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Artists of the Rogue Valley Then and Now - Saturday 10am

Dorland Robinson, Rogue Valley artist, from the collection of the Southern Oregon Historical Society, and discussed in their next installment of the Tales from the Collection Series: Artists of the Rogue Valley

The Rogue Valley has a long history showcasing local artistic talent. SOHS has the paintings that Britt created from photographs, Dorland Robinson’s moody, subtle works, and artifacts from Eugene Bennett’s studio. Dawna Curler, SOHS Archivist Pat Harper and local artists Bruce Bayard and Ann DiSalvo will talk about art created in the 1800s through the 2000s at the next Tales from the Collection event and also explain how the Rogue Galley has played such an important role in the region. Free and open to all who love history.

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My Trip to Paris — Part One: The Drawings

I went to Paris for the first two weeks of May this year and my trip was entirely focused on studying art. I went to the Louvre six times – not nearly enough. I also visited the Orsay, Musee Bourdelle, Montmartre, saw Velasquez show at the Grand Palais, popped into the Musee Carnavalet and I […]

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Happy Birthday, M.C. Escher!

MC EScher, self-portrait

Today we would like to wish a very happy birthday to the master of paradox himself, M.C. Escher. The Dutch artist behind never-ending staircases and gravity-defying landscapes would turn 114 years old if he were magically still alive this June 17th.

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What Artists Do While Waiting for the Next Inspiration

The mythical view of artists has placed them in their studios or garrets, waiting for the Muse to inspire some great new idea or image. Were that the case, the wait could be a long one, leaving artists with little to do between brainstorms. In fact, most artists rely on good work habits to solve technical, aesthetic or intellectual problems. These include maintaining a regimen of drawing or painting for a certain amount of time every day as well as pursuing certain ideas to their completion in the hope that they might lead to other, new and interesting concepts. In the mostly hands-on profession of art, inspiration comes from doing.

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500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Video with Music: Bach’s Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma. Nominated as Most Creative Video 2nd Annual YouTube Awards. Shared by artist Katharine Gracey.

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Academics like their learned little jokes and this clever variant on Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath (around 1609-10) in the Galleria Borghese, Rome, was making the email rounds of art historians last month. Its creator is…

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