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Happy Earth Day from Leah Mebane's Earth Art!

Happy Earth Day

In Gratitude on April 22nd
I would like to express deep gratitude for our Mother Earth. Not only for giving us life and nourishment and blue whales (as if that weren’t enough) but also for providing us with beautiful ready made paint for over 100,000 years.

Eco Oil Painting
Have you ever wanted to paint with oils but didn’t want to use all of the toxins involved?

It turns out that toxins are completely unnecessary in the oil painting process and natural oil paints are actually the most eco friendly and pure painting process out there – simply walnut oil and natural pigment. Unlike acrylic paints they contain no petrochemicals or preservatives. There are natural alternatives for the turpentine used for thinning paint and cleaning brushes and the process can be simple and pure.

We’re  now offering a FREE “Eco Oil Painting Guide” with the purchase of an Eco Earth Oil Paint Kit for the next two months.

The Guide includes tips on “Greening” all of your materials including resources for hemp/organic cotton canvas, sustainably harvested stretcher bars and panels, recipes for vegan eco gesso and more.

BONUS: With the oil paint kit you can make atleast eight other natural paints and art supplies as well. We provide RECIPES  including earth pastels, natural wood stains, glair paint and more.

LOW PRICE: The Oil Paint Kit contains the equivalent to 6 medium sized tubes of high quality oil paint which makes it a very economical price $39.95. (atleast $20 savings)

New Article in
Artists & Illustrators Magazine
My latest article, “Non-toxic Painting”, is featured in the May issue of Artists & Illustrators Magazine (out now)!
Make Egg Tempera
with the
Eco Oil Paint Kit
Egg Tempera painting is an ancient practice and produces a crisp and luminous effect that’s different from oil. It makes a water-soluble paint that dries quickly and is very permanent.
Ingredients: Egg Yolk, water, earth pigments (from the oil paint kit or individual packets) Prep Time: 5 minutes per color

1. Separate the egg from the white. Keeping the yolk whole, dry it by passing it back and forth in the palms of your hands or with a paper towel

2. Remove yolk from the sack. Hold the yolk over a dish with your thumb and forefinger, piercing the sack to allow the contents to flow out.

3. Mix yolk with earth pigments using water to thin the paint. A drop of Clove Oil can be added to slow spoilage.

Nature Art Class
April 27th
5-7 pm at the Jackson Wellsprings (Ashland, OR)
We will paint smooth river rock stones and drift wood with earth paints. We’ll make eco stationary with leaf, veggie & flower prints and Native American paint brushes with plant stalks. If time allows we’ll learn how to make earth pastels and natural egg tempera paint. $25 (all materials included)

This new and more economical kit contains the same six colors with a little less paint than the regular kit (but still makes 66 oz. paint)! $19.95
*mixing cups & booklet not included

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