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Summer/Fall Workshops at Art Workshops by the Sea

Below are the workshops remaining for you to enjoy and enrich your experience in art through the talented artists and teachers of Art Workshops by the Sea, taken from their website ( please visit to view the original page with registration buttons). Thank to Paulette Shanklin for founding this wonderful business and making such great teachers available on the fabulous Oregon Coast! Paulette studied art in Italy, visiting nearly every 5 star art museum in Europe while she was there, and she tells us people have come to Florence, Oregon from halfway around the world…just to attend her workshops! She has found some very talented instructors and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to pursue your art while relaxing by the sea.

All Things Resins + Metal

With Marcia & Ty Schultz Click Here

Aug 24, 25, 26

For all levels


Introducing a wide range of resins and materials. Each day will focus on different materials, culminating in a general knowledge of how to use and combine them for the finished product(s)


Contemporary Artists often use of a wide range of these Creative Fluids to fulfill their objectives and visions.  Be it Steampunk, Milagro charms, Journals, Papers / book covers, or 2 or 3 dimensional art pieces, the fun starts here.

Your journey will introduce: Silicone Rubber press molds, Epoxy and Urethane coating and Encapsulation, Plastic and Metal Castings, Wire Armatures and Paverpol (a waterbased, eco-friendly resin system that hardens as it dries), for sculpture techniques.


The result of this three day adventure is the knowledge and confidence to use these Creative Fluids’ to maximum advantage in your artwork.  Whether you work on paper, canvas, jewelry or sculpture there will be something for you here.  It is our sincere wish to pass on valuable information and sources for all the materials that we’ve discovered in our years in the Art and Motion Picture Industry.


Kit Fee $50. paid directly to the instructor. Includes all resins, metals, epoxies, fabrics, silicone press mold material armature wire and much more.  Including a very comprehensive hand-out and the use of all tools.


Student supply list: Apron, scissors, wire cutters, roll of tin foil, Any special ephemera or objects for your art/book cover. Any special paper or fabric you want to resin, color pencils or any color acrylic media, small items you want to encapsulate. Any pictures or ideas have.




Tricks of the Trade

With Clinton Hobart  Click Here


In these two workshops you will learn the tricks to mastering still life and portraiture, but also how to get your work seen and sold. In addition to his gallery sales, Clinton regularly sells his paintings on E-bay. As part of his “Tricks of the Trade” class he will be teaching the How to Tricks  so you also can post your art for auction, either on a website, a blog, or on eBay.


Brilliant Still-Lifes

Sept 7, 8, 9



Meaningful Portraits

Sept 10, 11


Take both classes for a big discount


In this class we will cover every topic a student needs enjoy the painting process. We begin with canvas and brush selection, toning or not toning the canvas, and palette choices. Further topics covered are: How to set up the painting, composition, what to paint first, color coordination and harmony, background selection, drawing with paint, seeing the proper values, alla-prima vs glazing, the finer details, checking angles vs measuring, getting personality into your painting, the tricks of the trade, and the finishing touches. There will also be some discussion on marketing, blogs, websites, and using Facebook and other social media to increase your sales.


The process is to finish a small, simple, still-life and or portrait in six hours broken up into two 3-hour sittings. This is not only excellent practice, but by making quick paintings, the artist can then post them for auction, either on a website, blog, or on eBay, which we will discuss during class.

Because every student in class is at a different point in their painting journey, the class is structured so that if one feels they are confident in a topic being discussed they can work on their painting until a topic they are interested in comes up. There are several demos throughout the class including: A drawing demo, Painting Alla-Prima, Glazing techniques and materials, and a short but thorough demo on color and how to use it. Personal instruction is given several times to each student throughout each day.

Although there are many things to go over in a short period of time, the goal of this class is to give the student the proper tools to make painting fun, interesting, and hopefully profitable.



Paint Florence Italy in Florence Oregon

Discover. Create. Captivate!

With Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling


Register for one of these two day Watercolor classes

or make it a 4-day workshop

Sept 22, 23  Plein Air $260.


Sept 24, 25 In Studio $260


Take both classes for a big discount $425


For all levels

Discover. Create. Captivate! Nationally recognized watercolorists Cindy Briggs and Theresa Goesling share how to take your idea from inspiration to design to finished luminous painting with their rich Italian themed palette of colors.


Paint Florence, Oregon outside, then paint Florence, Italy inside.  Each class will focus on building design and drawing skills, creating dynamic shapes, selecting captivating color combinations, and using creative brushwork both en plein air and in the studio. We will take you outside for painting en plein air the coastal town of Florence with it’s colorful waterfront.  In the studio workshop we will work with provided reference photos from Italy or you can paint from your own reference photos utilizing our design techniques.



Click Here for the Supply List



“Pour On Glowing Watercolor Glazes”

With  Jan Wallake  Click Here


Sept 29th, 30th, Oct 1st, 2nd

For all level



This class will show you how to enjoy the freedom of loose, flowing glazes of color that will add a brilliant glow to your paintings.

You’ll learn how to:

Create successful designs

Apply luminous color washes and avoid dull colors

“Rescue” a painting

Integrate background with subject, develop artistically strong design compositions, and create dramatic, award-winning paintings.

Jan applies glazes in a unique process that results in glowing colors with incredible transparency. You can apply this technique to your own artistic style, whether it is realistic, surrealistic, abstract or anything in between. You may even start on a new creative path. The class is based on Jan’s book, “Watercolor: Pour It On”. Daily demonstrations, group and individual work, and a lot of one-on-one attention are the basis for this exciting workshop. Jan makes watercolor painting fun and is enthusiastic about her unique “pouring” process so all levels of painters expand their creativity.

Click Here for Supply List.


Paper + Wax

The Perfect Combination With Michelle Belto Click Here


Encountering Encaustics

October 13, 14


Versatile “Perfect” Paper Pulp Substrates + Encaustic Wax

October 15, 16, 17


Take both classes for a big discount $565

“Encountering Encaustics”: Encaustics is the most sensual two-dimensional art medium in existence because the results that one can achieve using a process of molten beeswax, colored pigments and resin are like no other.   Artwork appears to glow, with both depth and translucency.  These richly textured surfaces just beg to be touched!

This two-day workshop includes the following topics:  Safe Studio Practices, Tools and Materials, Painting Techniques, including dry brush, wet on wet, wash and glazing, masking out, spattering, staining, layering and scraping.  The second day includes Mixed Media techniques of transfer, collage, pouring, embedding, foil and gold leaf. There will be demonstrations throughout the day with a lot of personal time to work on your own art.

Kit Fee $35. paid directly to the instructor. Ck here for supply list.

“Versatile Perfect” : Over two thousand years ago, while artisans in the East were making paper, Greco-Roman Egyptian painters were adding pigments to molten beeswax and painting the likenesses of the aristocracy. Today, artists are rediscovering both art forms and combining them in new ways that are fresh and exciting.

In this three day workshop,we will spend the first day and a half as a paper maker discovering how paper can be wrapped, glued, embossed, collaged, filled with inclusions and pulp painted.  During this portion of the workshop students will learn how to make paper and create dimensional paper supports for use in subsequent days.

The wax heats up the afternoon of the second day allowing us to experience the marvelous ways that wax enhances the surface of paper. We will use a variety of mixed media materials and tools– including wood burners, torches, screens, stamps and watercolor—to create exciting under paintings for the wax and then enhance the work with wax glazes and oil sticks, mark-making tools and glitz.

Students will come away from this weekend of fun with new skills, a supply of paper supports, pulp for at-home studio work and finished work that is ready to hang. Kit Fee $35. paid directly to the instructor.

Ck here for supply list.



Bring a Painting to Life

Lustrous Dazzling Florals With Brian Davis Click Here

A Class  Oct 31, Nov 1,   Bring a Painting to Life- $250.

B Class  Nov 2, 3 Lustrous Dazzling Florals- $250.

Take both classes for a big discount $455.


Besides teaching you how to paint Dazzling Florals, there will be discussions on how Brian got into over 40 galleries. Learn from the master, and you too can be multi gallery bound.


To create these realistic painted works of art, learning the master’s secrets to play with light, Brian Davies has broken down his techniques into two segments for easy learning.


Bring a Painting to Life- Stage 1, introduces what materials are needed, and how to choose your subject matter. Compose a monochromatic layout to stage the painting. Understanding gradation is the key to making the light

dancing. How to apply paint and get the brushwork to correctly achieve the

lights and darks. Discover the underpainting techniques (grisaille in French) used to create realistic, lighted masterpieces from a master teacher. Lots

of demos and individual hands-on instruction, with hand outs to take the

project to another level.



Lustrous Dazzling Florals- Stage 2 Innovative and effective stage two refines color, shapes and turns your

monochromatic underpainting into a focused, light-filled pièce derésistance. This level is what sets a painter apart from the beginner. The detailing and refinement techniques can be applied to any work style later. Brian will share his professional wisdom on how to choose the right subject matter, lighting and learn how to effectively market your work, answering questions dealing with the business of art.


Click Here for the Supply List



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