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Philippo LoGrande Fundraiser

Free Association Gallery – Philippo LoGrande Fundraiser Saturday, December 12, 4–10 pm: We’ve all seen Philippo out painting the historic buildings of Ashland and Jacksonville. Well, his home burned down in August. Then he was diagnosed with inoperable, metastatic brain tumors. As a result, he has lost most cognitive function. He is now receiving treatment in California, but needs ongoing support, so this month’s event is a fundraiser to benefit Philippo and his caregivers. This month’s fundraiser includes three paintings by LoGrande, including the one featured in this post.

Enjoy this video, which shows not only LoGrande’s talent, but knowledge of art history, commitment to sharing his talent and skill, and gentle way of encouraging children to pursue art as a way of life themselves.

Please join us at 120 North 4th Street, Jacksonville, Oregon. Call 541-200-4184 to discuss ways you can help privately. If you can’t make it, please consider a donation to Philippo’s GoFund Me campaign here:

Monkey Business by Jess Carey at Free Association

Monkey Business by Jess Carey at Free Association
Monkey Business, mokey art by Jess cArey at Free Association gallery in Jacksonville, Oregon. Show opens August 10 with a reception from 6-8pm.

Saturday, August 10, Free Association welcomes Jess Carey: painter, inventor, cartoonist, illustrator, Robot Santa, stringed instrument aficionado with the voice of a rustic angel, enthusiast of fun and nature, and artist with a heart of gold…our North Star from Maine!

Jess makes sock monkeys with interesting personalities and kind portraits of birds and animals alike.

Join us for a Second Saturday reception on August 10 from 5-8 pm!

Free Association is located at 120 North 4th Street in Jacksonville ~ Contact gallery owner and curator of the curious Jessica Cornman at 541-200-4184



Eye Opener Blindish Art at Free Assocation

Free Association gallery has on display a fantastic exhibition entitled “Eye Opener” — a wonderful collection of “blind-ish” art by artist Silhouette of Ashland. Silhouette lost most of her sight due to an automimmune condition, but she hasn’t let that stop her from creating. At first sight, her art is amazing. When considering her limited eyesight, it’s an eye-opener, for sure!

The reception has passed, but Silhouette’s show remains on display until Free Association’s next show opens in mid-August. The gallery is located at 120 North 4th street in Jacksonville. Hours can vary, so if you see something you like, please call Jessica Cornman, gallery owner, at 541-200-4184.

Eye Opener, exhibition of blindish art by Silhouette at Free Association Gallery in Jacksonville, Oregon July-August 2019


Call to Blind and Visually Challenged Artists - F

Call to Blind and Visually Challenged Artists – Free Association Gallery

Free Association Gallery, Jacksonville, Oregon

Artist Call!!! Blind & visually challenged creatives!

1. Email 5 images (max) to [email protected]
2. Please include dimensions of the art
3. Short bio of how creating makes you feel and impacts your life.
4. Deadline June 1st
Location: Free Association, 120 N. 4th St., Jacksonville, Oregon
Opening reception: Saturday July 13th 4-10 pm
Show details: “Eye Opener” ~ Exhibition of visual art made by the blind, a contrast from the typical perspective. The art we want to showcase is of artistic vision based on emotional intuition, rather than exclusively what is seen by the naked eye.

Yes, it sounds unusual. Perhaps it seems impossible to some. However it’s not unheard of, and blind artists create some amazing works of visual art. For some fine examples, check out the art by the blind in this article at This article at Bored Panda further examines the work of one of the artists featured in the previous article. And shows of art by the blind are not unprecedented. Check out this article about “Insights,” the pre-eminent exhibition of paintings, photographs and mixed-media pieces by legally blind artists, in San Francisco. And this article at Wikipedia has a list of professional blind artists’s Wikipedia entries with links where you can see their work.

So, we reiterate our call to blind and visually challenged artists to submit their work for our July show at Free Association i hopes that we can help the public discover some amazing works…sight unseen!