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Organize Your Own Paint Out Sept 9-11 in conjunction with IPAP’s International Event!

Editor’s Note: With the number of plein air artists who have listed with the Southern Oregon Artists Resource recently, we believe this event will find a welcome reception with many of our readers. Considering the beauty of our natural surroundings, it’s no surprise to learn that painting en plein air is so popular in Southern Oregon. Though this is a Call to Artists, the event has not, to our knowledge, been organized locally. The International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) is encouraging local plein air artists to organize an event locally, and has provided these guidelines and an editable press release to help you get going. In turn, we encourage plein air groups in Southern Oregon to participate. Registration of your event with IPAP is free. Plein air painters and groups organizing Sept 9-11 Paint Outs in conjunction with IPAP’s international event, please use the planning guidelines below and notify us of the details of the event you plan so we can cover it here at Art Matters!

International Plein Air Painters
9th Annual International Plein Air Painters

Who: All plein air painters are invited to participate.
You do not have to be a member of IPAP
but, you must register and help spread the word by publicity and word of mouth to other plein air painters.

When:     Sept.9- 10-11, 2011

Where: Worldwide in organized official groups, pocket groups and individuals painting as part of the 9th annual IPAP paint out.

To register: There is no registration fee.  Go to and fill out the form – please include:
full name
who you will be painting with
what publicity you can assist with.

We need your input to make this a success!
We have a generic publicity write up available on the website for group & individuals use for newspaper,etc. Each participant should try for local promotion through various organizations and media in their own country.
Have an art website?
We would welcome a link on your site to IPAP.
Groups please register with one application.
Registration received after Sept 9 may or may not be published due to the time frame but you can still participate & send group photo after the event.

Want to join us as a member?- go to MEMBERSHIP

“Art adds to a community, attracts a core of people who are intelligent, creative and bring new ideas. They have a lot of energy, which is a really wonderful thing for a community to have.”

Landscape painters will invade Southern Oregon in (September). Some of the area’s most talented
outdoor painters will bring their paint boxes and easels to (name of town or area), well known for its vistas of (what?), historically significant buildings (such as), and (other items of local interest.)
This remarkable 8th Annual event Paint (Town Name 2011) is happening with the support of International Plein Air Painters (local Plein Air group plus other supporters.) Artists are expected from (names of cities from which artists are coming), to converge on (Town) all day on (Day, Month, Date), to paint outdoors throughout the town.

Plein air artists seek the quality of natural light and atmosphere outdoors.  Their art work is in direct
response to the beauty they find in nature.  They use a variety of media, from oils, through watercolors and pastels.

The public will be able to join in the fun by watching individual artists work and moving from painter to painter from 9 until 3 throughout the day.
Maps will be handed out by (whom?) (where?) showing where each artist is developing a painting on the spot.

In the evening, there will be an exhibit of the day’s work at (where?).  An artists’ reception will be held from
(fill in), with a presentation of awards at (fill in)   The public is invited to come view the art and meet the artists. (remember customize this according to your group plans) Event organizer (name) says there is a joy about painting outdoors and this is a chance for people to see professional artists at work, developing their paintings in response to the beauty in nature.

Plein air painting developed in France in the mid 19th century and is becoming increasingly popular.
Last year’s event drew artists from all over the Globe. Many new plein air painting groups were formed directly from this event.

IPAP, whose members who reside throughout the World, is the blanket organization for individual plein air groups and was created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without limitations of borders or regions.

IPAP’s members are the silent activists in the ongoing environmental struggle, calling attention to the threatened urban scene and the vanishing farmland for history.  Its members share inspiration and encouragement both on the Internet and at “paint outs.”  They encourage other artists to get out, paint with other artists and share ideas.

This event is happening simultaneously in international locations and (name) is part of this 9th WORLDWIDE group event hosted by International Plein Air Painters. You can join IPAP or learn more about the group and see some of the many events happening posted on the  website
2011 marks the 10th Anniversary of International Plein Air Painters

IPAP plans to make the Paint Out a yearly event. Dates for 2012 TBA

Press release courtesy of Marjorie Crain, IPAP

revised J.R. Baldini, IPAP Founder

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