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Two Swedish Candlesticks

Working with watercolor can be so much fun.  These small, intimate studies of every day things are a joy to work on.  I experiment and just go for it.  Most of this study was done wet in wet.   Oh, if you’ve been watching this sketchbook for the last few weeks, the Swedish candlestick has […]

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New Acrylic Study

 Wow!  Already we are one week in to the new year and this is my first posting.  I had great intentions for the start of the year, but I caught a cold.  It doesn’t matter, though, the intentions are still worthy.  We can always slip things a week here or there.  The point is to […]

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Moving Sideway

I’ve been thinking about my recent still life studies.  I’m thinking of how to explain the move from my stylized “Peggy” work to my drawing and painting from life.  I think of it as a lateral move rather than a move backward.   For me, drawing and painting is about learning.  I have not devoted […]

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Twelve Years On

Recently I purchased a book on drawing by Juliette Aristides called “Lessons in Classical Drawing”.  I am learning new things about drawing as well as revisiting techniques I already practice.  For example, I never thought of using a knitting needle to help in seeing alignment of objects or for sighting.  And, I am being deliberate […]

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Doll with a Seashell Hat x3

    I have continued working on my studies of the doll with a seashell hat.  These studies are fun and enlightening.  I do find myself wanting to perfect the image.  But, the funny thing is that perfection is elusive.  Thank goodness!  Always something to work on.   The first study is the final state […]

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Doll with a Seashell Hat

    I have been working on drawing and painting this small doll my mother gave me some years ago.  The doll is made of porcelain and is one that my mother had when she was young.  Her hat is a seashell.   As you can see, the study is in a “high key”, that […]

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Sweet & Sour v2 (42 of 100)

      Another quick study…still having fun! This particular study had a “wet into wet” layer.  After the layer dried, I emphasized some of the values, then added a little bit of calligraphy. Enjoy!

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Sweet & Sour (Study #41)

          I’m having fun creating still life set ups from the odds and ends I have.  There is much I can learn from their simple shapes.   “Sweet” is my giggling toy and “sour” is a bottle of lemon juice. Thank you.  Enjoy!

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Studies 39 and 40

      I’m still working on my penguin and hot sauce bottle.  It’s interesting to me to learn from each iteration of the still life set up.   Small changes in set up or lighting change create new problems to work on.  Then add color and I have so much to play with.   […]

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