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Chrissy Field on a Snowy Day

To confirm, it did not snow at Chrissy Field. Not today, nor perhaps, ever, but I’d have to check a Farmer’s Almanac. It is snowing here though. Here being Ashland, Oregon and by snowing I mean, wind, sleet, snow, rain, pellets, ice…frogs falling from the sky? I’m barely exaggerating. Locals are calling it Storm Watch 2017. I’m calling it a Multiple Personality Disorder. I get that there are four seasons and all but I’m officially over the igloo trapped inside too icy to drive, too slick to walk, too everything to even bundle up and do an errand. People are falling over town like beginner ice skaters and the windows are howling with the wind.

So what does one do other than binge watch all of the Netflix? Not sure but I know I look at lovely pictures of times when the sun set at…night. Not 3pm in the afternoon. I’m waxing nostalgic today and a wee bit cranky because my outdoor plans were thwarted again (but day strangely salvaged right now as I got to use the word “thwarted”) and I’ve answered all the emails, read the articles, eyes glazed over from reading, napped more than a cat and I need to breathe some fresh air.

This little piece was half way done so to honor the day, the week, the SEASON of storm weather, I sat down with it again, and finished. Definitely a mood changer. I remembered the beautiful November day last year, the view from Chrissy Field looking over at Sausalito, the otherworldly sunset, the conversation with Stacy, the unseasonably warm afternoon, the all of it. It is my Chrissy Field on a Snowy Day. xo

“Chrissy Field” 11×17″ available, email [email protected] for information

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