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Natural Earth Paints - Eco-Friendly Artist

 Natural Earth Paints Eco-Friendly Artist Video & Interview, New Products

 natural earth paints eco friendly artist : Natural Earth Paints header logo
Make Your Own Natural Oil Paints
Click the image above to watch eco friendly artist Jenay Elder mix her own natural and non-toxic oil paints using pure earth pigments, walnut oil and Eco-Solve.
 Natural Earth Paints Eco Friendly Artist
 Natural Earth Paints Eco Friendly Artist Interview : Laura Zepeda
Laura Zepeda is an inspirational earth artist. She has completely invented her own tools, supplies and techniques using roughly crushed earth and minerals to make “paintings” that literally glow like a gemstone. Here is her description of this interesting process.


From the Weirdo Toolbox : Earth Art by Laura Zepeda

natural earth paints eco friendly artist Mica Moon Reflections, by Laura Zepeda

Mica Moon Reflections, by Laura Zepeda

I have no idea what I’m doing but a thousand ways to do it: I’m equal parts Artist and Mad Scientist. I’m making this up as I go along. I am not only creating art, but also the tools and materials I use to make it. I’ve spent sixteen years collecting and preparing colorful mineral samples to use as a rough pigment for highly textured paintings on canvas with surprising natural color, made using a variety of acrylic gel mediums. It is unlike any other art medium I’ve used: its unusual challenges have led to the invention of strange tools and equipment, mostly from an oddball assortment of found objects, repurposed household items, and packaging scraps that could qualify me for an episode of Hoarders. Brushes are of limited use: fine grains of mineral sand will ruin the bristles, so I got creative. Obsessed, really: I’m fully aware of how strange it is.

natural earth paints eco friendly artist Earth art supplies by Laura Zepeda

Is that a pot of soup on the stove? Better ask: maybe I’m boiling some beach sand. Is she casting a spell? Why is there sparkly dust everywhere? I’m just using my granite mortar and pestle to grind mica, and sifting it with water, a baby medicine dropper, and a wire strainer to separate different size grains of my favorite glittery mineral.


natural earth paints eco friendly artist Natural Earth Paints : Gemstone Evening, by Laura Zepeda

Gemstone Evening, by Laura Zepeda

Laura Z can be reached via email at [email protected]; To learn more, visit her on Facebook at, or follow her new blog, The Weirdo Toolbox, at

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natural earth paints eco friendly artist Natural Earth Paints : Glass Palette
Glass Pallette
An essential tool for mixing your own paints. 11″x14″ palette made of 1/4″ thick glass with shaved edges. $15
 natural earth paints eco friendly artist Natural Earth Paints : Glass Muller
Glass Muller
Hand-crafted by local artisans, these beautiful, 2 lb. glass mullers are perfect for ensuring your paints have been thoroughly mixed. Using a glass muller guarantees that every pigment particle has been completely coated in oil which eliminates the risk of having an air pocket in your painting. $44.95
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 natural earth paints eco friendly artist Natural Earth Paints 2016 Cribsie Award Winner
Natural Earth Paint Wins the Cribsie Awards – 380,000 people voted that Natural Earth Paints have the “Best Non-toxic Art Supplies”!
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