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City of Ashland Request for Proposals

Reflections of Ashland: Utility Box Beautification Project 3


The City of Ashland’s Public Arts Commission invites artists to submit 2-dimensional plans and drawings for artwork for electric utility boxes along or near Calle Guanajuato in downtown Ashland.

Calle Guanajuato runs adjacent to Ashland Creek serving as a paved and landscaped
pedestrian walkway, outdoor seating for Plaza restaurants, and a weekend artisan market. It is a highly visible multi-use public space used throughout the year by both residents and tourists. This area is managed by the City of Ashland Parks and Recreation Department.

Painting electric utility boxes transforms these “necessary” utilitarian objects into works of art to enhance the visual landscape.

This project celebrates community pride and elevates awareness of public art amongst the citizens and visitors of Ashland. This project will also be an opportunity for local artists to display their talents in the public sphere of Ashland.


The Public Arts Commission in cooperation with the City of Ashland Parks and
Recreation Commission and the City of Ashland Electric Utility Department has
identified five utility boxes (three of the five boxes are nestled close together and will be viewed as one project) to be painted at this time. (Please see the Appendix for photographs of each box, and box templates)(please download and read the pdf linked at the bottom of the post for this information).

The theme for this project is Reflections of Ashland: Natural Flora in Ashland Riparian Corridors and Surrounding Woodland Areas. Artists are invited to submit designs suitable to this theme. Only designs reflecting the natural flora (plants not animals) found along Ashland and Bear Creeks and/or found in the woodland areas surrounding these riparian corridors will be considered. All designs must be submitted on the Design Template (see the Appendix). Please note the utility boxes are different sizes and three are nestled closely together and will be treated as one project.

Designs will be selected based on their adherence to specific guidelines and criteria as defined at the end of this document.

Chosen artists will be asked to paint the utility boxes during the first two weeks of September. Artists will receive a stipend for paint in the form of a reimbursement and assistance in obtaining the correct paints for durability.
The PAC will hire a professional to prep all boxes prior to artists painting the boxes. The PAC will hire a professional to apply vandal proof coating after the painting has been completed.


Artists whose work is selected will receive an honorarium of $250. Artist whose work is selected for the three-box project on the Calle will receive $750. (Please refer to the attached templates.)
Artist Benefits:
• Artist recognition via your signature on the utility box (no larger than
• Artist will be mentioned in the Ashland’s City Source.
• Artist will be mentioned in the press materials regarding this project.


July 31 Deadline for response to Call to Artists
August 20 Notification of Winning Entries
September 1 Artist(s) to begin painting Utility Boxes
September 17 Painting is completed


The Call for Entries is open to all Jackson County and Josephine County artists.


All materials must be received in the City of Ashland Public Arts Commission office by 5:00pm, July 31, 2012. Send submissions to:

City of Ashland, Attn: Ann Seltzer – PAC Utility Boxes
20 East Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520

Submissions should include the following material:
1. Contact information including Name, Address, Telephone and e‐mail
2. Resume describing artistic experience
3. Your design(s)* in full color on the provided Design Template (see the
4. A brief description of how your concept will communicate the theme of
Reflections of Ashland. These designs must depict natural flora found in
Ashland’s riparian zones or adjacent woodland areas along Ashland and Bear
Creeks. While the subject matter is limited to natural flora as stated, the
artistic style may take any form be it realist, abstract, graphic, expressive etc.
5. Self‐addressed stamped envelope if you wish return of your materials.
*Each artist may submit up to three designs for review for each of the boxes to
be painted.

Submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Quality: The artwork should be of exceptional quality and enduring value
2. Site: The artwork should enhance the existing character of the site by taking
into account scale, color, material, texture, content, and the social dynamics
of the location.
3. Context: The artwork must feature natural flora found along Ashland and
Bear Creeks and in the surrounding woodland areas.
4. Commercial Aspect: The artwork shall not promote goods or services of
adjacent or nearby businesses.
5. Compliance: Artworks shall not violate any federal, state or local laws,
including specifically Ashland Municipal Code Chapter 18.96.
6. Additionally, the artwork shall not reflect partisan politics, negative imagery, religion and sexual content.


The winning entries will be selected by a Selection Committee consisting of five
people, including a representative from the Parks and Recreation Department, an
art professional (artist, art educator, gallery owner, etc.), business owner or resident of the area, and two members of the community‐at‐large. A member of the Public Arts Commission will facilitate the jury process but will not cast a vote.
The Selection Committee will select winning entries based upon the following

1. Overall strength and visual appeal of design concept
2. Relevance to project theme “Reflections of Ashland Natural Flora in Ashland
Riparian Corridors and Surrounding Woodland Areas”
3. Artistic excellence and innovation
4. Appropriateness for designated locations
5. Concept has long term value
6. Artist has demonstrated the ability to carry out the project in the medium
7. Durable and easily maintained
8. Adds to the diversity of the city’s public art collection
9. Visually enhances the aesthetic experience of the city
In the event no submissions are judged by the selection committee to sufficiently
meet the above criteria and guidelines, the entire selection process will be repeated with new submissions.

Download the .pdf for complete details!
You can also view information about this RFP on the City of Ashland’s website:

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