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SOAR Welcomes Artisan Glass and Soapmaker Vicki Korpa!

Today we are delighted to announce a new listing for Medford glass artist  and handcrafted maker of soaps and lotions, Victoria Korpa. Vicki’s passion is soapmaking, and her personal body care productswith lovely fused glass soap dishes, sushi sets, wedding favors and decorative glass art for the home, making thoughtful and affordable gifts for someone special…or for yourself!
Yesterday morning, after a tour of the beautiful finished glass pieces displayed throughout their home, we visited her workshop. A cool basement filled with the fragrances of essential oils and a huge range of glass, frit, kilns and equipment, it’s a playhouse of creativity shared with her husband, M.D. and fine glass artist Mike Korpa. The spark of creativity is the spark of life! she proclaims. The two were married in 1974 and, having successfully raised two children, they enjoy weekly visits from their young grandson as well. They are now able to pursue their art and often collaborate on projects, spending hours together  in their state-of-the-art studio. The beauty, innovation and quality of their works, whether created individually or in collaboration, prove the Korpa’s motto to be true.

Opportunities for creative work are all around us. It’s a matter of paying attention to see them, plucking them out of the air and making them into reality.

Vicki opened her business, Mountaintop Handmade Creations, LLC, in 2004. At that time her main focus was beautifully crafted handmade soap. She has a wide variety of molds, resulting in many shapes such as dragonflies, hearts, sunflowers, pears, turtles and Goddesses. Since the dragonfly is very dear to her heart, she made it the logo for her business. To her, the dragonfly symbolizes JOY, new beginnings and change. The play of light on their iridescent wings inspires some of her creations.
As the soap business progressed, Vicki wanted to make soap dishes to accent her sculpted bars. Thus began her love affair with fused glass. She took a class in Portland in 2004 with Jane Persico to learn about using frit (tiny pieces of glass) and mold making. Her other teacher is her husband, Mike who has shown her many techniques and styles for texture, shape and design. Most of her work is functional art: soap dishes, sushi sets, bowls, plates and platters, although she is not limited to these alone. Recently, she has created larger works that can be displayed in home and office.
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 Though it’s still hot outside, many are already beginning to consider their holiday gift-giving strategies, and Vicki’s Mountaintop Handmade Creations could provide a great solution for yours! Vicki also seems to have a range of designs and luscious fragrances suited for any occasion, any time, so please visit her listing at the Southern Oregon Artists Resource to explore links to her website and online shop, and make contact with her using your favorite contact method.

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