Figure Drawing Workshop with Bobbi Baldwin

Figure Drawing Workshop with Bobbi Baldwin at Central Art Supply, July 7, 2017HUMAN FIGURE DEMONSTRATION AND LECTURE

In Charcoal & Oil Paint  (Including Hands and Feet!)

Figure Drawing Workshop with Bobbi Baldwin

FRI. JULY 7, 2017

$20 per person

10:00am – 1:00pm in the Classroom at Central Art

(Please bring a snack, if you need one)


Have you ever wondered how artists measure out the human form and what the easiest way is to draw it correctly? Is the structure of hands and feet challenging you as well? This workshop will look in depth at the measurements of the body, limbs, head, hands and feet. Bobbi will work in Charcoal and Oil (for color) while she adds to your knowledge base on structure, negative space, and an introduction into her color theories.


There will be handouts and the opportunity to ask that question you have been looking for the right answer to! There are so many tips that you can get from a seasoned artist. Be sure not to miss this one!


Portrait Artist Bobbi Baldwin has been selling her portraits & teaching for over 32 years and has a great common sense approach to art and drawing.

For more information about signing up/payment for class,

contact Bobbi at:

541-702-4414 (phone) or [email protected] (email)


You can also see more of Bobbi’s work by visiting

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