Help Your Favorite School Win a Grant through the KRIS Wine “Art of Education” Contest

While Brunswick Acres has taken a significant lead in the KRIS Wine “Art of Education” competition thanks to a creative student-made music parody, it’s not too late for your favorite school to jump into the top 16 schools by using the following tips…

1. Get the press involved: Write a persuasive letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Or invite a journalist to your school to showcase the financial need, meet the principal and art teachers, and see first-hand the energy of the students.

2. Go digital: Create a website, blog, or YouTube video about the contest—be sure to include the reasons why you need their vote! Collaborate with other students, families, and community members, and assign every person a specific role (ex. videographer, writer, editor, designer).

3. Break out the art supplies: Make posters or fliers to distribute around your town. Drop them off at your local library, beauty salons, and supermarkets.

4. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP: What’s that sound? Your daily reminder to vote! Set a daily alarm clock on your watch or cell phone to remind yourself to vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Just be sure to set the alarm for a time of day you won’t distract others—and when you’ll be near a computer to vote!

5. Cast a wide net: Invite all your Facebook friends to like the KRIS Wine Facebook page and remember to thank them. Email your contacts or family members in other states and countries and provide them with the link. Remind them often to vote—and do so creatively! Is your son or daughter working on a sculpture in art class? Email their aunts and uncles a photo. Is your paper boy marching in the annual Thanksgiving Day parade? Call your neighbors to remind them of what a grant could mean to his school’s band program.

The 2012 Art of Education contest runs until October 31, 2012. Vote now for the chance for your school to win. Remember – anything can happen in the next two weeks. Good luck!

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