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Hummingbird Announces Move to Portland, Ashland Exhibit, Kiln for Sale and 9/22-23 2-for-1 Sale

The Home & Studios of Dennis Meiners & Leslie Lee

in the wine country of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley


This is the last time you will see the above. News in the future will come from:   meiners



      * We are Moving to Portland!

           * 2 for 1 Sale Sept. 22 & 23 at Hummingbird
               *Dennis’ Show at Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland
                   * Lift- Up Kiln for sale  
…and a little about Liam♥ 
We have sold Hummingbird and are moving to Portland!
Our grandson is now over two and a half years old.  About the time of his conception Dennis and I decided to sell our Hummingbird property and move back to Portland. We wanted to be nearer family, to downsize and to reconnect with urban living.  This August, after much ado, changing boats in the middle of the river, losing the paddles and finding them again, and shivering through days of anxious drifting we and our wonderful buyers have reached our destination: Hummingbird is theirs.  And thanks to a patient seller in Portland we also have our next home awaiting us.

The story is a long one that started just days before we bit Reality, lowered our price to meet the market and listed our property with a local Realtor after 2 years of trying to sell it ourselves. Literally thousands of people had viewed the wonderful video tour my niece Lindsey Grayzel produced and we had many interesting potential buyers “sniffing” without ever getting an offer, so how were we to know that the young couple inquiring from Uganda would be any different?

Turns out the Zimmermans are delightfully different. We immediately became intrigued with this family…

Hanson Howard Gallery 

one block from the Shakespeare Theater at 89 Oak Street, next to the Standing Stone Brewery.

Dennis Meiners/ceramics &

 Carol Ingram/paintings  

September 7th – 29th, 2012

Reception: Friday, September 7th, 5:00 – 8:00

“The act of making things is a magical privilege for which I have made and will make many sacrifices. I have found that the objects that result from the act of making are secondary to being in the process of bringing those objects into existence.”  -Dennis Meiners


Bisqued cups ready for Dennis’ last firing at Hummingbird 


This will likely be the last show Dennis will have in southern Oregon. It’s a great opportunity to stop by, say hello and farewell, and collect one of his new innovative ceramic pieces.

Here’s a little double-time video (seven hours work edited to12 minutes!) to show you what he’s been creating lately.


We are packing for our move to Portland.
Come help us lighten our load!
Two-for One Sale
Buy one item and get another of equal or lesser value FREE
(and who knows what else other than art might need a new home)
  Sept. 22 & 23 10am-6pm
 Hummingbird Studios

  8150 Upper Applegate Rd

  The holidays are a mere three months away
so stock up now on fine ceramics, paintings & prints.
Keep some and give some away!
Cash and checks only.  You pack and carry.
We look forward to seeing you!


Hello fellow Potters! We have sold our Applegate property and are moving back to Portland!

FOR SALE 12 cu.ft. gas lift-up downdraft kiln.
Easy to load from all 4 sides. Upper box is fiber lined, lifts on counterweight with hoist. Lower box lined with K-23 insulating firebrick. Steel frame welded and bolted. 4 venturi burners underneath with manifold.

72″ high x 76″ wide x 70″ long. Requires 10′ vertical clearance for lift structure.
Fired about 100 times. 8-10 hours to cone ten. Cone six in six hours with half the propane usage.

Here’s a little video on how it works.
This is a sweetheart of a deal on an excellent kiln. Dennis wishes he could take it with him but we ARE downsizing, after all!

$995 cash- you dis-assemble and haul. Time is of the essence.
Contact Dennis Meiners at 541-899-7045 or reply to this email for more info.


Grandson Liam and Family Update
Liam’s papa was offered a post-doctoral position at M.I.T. just a few days ago! This is huge and deserved recognition for all the hard work Will has been doing. This means the family will be moving to the Boston area this spring for at least a year, maybe two.
This is not a surprise. We knew as soon as Will’s Phd dissertation was finished the family could be off to who knew where.  At least Boston is someplace fun to visit  and we will have possibly 8 months to enjoy being together before they go. Liam in tux
We are getting to Portland just in time!
Hopefully the M.I.T. ticket will garner  a job back in Portland when Will is finished.
Here’s The Boy waiting his clue to bear the ring at his auntie’s wedding. Need I say more?

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