observed but executed with almost childlike simplicity. I love the embrace of flatness because it forces him to put […]

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Magnetic and inexhaustible reality

I’ve just reread Iris Murdoch’s The Sovereignty of the Good, in reaction to my rereading of Dave Hickey’s The Invisible Dragon, in an effort to see the contrast between their ideas about beauty. Hickey speaks about beauty and desire. Murdoch about beauty and love. One might think they are speaking the same language, Hickey at a […]

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Poets on the Loose – Saturday April 13, 2019

Celebrate National Poetry Month in Jacksonville with Poets on the Loose 2019 on Saturday, April 13

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So You’ve Written a Book…

Ginna and David Gordon FREE presentation: Publishing Today, a conversation about indie publishing, from 5–6 pm on Fri, Jan 4 at Art Presence

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Picasso, the blind Minotaur

I’ve been surprised that the exhibit that has occupied my attention the most since my last visit to LACMA was Fantasies and Fairy Tales. It was a small, quirky collection of prints from around the year 1900. The aim of the exhibit was to show how, within this tight, curatorial window of qualifications (prints mostly […]

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Ben Folds Appointed Chair of ArtsVote2020

Ben Folds, celebrated American singer-songwriter and former front man of the alternative rock band Ben Folds Five, has been appointed Chairman of ArtsVote2020, a nationwide two-year initiative of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund that will advocat…

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Zoey Frank

Zoey Frank has a show at Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam opening on March 16. She has to be the perceptual painter who has risen to prominence more rapidly than anyone else in that club. I’ve been following her with bemused fascination since she was the star of Manifest’s INPA not long ago. She’s everywhere, it […]

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The Arts Action Fund Supports Latest Statement by The Charitable Giving Coalition

Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund have signed onto the Charitable Giving Coalition’s latest statement on the importance of charitable giving.

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Message from the unseen

From “Art is Dead; Long Live Aesthetic Management:” “The work of art,” Alfred North Whitehead writes, “is a message from the Unseen,” or as I would say, the unconscious. “It unlooses the depths of feeling from behind a frontier where the precision of consciousness fails.” This, I think, is the credo and intention of all […]

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