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“NAME THIS PAINTING” CONTEST: Artist Seeks Help Naming Most Recent Painting

Not titled yet©Sandi Whetzel
Have you ever named a painting? As an artist I give considerable time and thought to picking a title for my paintings because I feel that viewers of the art will connect more to it if it has a clever and fitting title. I usually don’t have a title in mind until after the painting is finished. Then, hopefully, it reminds me of something that helps me arrive at a title. The finished art makes me feel a certain way about it that often leads me to its title.
Some paintings are harder than others to title. The blue painting pictured here is one that I’m struggling with, so I’ve decided to hold a contest or a poll to see what the majority of respondents think is the most fitting title for my most recent painting. If you pick a title for the painting that I haven’t already considered and I like it enough to use it, I will award a free 8×10 reproduction of the painting to the first responder that provides the winning title. The winner will be responsible for shipping charges only. Be sure to read the titles I am already considering later in this post to see if you can come up with something I like better. If you can’t think of anything better to suggest as a title, I would appreciate you emailing me your vote for which of the titles I have suggested so I can see which is the most popular title for this painting.  (See “Email Me” link under “Contacting Sandi Whetzel” heading at top right sidebar of this page.)
This tastefully sensual moonlit scene of the beautiful lady nestled in the wine goblet is a sequel to the last very popular one that I did of very similar subject matter. You can see that one, titled, “A Toast to Love and Wine” here:
“A Toast to Love and Wine”©Sandi Whetzel
In both paintings I intentionally rendered the men in the paintings less obviously so that you would not see them at first sight. You should notice the beautiful woman in each painting first and then be pleasantly surprised at the observation of the male counterparts in the paintings. Both paintings are a wine fantasy involving lovers. In each of these two paintings the women seem to be having their own private thoughts or dreams; almost oblivious to the rest of the scene.
Lately I’ve been expanding my wine series of paintings because wine has become a really big thing in the Umpqua Valley where I live. There are many wine lovers in my area and they have made significant connections to my imaginative wine themed art. My wine paintings are very different from the wine paintings you see elsewhere. People are drawn to the paintings because they remind them of how they feel when they drink wine. I’ve kept those feelings in mind to help me come up with concepts for the paintings. Sometimes I feel almost like I’m creating commercials for the wine industry but that’s what it takes for me to create paintings that draw people to them.
OK, now here are the titles I’ve been considering for this most recent blue wine painting:
A Romantic Wine Pairing”, “A Perfect Wine Pairing”, “Moonlight Reverie”, “Wine Lovers”, “A Wine Affair”, “Moonlight Rendezvous”, “Wine Buffs”, “Basking in the Afterglow”, “Hope Floats”, “Wine Fantasy”, and “What’s in Your Goblet?”
Can you think of a title you like better? If not, which one of the above do you vote for? Email me your suggestions to compete for the winning title or vote for your favorite of my suggestions.  (Use the “Email Me” link at the top right sidebar of this page under the heading of “Contacting Sandi Whetzel”. This should be fun and I’d love to know what you think.

If you’d care to leave comments about the painting, click the “Comments” link  below this post but I will not be able to contact you directly from there If you want to be notified if you are the winner, then you must use the “email me” link at the top right on the sidebar under the “Contacting Sandi Whetzel” heading to enter your title suggestion(s) and/or vote for one of my suggestions. (The post comments are subject to moderation.) I look forward to hearing from you.

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