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Help Amanda Go To Graduate School with Sotheby's!!

Editor’s Note: Amanda is the daughter of one of our listed artists, photographer Kathleen Hoevet. Please follow the link for contact information if you would like to speak with her about Amanda’s goal and ambitions. Amanda is SO bright and talented, with an amazing intuitive understanding of artists and how they express themselves through their work. According to her mother, she can look at any painting for just a few minutes and proceed to tell you all about the artist, why they painted the work, the challenges they face, and why they painted it AS THEY DID.  Last year she was accepted into Sotheby’s exclusive graduate program, which only accepts 40 students per year, but her funding fell through and she was unable to  begin. Now, in an admirable and courageous move, she seeks to beat the odds with crowd funding for her higher education. We hope you will contribute, no matter how little you can share, to this gifted young woman’s effort to get her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art. We believe the sky is the limit for young Amanda, and that she will be a credit to southern Oregon and a formidable asset to the greater art world. Let’s help her get there!!

Here is Amanda’s story in her own words:

Amanda Hoevet in London

Amanda Hoevet in London

After graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2011 with my BA in art history, I realized graduate school was where I needed to be to achieve a career in the art world. My time at SOU allowed me the opportunity to study abroad in London, England in 2010, and I fell in love with the city. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else to start my career, I mean, what better place than the center of the international art world!

For three years now I have been working my way toward graduate school.  I was finally able to start applying in 2013 and applied with University College London for their MA program in art history. I interviewed with the program but was not accepted. I was devastated, but told myself I was not going to give up.

In the months that passed I found a program that suited my aspirations better than UCL through Sotheby’s Institute of Art. In November 2013, I found out I was accepted into Sotheby’s Institute of Art for the MA program in contemporary art for the 2014/2015 school year. Finally, I would be able to start my career, something I have worked so hard to achieve, in the place I’ve been working so hard to get back to!

The program at Sotheby’s is very small and difficult to get into, I felt honored to have been accepted. I reserved my housing and was starting to get everything in order to go when my funding fell through three months before I was supposed to leave. Once again, I was devastated. To add another blow to the situation a few days after realizing I wouldn’t be able to go, I was awarded a grant from Sotheby’s that would cover about 10% of my tuition costs for the 2014/2015 school year only, and had no choice but to decline it.

I’ve picked myself back up once again, and won’t give up. The institute has luckily deferred my enrollment until the 2015/2016 school year, but my task now is to find funds and not rely on the student loan program, which is going to be a challenge. I am researching grants and scholarships but know I need to try every avenue I can. I am doing this all on my own and am saving as much as I can, while paying on other student loans at the same time.

The total cost of the Contemporary Art program is $46,012. I will once again be applying to the Sotheby’s Institute Grants and Merit Awards, the institute’s financial assistance in the form of partial-tuition awards. To receive an education from Sotheby’s, a name deeply rooted in the international art world, would be a privilege and an immense advantage in furthering my career.

I am hoping for a miracle, but either way I need help. Please take the time to consider me, an opportunity like this does not come easily. The institute believed in me enough, and now I need you to believe in me as well, and I promise to send you a postcard when I get there!

With love and hope,
Amanda Hoevet
To make a contribution to Amanda’s GoFundMe campaign, click here:
For more information about the Sotheby’s Institute and their art education programs:
Two-minute video interview with Anthony Downey, Director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute in London:

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