Felted Soap by JoAnn Manzone

Dreamweaving Designs and Bowerbird & Company have released a new line of Felted Soaps.  This is an exciting collaboration between the two companies to create these wonderful organic felted soaps.  Ali of Bowerbird & Company has been a soapmaker for many years.  Her soap scents are clean, crisp and organic.  She also offers unscented bars.  I love Ali’s soaps and have been one of her biggest customers.  I have been felting soap for many years.  Felted soap is beautifully decorative and makes a wonderful exfoliant.  As you use the soap the felt shrinks with the soap until you are left with a small piece of felt.  I like to take lavender buds and wrap the felt around them to make little lavender sachets.  While exhibiting at the Lithia Artisan’s Market one weekend,  Ali and I came up with the idea to combine my felt making and her soap making skills to create this line of felted soaps.  Made with 100% merino wool,  these soaps are becoming a huge hit with our customers.  Visit Jo Ann at www.dreamweavingdesigns.com or Ali at www.bowerbirdandco.com

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