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Kukur Tihar Celebration of Dogs

Kukur Tihar Celebration of Dogs

with FOTA and Kindred Spirits

Kukur Tihar Celebration of Dogs : a dog receives a tika and blessing of flowers during the Hindu annual celebration of dogs and their relationship with humans.Kindred Spirits teams up with Friends of the Animal Shelter to host a two day festival this weekend, July 8th and 9th, called “The Nepali Kukur Tihar Celebration of Dogs.”

We’ve based our festival on the yearly celebration honoring dogs and their relationship with humans, which has a rich history in Hindu society and spirituality.

Friday, July 8: Talent Second Friday ArtWalk Theme: The Dog

Friday we open our doors at 4:00 for Talent’s 2nd Friday Art Event. Our theme at Kindred Spirits is, of course, The Dog. Enjoy our fun display of art; 20% of the art sales at Kindred goes to FOTA.

Saturday, July 9: The Blessing of the Dogs at Kindred Spirits

Saturday is “The Blessing of the Dogs” at Kindred Spirits, 106 Talent Ave, from 11:00 to 4:00.  Bring your dog(s).

Bill Turner is a professional speaker and trainer from eastern Oregon. Because he is well known for his healing energy work on people, dogs and competition horses, we chose him to offer the Blessing to the dogs at this ceremony.

Dogs will receive a “Malla,” or garland necklace.  The malla is a mark of respect and dignity and symbolizes the prayers that go with the dog.

A red mark, known as the “Tika,” a temporary red mark, will be applied to the forehead of each dog.  Since the tika marks the dog with an air of sacredness, it acts as a blessing to those who encounter the dog.

Friends of the Animal Shelter will be there both days; on Saturday they bring shelter dogs for this dedication and the opportunity for adoption.

Please join us for this festival as we offer our blessings to each wonderful dog, their owners and potential owners and all participants in the celebration of man’s best friend.

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