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Saturday Fireside Chat -The Best Advice Your Will Ever Get to Improve Your Paintings


The Very Best Advice You Will Ever Get To Improve Your Painting Luminism Baumann

We have just finished fencing our pasture so that our horses can run free and now we are ready to begin building our barn before the winter sets in. My next Plein Air Workshop takes place on October 20-21-22, just a few weeks away. We are excited to have artists paint at the ranch and enjoy more Campfire Chats about art, love and life with the artists who attend.

Recently, one of my students that I coach asked me a question and I thought it would be a good subject to discuss around the campfire. The question was, “What is your secret of painting great Art?” I thought for a moment, as I loaded another marshmallow onto my stick and held it over the fire, about the words that a prominent painter shared with me so many years ago.

When I was 20, I met a lady whose name was Mrs Goggelinsky. She was a 90 year-old Polish woman who spoke little English. She had been an artist and had painted all of her life. She studied the Old Master’s style of painting in France when she was in college at a time when women were just beginning to get into art and painting. I hoped that she would tell me her secrets of painting and creating art.  What I learned from her really was the key that inspired me to create great art.

When I met with her, she required my attention and patience. After spending hours sitting with her in a stuffy room drinking really bad, cold tea, I asked her, “What is your secret of painting great works?” My youth did not allow me to wait for her words of wisdom. I kept asking her what she remembered when she was young, when artists were the old masters, and their secrets where passed down from artist to apprentice but were never written down. Instead, they were carefully hidden from competing artists.

She told me about her experiences in broken English, and unfortunately, I couldn’t really understand what she was sharing with me. Frustrated, I went home feeling defeated and upset. I worried that the knowledge that could be passed down from generation to generation would be lost forever if she couldn’t share it with me.

I called her back, determined to acquire the answers to the many questions I had, and she told me to come back the next day. I returned to the same cramped apartment and drank another cup of cold tea.  But this time, a lifetime collection of her paintings were stacked three feet deep and 5 feet high for me to look through, and all of the paintings were as magnificent as a Caravaggio masterpiece.

The one piece of advice she gave me became the underlying theme that I teach. It was and is a simple concept, yet requires the most discipline of any fundamental insight. It requires you, the artist, to remove what you think you know, and replace it with questions. It is so easy, yet almost all artists resist it, fight it, and argue with it…just as I did so many years ago.

The secret to knowing how to paint is to “Paint What You See.” Most of us look but we never really see, and in order to understand and know what you see, you have to learn to see what is there. Everything an artist needs to see is right in front of them – color, value, shape, temperature, and form are all there, but if we don’t have the knowledge of how to interpret what we are looking at, we won’t see what is there.

In my classes, workshops and coaching I give answers to the question: “What is that?” Once you learn to “Paint what you See” then the next step is “Paint what You see!


I invite you to attend my workshop in October to get a in-depth understanding of what “Paint what You see” means, along with many more insights that will improve your art forever! 

To enroll in my October 20-21-22 2017 Workshop, type in or go to

I have coached many students over the years. My goal as a coach is to help students discover their own style by instructing with a method that allows them to grow as they are. If you want increase your knowledge and skill to bring your art to the next level, I invite you to watch my YouTube videos, consider phone coaching with me, or attend a workshop in Mt. Shasta where we discuss art, passion and life with other artists around the campfire. All the information is on my website,

There are some openings for my workshop in October, go to my website today !

Call me for information on workshops or coaching 415-606-9074

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