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Happy Spring Equinox! News from Leah Fanning Mebane

Celebrate Easter & the Spring Equinox

with Earth Arts & Craft!

Easter Earth Art Projects
Happy Spring Equinox (March 19th)!Have you ever wondered why our western culture focuses on bunnies and eggs at Easter? This tradition goes back many centuries to earth based cultures who recognized the hare (a bigger, more wild rabbit) as Easter’s sacred animal. Rabbits have babies in the spring so they represent fertility and abundance and are also identified with magic and mystery.

The Spring Equinox is the time when day and night are now equal in length and Spring officially begins. Other Easter symbols: eggs, seeds, and baby animals represent this time of new growth, rebirth and the anticipation of watching our newly planted seeds emerge from the ground.A fun activity to incorporate with the Easter Egg Hunt is to give each child a handful of seeds to scatter around the Easter egg area before the search begins.

Earth & Play Dough Recipe
This Natural Play Doughis made from elements of the Earth (wheat, salt, clay, water & fire) This easy recipe takes about 10 min. to make and forms a smooth malleable dough for all ages.

Ingredients: flour, iodized salt, Earth PaintMix 2 cups flour & ½ cup iodized salt. In separate bowl mix 1 cup warm water w/ 1 Tbsp. of dry Earth Paint (from either kit). Mix paint into dry mix and then knead for 5- 10 min. until color is uniform throughout dough. Keep sprinkling in flour until it’s not sticky.
If kept covered or in sealed container/ plastic bag it will stay nice and workable for weeks. Or bake at 300 degrees until hard.

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 Painted Eggs
Water soluble Earth Paints work great as Easter Egg Paints. You can paint them on hard boiled or blown eggs. If you make make blown eggs you can hang them from a tree branch with twine for a beautiful and natural mobile.
To make blown eggs: Simply tap each end of an egg with a sharp knife until a small hole appears and blow the egg out (pretty forcefully). Then pour in a little water, swish around and blow that out as well. Prop your egg on a piece of play dough (recipe below) to paint.

Earth on Wood

“Beltane”   $275
Earth Oil Paint on birch wood

“Yule”            $275 

Earth Oil Paint on birch wood

Bulk Children’s Earth Paint Now Available!
Great for teachers, schools, pre-schools or those who paint alot
32 oz. jar $29.95
(that’s a $25 savings)
*Makes 5 quarts of paint
Have a beautiful Spring, Leah

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