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Sacred Art in Contemporary America- Calls for Entry

Sacrosanct Gallery: Sacred Art in Contemporary America announces its 2018 group art exhibition dates and program lineup.

Prospectus and Call for Entry:  Standard deadlines for artist submissions of original works in any 2D medium are the 1st of every month for the show beginning on the 16th.  Show duration is one month with strike on the 15th of the following month (see monthly schedule below). Special Jurors or prizes are announced under the show name. Sacrosanct Gallery actively pursues mutually-rewarding, long-term relationships with new and established artists (18 years plus and US citizens) working in traditional and visionary applications on the meaning of “sacred”.  There is never a fee to submit.

Upon acceptance, notification of artist/gallery agreements outlining commissions are executed.  We reserve the right to decline entry for any reason, or to remove entry for any reason.  Submissions received absent a current website or artist contact information are automatically disqualified.  Sacrosanct Gallery reserves the right to utilize entry images for the purposes of publicity, documentation, education, and promotion.

A maximum of three submissions for Calls for Entries and any questions go to [email protected] or 941.875.5190.  Artists are highly encouraged to use email or text as we are working around the clock on collector development and public relations.

Grand Opening March 15, 2018 – April 15, 2018 “Votive”

Votives are interfaith tools of utility and intent, providing light and warmth upon illumination.  A votive offering may be offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow. For what purposes are we burning our candles? What are our secret prayers of intent? How does our faith and spirituality pay reverence to idols, statutes, gods, and the sacred? Can a votive be more than a candle, can it be a state of being?


April 15, 2018 – May 15, 2018     Micromosaic

May 16, 2018 – Jun 15, 2018     Grotto

Jun 16, 2018 – Jul 15, 2018     Reliquaries

Jul 16, 2018 – Aug 15, 2018     Submerged

Aug 16, 2018 – Sep 15, 2018     Orthodoxy

Sept 16, 2018 – Oct 15, 2018     Spiritualistic

Oct 16, 2018 – Nov 15, 2018     Mausoleum

Nov 16, 2018 – Dec 15, 2018    Incense

Sacrosanct Gallery: Sacred Art in Contemporary America warmly invites you to follow us @BeSacrosanct on Twitter where we regularly post about new trends in art and the sacred in addition to what’s happening in our local Connecticut (New England and Tri-State) area.  We also want to host your accomplished artworks on our Instagram @ctartevents.  You can learn more about my qualifications as an art advisor, dealer, rep, and promoter here. Much love to you as you continue to explore what is authentic, what is whole, and what is “sacred” in your own lives.  As always, you may (without fee) join our global network of art professionals and influential literati atCreative Art Consultants International or email us at [email protected]gmail.comor call 941.875.5190.

Sacrosanct Gallery: Sacred Art in Contemporary America was formerly a liturgical art advisory known as The Art Evangelist.  We’ve been growing and changing in ways that are just phenomenal, including a recent relocation from Southwest Florida to Central Connecticut.  So it stands too, that our interests and direction are naturally morphing as we cultivate our passion and draw nearer to what is true, especially now that we are in the Northeast Corridor with much greater access to pivotal metropolitan art centers.

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