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For the Love of Summer: Paintings by Anna Elkins at GoodBean Coffee

&, painting by Anna Elkins, Jacksonville, Oregon
For the Love of Summer: Paintings by Anna Elkins 
Summer is celebratory in Jacksonville! With the warm weather and cold drinks, Goodbean is one of my favorite spots to meet friends. It’s a treat to have my art on these historic brick walls again.

Skies and Clouds with Silvia Trujillo at Rogue Gallery THIS SATURDAY!!

Skies and Clouds with Silvia Trujillo
Saturday, June 3,10am-4pm
All painting media and skill levels welcome

Discover the importance of skies in a landscape painting. In this class you will explore ways to impart luminosity to skies, strengthen compositions through effective placement of cloud shapes, handle the edges of a cloud, and enhance a mood with the creative use of color.

Silvia Trujillo has over 20 years of teaching experience in painting and drawing. Her work is featured in galleries throughout the west coast and is collected internationally.



Angels Show Reception This Saturday

Angels Show Reception: The GoodBean’s Fourth Annual Exhibition of Angel Art by southern Oregon Artists Come for the Parade, Stay for the Angels! Saturday, December 3, 2016 Noon~4 pm Join us in a reception for the artists, with angelic treats, sparkling wine, and live acoustic guitar by Jim Sitter. We will share our angel stories and hope you will share yours with us, too! Admission is FREE The Jacksonville Christmas Parade takes place at 10 am. Please plan to stay in town to enjoy our reception as well as ecvents at Art Presence Art Center and Art’ClecticArtisan’s Holiday Market at the IOOF. The angel you see here was created by Susan Krempa, and will be be part of this year’s exhibition. Many thanks to Susan for permission to use her angel.

Angels Show Reception

The GoodBean’s Fourth Annual Exhibition
of Angel Art by southern Oregon Artists

Come for the Parade ~ Stay for the Angels!

Saturday, December 3, 2016
Noon~4 pm

After months of painting and planning, the time has finally come for the Angels Show Reception this Saturday!

Join us in a reception for the artists,
with angelic treats, sparkling wine, and
live acoustic guitar by Jim Sitter.
We will share our angel stories and
hope you will share yours with us, too!
Admission is FREE

The Jacksonville Christmas Parade takes place at 10 am.
Please plan to stay in town to enjoy our  Angels show reception, as well as events at Art Presence Art Center and Art’Clectic Artisan’s Holiday Market next door at the IOOF.

The angel on our flyer was created by Susan Krempa, and will be part of this year’s exhibition. Many thanks to Susan for permission to use her angel.

Jessica Lee at GoodBean Coffee November 2016

Jessica Lee at GoodBean Coffee

Please enjoy the mixed media works of Jessica Lee at GoodBean Coffee for the month of November 2016! We love this young mother’s whimsical yet meaningful sense of style and subject and hope you will too.

Jessica Lee creates mixed media art because the feels empowered when she communicates through this medium. It is the essential language in her daily life that helps her make sense of her emotions and dreams. Combining colors, mixing mediums together and feeling paint and textures on her hands entertains her. Layers of varied tones help tell her story. Jessica Lee thrives on a decadent mix of relaxed yet mysterious whimsy. Using repurposed and ecological materials adds depth of meaning to her designs. Lace is a favorite since it is delicate and and require much patience. Rivers, botanicals, stones, wood and feathers inspire her. Being an art advocate and teacher for children completes the picture of her life. Ms. Lee is a young mother of two who supports her children with her art. Please consider a purchase of Jessica’s art to help this inspiring young woman in her efforts!

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art you see at the GoodBean or are an artist interested in showing your work with us, please contact Hannah West at 541.899.2012 or [email protected] for more information.

Call to Artists for Angel Art

Christmas Angel over Jacksonville, painting by Katharine Gracey
Christmas Angel Over Jacksonville, by Katharine Gracey

Call to Angel Artists!

Now in its fourth year, our annual Angels show has become an anticipated event in Jacksonville. GoodBean Coffee Company in Jacksonville, Oregon calls to all southern Oregon artists to show us your angels to consider for this year’s holiday exhibition.

We would like to see new angels, but we also invite prior year’s artists and their angels to return. The GoodBean in Jacksonville is an excellent venue to gain exposure for your art. Paintings look great against the historic brick walls and the cafe is very busy throughout the holiday season. In addition, participating in the Angels show is one way to avoid the long wait for a solo exhibition there!

We’ve already sent out an email to artists who have previously participated in our annual Angels show, as well as those who have shown or are scheduled to show their art in a solo show at the GoodBean. We also sent an email to the artist members of the Southern Oregon Artists Resource. Now it’s time to invite all the artists of southern Oregon to show us their angels!
four angels from the 2014 Angels show at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville Oregon, December 2014Above, angels from the 2014 show by Sue Bennett, Karen O’Brien, and Katharine Gracey

Show Us Your Angels!

Each section of brick wall can hold five 20″ x 16″ pieces, but you are not limited to any specific size, medium or style. We will again have our spacious back wall available to hang your angels!

Though they are welcome, we are not specifically asking for traditional or religious angels, but for artist’s INTERPRETATIONS of angels. We only ask that the angels you submit are suitable for the family nature of the season.

We have very limited horizontal surfaces in the shop where we can display 3D art. Please submit only 3D works which can be set on a shelf (small pieces are good for this) or hung on the wall.

Don’t have any angels but do have original Christmas-themed pieces? Send us pictures and we’ll take those into consideration, too! One artist shared a large oil painting of Joseph and pregnant Mary two years in a row…and the painting was purchased after the second show!

Please submit images of your angel art to Hannah at [email protected] and provide her with your phone number and the dimensions of the piece(s) at your earliest opportunity. If you plan to paint an angel for the show, please notify us so we can save space for your piece.
Dispensing Grace II by Lewis Anderson, 2015 Angels show at GoodBean Coffee
Above, “Dispensing Grace,” 36″ x 24″ digital art by Lewis Anderson, 2015 show

The Details

We will hang the show on Monday, November 30 at 4pm. Please arrive with your angel art, signed release form and wall card(s) with the title, artist name, medium, dimensions and price. The exhibit will remain on display through Thursday, December 31 at 3pm. This is when artists should be prepared to come collect their works, and hopefully the money for sales as well! If the show’s time frames present a conflict for any artist who would otherwise like to participate, Hannah will do her best to make special arrangements that accommodate your schedule.

This year we will expand our advertising to bring in more people to see your angels. We also ask that you invite the patrons on your own lists to join us for a festive reception. Last year’s reception was a bit disappointing as the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and Victorian Christmas Parade, which used to take place on the same day, were split without our advance knowledge. This year’s Christmas Parade occurs on Saturday, December 3 at 10am. Many people who come to town to see the parade stay to shop in Jacksonville throughout the day, therefore we have scheduled our 2016 Angels reception for Saturday, December 3 from noon to 4pm.

The GoodBean shares local artwork with their clientele at no cost to the artists. This is a wonderful opportunity for emerging artists and those who have recently moved to our area to gain local exposure. We are happy to report that angels exhibited in each of our previous shows have found new homes!

There is no entry fee to participate in the Angels show. Artists who make a sale are not charged a commission by the cafe, but are invited to donate a percentage to volunteer curator Hannah West at their own discretion. If one of your pieces sells, we ask that it remain for the duration of the show or that you replace it with another appropriately themed work. We will do our best to accommodate purchases intended for Christmas gifts, however, if your angel flies to a new home before the show’s end, you will need to have a replacement piece available to hang in its place. It’s important to Mary to have plenty of angels in the shop through the end of the month.

Management requires artists to sign a liability release and supply a disposition summary with the details and price of your painting(s). We will need those documents prior to hanging your work, so please have them with you when you bring your painting(s) to hang. Please email Hannah at [email protected] for a blank release form you can print and fill out. GoodBean employees do not handle art transactions, but refer all inquiries to Hannah West, who then follows through to provide information and complete sales.

Do feel free to share this call to artist friends and fellow members of artist groups to which you belong who might have angel paintings they would like to show.

Thank you so much, we’re looking forward to seeing your angels and sharing them with the GoodBean’s patrons in December 2016!
Angels Reception : Angel, 11" x 14" watercolor/collage by Linda Abblett
Angel by Linda Abblett, from the 2015 Angels show

October at the GoodBean Paintings by Pegi Smith

October at the GoodBean

She Dreams of Bears, by Pegi Smith

She Dreams of Bears, 6′ x 2′ original acrylic on canvas by Pegi Smith

Paintings by Pegi Smith

The GoodBean is very proud to present a collection of paintings by Ashland artist Pegi Smith titled “Dreamscapes.” Her busy show schedule made it challenging to secure a date for this exhibition. As a result, we’ve been waiting with great anticipation for over two years for the day to come when we could hang her paintings at long last! Yesterday that day finally came, and before we had three paintings on the wall the admiring comments had already begun.

Pegi’s paintings are collected avidly by serious collectors, and all of these pieces are for sale. While every painting is an original acrylic on canvas, there is one charming exception, “On the Wings of a Lullaby”. Most of these pieces are large, with an average size of approximately 3′ x 3′. The two largest paintings, “Herd Through A Whisper” and “She Dreams of Bears,” measure 6’w x 4’h and 6’w x 2’h, respectively. And with their generous sizes, they make magnificent additions to just about any interior decor scheme.

If you fall in love with a painting you’d like to welcome into your home, please contact our art curator Hannah West at [email protected] or call 541-899-2012. Please visit Pegi’s website to see more of her work. While there are many originals to choose from, Pegi also make prints available of her sold works. Be sure to contact her if you find something on her website you can’t live without!

Artist Statement

Below, Pegi gives us a bit of insight into her creative thought process:


October at the Goodbean Paintings by Pegi Smith : This is an image of contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith of Ashland, Oregon. Learn more and view her paintings at

Contemporary Fine Artist Pegi Smith

While immersed in a project, there are times when I see it as primitive and at other times refined. Regardless, I am pressed to move forward, aware of pending modifications…yet enjoying the expression of the moment. I work from the canvas, with no pre sketching…but a more innate exploration of my own inner space while being aware of the necessity to remain open to the spontaneous, hidden dimensions appearing and reappearing on the canvases…and an endless appreciation that color is such an obvious and important part of my life.

Am I discovering aspects of my own identity in the process… wondering is this about me? Maybe so. Regardless, I am there and somehow absent while the actual painting occurs, appeared to and appealed to by the urgent necessity to cooperate with what is developing and yet making my own voice heard as a distant director of what must be the reluctant conclusion of that one work…if another is to begin…

Thank you for the privilege of sharing my work with you.

~Pegi Smith

The Soul of Nature at GoodBean Cafe

The Soul of Nature

Exhibit of Handpainted Silk Art by Judy Elliott

Runs August 1-31, 2016 at GoodBean Cafe, Jacksonville

 The GoodBean is delighted to welcome artist Judy Elliott of Grants Pass back to the cafe for The Soul of Nature, an exhibition of new works from her collection of beautiful handpainted silk art. The textile artist also creates handsewn kimonos and Happi coats from her studio. It has been very rewarding to watch Judy’s skill grow through the years since her first show with us. Not only have her subjects become more complex, meaningful, and skilfully rendered, but her wrapping technique has also seen refinements, which make the pieces more durable and helps the colors retain their vibrance when hung on walls of various colors.

Influences and artist statement

Elliott’s primary motivation for creating art is to raise awareness of the need to preserve the world’s threatened wildlife. While paintings she has exhibited with us in the past have covered threatened marine life, pollinators and the flowers that feed them, and more, currently her main focus is on birds. Consequently, the paintings in this month’s show depict threatened and endangered bird species. Noteworthy additions are an abstract of colorful trout skin and a gorgeous painting of salmon for the fishermen who frequent the shop!

“My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experiences while growing up in Hawaii with its Asian and Hawaiian culture, an artistic family, and my observation of nature while hiking throughout Oregon.  I’ve always been fascinated with nature and its wonders, from the tiniest insects and wild birds to the night sky. The natural world influences my art directly and pleases my soul.”

~Judy Elliott

New website

Judy has a new website where you can see more of her work: She also sells her art and kimonos on as Dragonfly Design West. In addition, you can find Elliott’s paintings at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland.

We hope you will take the time to enjoy Judy’s The Soul of Nature show of art up close throughout the month of August. Though photography at the cafe is challenging in the afternoons—which is when we hang our shows—the pictures below will give those who cannot make it this month an idea of the new paintings Judy is exhibiting. If you are interested in more information or want to make a purchase, please contact our art curator Hannah West at 541-899-2012 or [email protected]

Wildlife Artist Lara Strazdas at GoodBean Coffee in July

GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville, Oregon is delighted to welcome wildlife artist Lara Strazdas and her exhibit of paintings and photography for July 2016! A Jacksonville resident, Lara paints wildlife, pet portraits and more. Now that Lara’s show has been placed on display in our Jacksonville shop, you can see her work in person for the entire month of July! Be sure to come by over the 4th of July weekend and get your first look at her outstanding wildlife art and nature photography!

Wildlife Artist Lara Strazdas at GoodBean Coffee in July – About Lara Strazdas:

Wildlife artist Lara Strazdas at GoodBean Coffee, Jacksonville, Oregon, July 2016,


I am a freelance Fine Artist and Nature/Wildlife Photographer living in Jacksonville, Oregon. My entire life I have been moved and captivated by Nature. As a very young child I was constantly observing and recording the natural world around me. As an adult, I am still constantly inspired and enthralled by the wonders of Nature.

My Art:

I am a realism artist specializing in Nature, Wildlife, and Fantasy. I enjoy creating original works of art in a variety of mediums on a variety of supports, as well as book illustrations and cover art, writing and illustrating children’s books, greeting cards, personalized home decor and other specialty items, and more. I work in scratchboard, watercolor, pencil (graphite, watercolor, and color), pen & ink, and acrylic.



Wildlife artist Lara Strazdas at GoodBean Coffee in July : OIl painting of a leopard by Lara Strazdas

Oil painting of a leopard by Lara Strazdas

My Photography:

My photography started out as a means of taking reference photos for my artwork, but as I became more proficient with my camera and acquired better equipment, my photography became its own art.
I use my images, both artwork and photograph, to share my passion for the beauty of this Earth and ALL its inhabitants, as well as to educate (and hopefully inspire) others about the vital connections between ourselves and this living planet we call home.
Please visit my website at or contact me at 541-899-3297 or [email protected]

Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the wonderfully detailed realism with which Strazdas renders her subjects. Visit our Jacksonville shop to view paintings and photography by wildlife artist Lara Strazdas at GoodBean Coffee today!


7/1/16 Update:

We are reposting this exhibition announcement of wildlife artist Lara Strazdas at Goodbean Coffee in Jacksonville, Oregon to add that Lara is teaching a class in scratchboard at Central Art Supply later this month! You will see the beautiful example of Lara’s amazing work in scratchboard pictured below in her GoodBean show. Here are the details of her class:

Wildlife aRtist Lara Strazdas and GoodBean Coffee : Introduction To Scratchboard Class at Central Art Supply, Instructor: Lara Strazdas

Introduction To Scratchboard

Instructor: Lara Strazdas

When: July 22 – 24, 2016

Where: Central Art Classroom

Fee: $95 (covers 3 sessions)

*some supplies provided


Central Art’s own Lara Strazdas invites you to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful and enigmatic art forms – scratchboard! Using easy-to-follow methods, Lara will show you how to get the most out of this subtractive medium, from rethinking your approach to light and shadows to creating realistic textures. Great for those seeking a new medium to play with this summer!

Seating is limited! Sign up by contacting or visiting Central Art (payment required to reserve spot):

541-773-1444 / 101 N. Central Medford, OR 97501

Special Mother's Day Exhibit at GoodBean Coffee! Reception THIS afternoon!

For the month of May, we have a very special Mother’s Day exhibit at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville!

It’s not often we have such an opportunity…Three generations of women artists hanging their art in one show is really a very special occasion.

Susan Prater Tracy passed her love and talent for art to her daughter, Grants Pass artist Crystal Rea Pyren. Crystal, in turn, has passed her talent and love for art to her 16 year-old daughter Brittany. Each of these women has their own unique and individual style and approach to color, yet the unmistakable chain of creative expression remains unbroken through three generations.

The artists are hosting an informal reception this afternoon, May 7, 2016 from 4–6 pm. Please join them to hear more about the sharing of art between their generations. If you can’t make it, be sure to stop in sometime during the month of May to see our Mother’s Day exhibit at Goodbean Coffee!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Learn more about the artists:

artist Susan Prater Tracy

Susan Prater Tracy

Susan Prater Tracy

My mother Susan (Susie) was truly an inspiring person to know, grow up around and have as a mother! She was great at everything that involved arts and crafts. She could cook well, sew well, was really good at knitting, and was an amazing charcoal artist! She knew how to paint, and was very skilled in some of the early graphics computer programs like Adobe Illustrator – back in the late 1990s. She almost always gave hand-made gifts. She had many friends whom she would run into all over town!

Susie grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. Her parents were sign painters. During her high school years Susie honed her skills of drawing realistic, almost photo-like, pictures by drawing portraits of the Beatles and selling them to her friends. She later married a history teacher and created many charcoal drawings for him to use in his classes – depicting some of the historic images of the Great Depression period. Her drawings of people show great emotion and amazing precision.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Susie created a series of charcoal drawings – mostly depicting children and some historic people such as Walt Whitman (poet), and Imogen Cunningham (photographer). She sold reproductions of her drawing “A Secret” in an ad that ran at the back of the Country Living Magazine for a couple years.


Susan’s drawing of Walt Whitman. It’s no surprise that a print of this piece sold this morning!

In the 1980’s Susie went back to school to study Graphics. She started her own small business called Susan Tracy Illustrative Design which led to her designing many business logos, business cards, brochures and book illustrations. She eventually found herself working almost exclusively for some of the environmental agencies – creating detailed drawings used in environmental impact studies surrounding the oil industry and their impact on the environment.

In 2002, Susie passed away at the age of 52, after an 18-month battle with leiomyosarcoma. She is very deeply missed.

~Crystal Rea Pyren




artist Crystal Rea Pyren

Crystal Rea Pyren

Crystal Rea Pyren

I grew up in Santa Barbara within a family of artists with my grandparents being sign painters, and my mother being a graphic artist and fine artist. I studied technical theatre and theatrical set design in Santa Barbara, moved to the Seattle area, and worked as a Scenic Artist for over 10 years. I painted scenery at various theatres including Seattle Opera, Village Theatre, The 5th Avenue Theatre, Renton Civic Theatre, Youth Theatre Northwest, and others.


Watercolor by second generation artist Crystal Rea Pyren

In 2006 I started my own small business called “The Drawing Board Art Instruction,” teaching art to children and families through drawing & painting classes, workshops and art camps at elementary schools, community centers and parks. I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of artists by providing children opportunities to explore different art media and experiences which will help provide an appreciation of art that will hopefully continue to inspire them through their adult life – the way my own teachers and mentors inspired me as a child.

In 2012 my family moved to Southern Oregon. I am now focusing on my own artwork, although I still teach art to children occasionally. I am currently starting a small greeting card company which will include cards and other products featuring the artwork of my family and friends as well as my own artwork.

My artwork is inspired by flowers and scenery that I find out in nature, often from photos I take myself. I tend to enhance the colors which gives my paintings a sort of fantasy feel.

Email: [email protected]

Blog & Online Gallery:

artist Brittany Sapphire Lund

Brittany Sapphire Lund

Brittany Sapphire Lund


Brittany is a spirited high school student. She is studying Japanese in high school and is on the Judo Team, having recently won her varsity judo match in 7 seconds! But, Brittany’s real passion is drawing! Brittany has been obsessed with drawing her entire life! When she was 3, 4, 5 years old – she would draw on any and every piece of paper she could find. She filled up every coloring book, every tablet of paper. I would even find her little drawings on my utility bills, and other places. For a few years her favorite things to draw were unicorns.

Over the years, Brittany has developed her drawing skills by sketching non-stop! She is one of the only people I know (and I know a LOT of artists) who actually sketches every day! And, I have noticed that sketching helps her, like a form of meditation. She has become very skilled at drawing people, being able to show emotion in the people and characters that she draws, and she is able to sketch quickly!


Third generation artist Brittany’s Alter Ego

Over the past couple of years, she has taught herself to draw/sketch digitally, using tablet drawing applications. She is interested in anime and comics and has been working on her own comic for over a year, developing the various characters and the storyline through sketches.

~Crystal Rea Pyren

GoodBean Shows Paintings by Sarah Cummins for April

The GoodBean is delighted to welcome artist Sarah Cummins, who shows her paintings in the café during the month of April 2016! Many of her paintings are Native American-inspired, with a spectacular piece depicting the Valdez oil spill, painted to vent her anger over the disaster. Though she painted in oil for most of her 76-year career and we are exhibiting some of her oil paintings, she has recently found the challenge of watercolors more exciting than an already mastered medium, and we have several of her watercolors on display as well.

Sarah Jo Cummins with her painting "Grandmother's Gift of Life"

Sarah Jo Cummins with her painting “Grandmother’s Gift of Life”

About Sarah Jo Cummins

  •   Sarah has been living in Jacksonville, Oregon for the past ten years and loves it here. Sarah has had a lifetime of experience with the arts. She was born in Oklahoma and is a descendent of the Cherokee tribe as well as having European ancestors.
  •   As a young woman, Sarah went to art school in Phoenix, Arizona. Later, she studied Pottery at Chabot Community College in Hayward, California. She also taught art at the University level.
  •   Sarah has been a painter most of her life; her portfolio consists of 76 years of work. She has showed her art mostly in Arizona and has been influenced by the Native American cultures.
  •   Cummins has used many mediums and especially likes watercolor and pottery. She is also a quilter and loves to read, especially about anthropology.

If you have any questions about Sarah’s work or would like to inquire about purchasing your favorite painting, please contact the Art Coordinator at the GoodBean, Hannah West, by email at [email protected]