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Still Life with Lime

It became winter. Just like that, all things pumpkin started appearing, my little town looked like an east village of foliage delight, Halloween came and went, said foliage dropped off the branches, a storm front moved in and boom, daylight savings and it was all over. Winter. Brrrr. Early days or is it early nights? Either way, it feels like evening by 4 in the afternoon and it’s made for contemplative work days, more painting, more writing, more cooking, more anything to not go out in the rain, cold, wind.

I think hibernation is healthy. I used to fight it but I don’t anymore. It was explained to me that creativity has a cycle. Winter to nurture and be in our cave, spring to blossom and shoot new leaves, summer to bear fruit and shine, autumn for contemplation, hard work and wrapping up projects before years end..and repeat. It’s not always like this, of course, life, throws us some curveballs, but the idea of nurturing our creative souls when the sun goes down, literally and figuratively feels right for me.

I have been painting a series of still life pieces. They are objects from my home, things I have collected over the years. They bring me joy, these funny little flea market treasures. I know exactly where I was with every purchase or gift received. They make me feel good and that’s what matters. Write what you know, paint what you see. One of my mantras. I see the painted world through quirky objects. Today. It’s entirely possible I’ll see it through landscapes and oceans next month. But painting what makes our heart sing makes painting a hell of a lot easier.

So, it’s winter-ish. There are lots of balls in the air. Art shows. Projects. Commissions. Leads. Workshops. It’s time to nurture them. To think about what feels right. To do the next right thing. To make the phone calls, to write the letters, paint the piece, change up the palette. It’s still life.

“Still Life with Lime” 18×24″

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