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Painting from the Inside Out…

Painting from the Inside Out

Painting from the Inside Out, by Stefan Baumann

Baumann old state StartWe had a very cold winter with lots of snow, and now the spring melt is complete.  We are getting ready for the spring workshops at the Grand View Ranch.  There are a few openings in the May and June workshops, and if you wish to attend, you can get more information at

This is a painting of an old cabin off of Old State Road  located in a beautiful meadow just outside  the town of Mt. Shasta.

When painting outdoors, it is important to capture the subject first by drawing it accurately with details.  Many students hurry this process, but I believe that this step is essential because a good drawing provides a foundation for the painting and provides you with a preview of how the painting will fill the space on the canvas.

Baumann old State Wipping


Begin by mixing your paints using an earth color and cobalt blue to make a dark neutral, and then begin drawing with your brush.  Include shapes and shadows adding more blue for cool tones and more earth color for warm tones.  Place footnotes where the light is the brightest by wiping off paint with a paper towel where you see highlights.  By doing this, you create a reference of the original tones and values of the painting so when the light changes throughout the day, you can remember the scene as you first saw it.


Baumann Old State Color sketch

Once the drawing is complete, begin painting the central focal point on the canvas.  This means painting from the inside out.  Since the central focal paint is usually located in the middle third of the painting, painting proceeds from the middle of the painting outward to the edges.

Use a flat # 6 brush to paint with opaque paint, choosing correct colors by paying attention to the temperature and value of your subject.  Work slowly and make sure that you place every stroke carefully, one by one, until the painting is complete.  Paint what you see, do not add anything but what is there, and stroke by stroke, you will see the painting come to life.


Now location WORKSHOPS!   May 21-22, June 18-19

There is so much happening at The Grand View Ranch; spring is coming and we are introducing a completely new painting on-location workshop that promises an experience that will inspire and change the way you paint forever.  Go to for more information.

Painting Workshop  in Mt Shasta, CA

A Three-Day Painting Workshop that will inspire the way you paint, forever! Come join Stefan Baumann, the host of the PBS series THE GRAND VIEW, for a weekend of painting in beautiful Mt. Shasta at The Grand View Ranch.  Discover the secrets of painting hidden lakes, vast meadows, grand trees, sunsets and the famous Mt. Shasta summit herself. More Information

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