SOAR Welcomes Kj Cumberbatch!

Revolution II, acrylic painting of a wave by Kj Cumberbatch

Revolution II, by Kj Cumberbatch

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is excited to introduce artist Kj Cumberbatch of Medford to the Visual Artists directory!

Kj Cumberbatch

Born in 1975, Kj Cumberbatch has been painting for over 25 years, selling many paintings and commissions in the process. However, Cumberbatch’s current exhibition of large acrylic paintings at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville is the first public display of his art. Subjects in his current works center around animals and the natural world. Each painting is very impressive both in style and size…the smallest is 36″ x 36″. While we love them all, our favorite is the (roughly) 79″ x 46″ [R]evolution II, painted in 2016-2017. These large-format works are perfect for hanging in large spaces, whether a home, business or nonprofit, or public space. If you’re in the market for such works, catch his show before it ends on February 28, 2017. Contact the GoodBean’s art curator Hannah West at 541-899-2012 or email [email protected] to inquire and make your purchase.

In addition to his love of visual art, Kj also studied audio engineering/ and composition at the The Art Institute of Seattle from 1995 to 1997.

While the works we see now are all acrylics, Kj paints in gouache and transparent watercolor as well. He also creates drawings in pencil, graphite, and ink as well as digital renderings. Interested in a large painting but don’t find what you want on the walls of the GoodBean? Contact Kj to discuss a commission. He will be happy to create the perfect piece to adorn the empty wall that needs color and movement to make your room complete. Be sure to allow enough time if you want your piece completed for a special event, however. These large paintings do take time, and he has a day job that limits his painting time somewhat.

Please visit Kj Cumberbatch’s new listing, then follow the link to his Facebook page to make contact and learn more about his work.

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