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Organic Nation Spirits Year in Review

Organic Nation Spirits -click for web link and contact information.Dear Organic Nation Supporters & Fans!
Here we are at the end of another year of crafting organic liquors.  Of course, it has been an interesting year here at Cascade Peak Spirits Distillery (CPS) with trials & tribulations and exciting possibilities!

1.      We shipped to Japan!  Working with Tei Gordan of From Oregon With Love, (   Tei is representing quality Oregon spirits/wines in Japan, starting with Tokyo.  He assures us that Japan will be slow in view of the disaster and he has high hopes.

2.     Good Foods Awards Finalist Organic Nation vodka has been invited to their Jan.13, 2012 event in San Francisco to announce the winners (we have won! but it’s confidential til Jan.).  This is a group of people, like Alice Waters, Michael Pollan who have put together awards for Food & Beverages companies who are Sustainable Businesses and have great products.

3.     OldField Rye Whiskey is in the bottles, label design is finally finished, and Diane will be submitting for Certif. of Label Approval (COLA) to the Feds/TTB.  Takes about 30 days, so we are planning a Limited Release announcement in early Feb.  OldField Rye has been aging in Oak barrels for 20 mths.  It is a tasty, assertive, & spicy Rye Whiskey.

4.     Felipe Romero found his way to CPS in Sept.  Felipe is an amazing man w/ over 15 yrs. experience in the Restaurant & Bar Industry and is a natural sales person, sincerely dedicated to CPS.  He helped open The Nines, Andina & other high-end restaurants in Portland.  We are hoping to bring him on as a third Partner in early 2012.  Currently, he is helping Beasy McMillan to re-open the Hong Kong Supper Club on the Plaza in Ashland, as well as establishing new O-N accounts in Portland.

5.     Finally, Jimmy Bjernfeldt of Fine Wines Sweden contacted us in Nov. and we shipped 2 cases of each on 12.15 to be represented in a new hotel chain that has a multi-millionaire investing in it.  This could be the ‘big bump’ in sales that we need to really get rockin’ & rollin’.  So, those of you with any influence/connections in Sweden, network away!

As you can see, CPS has positive energy and exciting growth potential.  As we honor these and have high hopes for the future of CPS, we find ourselves at a juncture where we’re needing some cash infusion to purchase more raw products to keep us in production.  In order to pay CPS expenses, we need to sell approximately 65-70 cases each month.  Currently, we are steady at about 40 cases.  Sweden, Japan, and Felipe could bring us to that point.  We need to buy a little more time.  We need about $8940 by early January to get us over this hump.

1st.     We need each of you to SET AN INTENTION FOR CPS SALES SUCCESSthat Sweden/Japan/Felipe will have a positive impact and increase our sales to this level!

2nd.         David, Felipe, and I met last night and made a plan to ask for help from each one of you.  So, we are offering a ONE TIME ONLY to PURCHASE SHARES IN SMALL AMOUNTS:

a.      If you give us $1000 (will only take 8 of you!) = 4 CPS, Inc. Shares

b.     $500 = 2 shares

c.      $250 = one share   **you can group together w/some friends to get a block of shares

There has been a true constant at CPS ~ we have always been able to attract wonderful, generous, smart, caring and supportive people.  And each one of you has done so much in many ways to help CPS continue to grow.  We are very mindful and appreciative of your support!
David and I are holding the intention for a prosperous 2012 for CPS and for all of us!
With love and respect!   Diane Paulson  &  David Eliasen

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