SOAR Welcomes Linda Curtis to!

Rogue Riffles, Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting by Linda Curtis, Shady Cove, Oregon Whitewater rafting and traveling with husband and dogs fuels her inspiration. You can find her on a river bank, in a field, or by the edge of a marsh.  "Being out in nature allows me to study the nuances needed to convey my interpretation of the scene." ~ Linda Curtis

Oil Painting by Linda Curtis landscape artist, plein air artist, lanature artist

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome Linda Curtis to the Visual Artists directory! You can find her listing–with social links, a link to her website, and contact information–in the Impressionist Artist directory, the Plein Air Painters directory, the Landscapes and Nature artists directory, Oil Painters directory and Pastel Painters directory, and in the alphabetical listing page here. Another important member of the southern Oregon art community, we are proud to see Linda’s listing in our online representation of southern Oregon’s community of artists and thank Linda for joining forces with us. Please help us give her a warm reception by sharing her listing or this announcement with the art lovers in your network!

Taking watercolor lessons from her customer at an auto dealer service department launched Linda into her art career. As a woman who likes lots of texture, she began applying watercolor with a palette knife soon to discover the richness of oils and the buttery qualities of pastels. Linda takes workshops from well-known artists whose work she admires. Living in the Rogue Valley, she is also fortunate to have Richard McKinley as a friend and mentor.

From a city girl in Providence, RI, to an outdoor adventurer in Shady Cove, OR, the diverse landscape provides ample opportunity and inspiration. Whitewater rafting and traveling with her husband and dogs in their RV fuels her inspiration. She translates her discoveries on canvas or paper through the use of design, color and brushwork. Don’t tell anyone, but every once in awhile, she does sneak in an abstract or two! You can often find her painting on the banks of a river, the edge of a marsh or in the middle of a field.

“Being out in nature allows me to study the nuances of the quality of the light and the color shifts needed to convey my interpretation of the scene.”


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