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For great posts about the business of art, check out The Artsy Shark HERE! reviews competitions and appeals seeking creative content, listing those that respect your copyrights and highlighting those that don't. Art Matters! publishes calls to artists, and not all of them may be compliant with ABoR's standards. Visit their site to learn more.
We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto.  Metadata is information such as copyright notice and contact info you can embed in your images to protect your intellectual property, save time when uploading to social sites and promote your art. Click to visit the site and learn more.

70th annual Bandon Cranberry Festival September 10 and 11, 2016

Cranberry eating contest at 2015 Bandon Cranberry Festival, Bandon Chamber of Commerce Cheers to 70 years of the Bandon Cranberry Festival! The longest running festival on the Oregon Coast boasts seven decades of family fun with a parade, festival market, street dance and more. Join the festivities September 10 and 11, 2016.

Take a walk down memory lane at the Saturday morning parade, with a revival of past festival themes. Cranberry cooks compete for a culinary crown in the Queen of the Kitchen food fair, while hungry festival goers dive into the cranberry eating contest to win prizes. Farmers and artisans strut their stuff at Cranberry City and the Festival Market. The popular street dance returns Saturday evening with featured performer Morgan Alexander.
Artisan Vendor at 2015 Bandon Cranberry Festival, Bandon Chamber of Commerce
Events are staged in Old Town, the Port of Bandon waterfront, Sprague Community Theater and city park, and Bandon High School. Get the full list of festival events at Or, visit the Bandon Visitors Center, open daily, in Old Town Bandon.

Copyright Protected

Unique content is best for your website and customer communications. But, smart use of third party text and photos can augment your marketing without stretching your resources. Just remember to respect copyright for content you didn’t commission or create yourself.

Copyright laws apply to all kinds of text and photos published in print or on the web. Digital publication does not equal public domain or free access for reuse. Take time to research licensing or republishing options for third party content before you re-post.

Visit the Bandon Chamber blog for a primer on photo and text copyright:

A Picture’s Worth: Copyright Protected, part 1
Tips on hiring a photographer, using stock and social media images

1000 Words: Copyright Protected, part 2
Tips on sharing, getting media attention, and notes for nonprofits

Port of Bandon 2016 Call to Artists

port of bandon 2016 call to artists : 2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show, morning view by Robert Miller.

2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show, morning view by Robert Miller.

Bandon, OR– Artists of all ages are invited to submit work for “Slice of Life,” the 2016 Port of Bandon Boardwalk art show.

The annual installation is an open air, public display on the picturesque Bandon boardwalk. Submissions are accepted April 1 through May 20, 2016. The show begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through September.

Port of Bandon 2016 Call to Artists

Port of Bandon 2016 Call to Artists : Sparkling Velella, from the 2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show

Sparkling Velella, by Pat Cink, was the judges’ selection for first place in the 2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show on the theme Coastal Creatures.

Artists create original works on weatherproof plywood: Art boards and entry forms are available in Bandon at the Port of Bandon office, 390 1st St. SW; and Art by the Sea Gallery, 175 2nd St. SE. A $10 entry fee covers the cost of art boards and prizes. Scholarship boards are available: inquire at the Port of Bandon. Boardwalk space is limited to 200 entries.

Now in its 14th year, the boardwalk art show features works by amateur and professional artists living throughout southwestern Oregon. Prizes are awarded in youth and adult categories, along with people’s choice winners. Winning and honored works are featured in an encore exhibition at the Bandon Professional Center.

Port of Bandon 2016 Call to Artists : Wind Whales II, from the 2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show

Wind Whales II, by David Black, won first place in the People’s Choice category for the 2015 Port of Bandon Boardwalk Art Show on the theme Coastal Creatures.

The 2016 theme, “Slice of Life,” is a figure of speech coined by playwrights and applied to all art forms. Artists may explore scenes from everyday life, ordinary but memorable moments. Paint is the most common medium, but past shows have featured photography, collage and three dimensional works.

The show is sponsored by the Port of Bandon with the Bandon Professional Center. Contact port staff for more information, 541-347-3206.

Press Workshop Slideshow

Click to view the Press workshop slideshow.

Workshop: Press Engagement

Say goodbye to press release jitters. You and your staff can take control of your exposure in print and broadcast news media. And, see a great return on your investment with confident press and media engagement.


Press Engagement Workshop
2 – 4 p.m. Thursday, March 3, 2016
Bandon Professional Center
1010 First St. SE, Bandon, Oregon

Sign up for a fast-paced two hour workshop in press engagement. Practice promotion planning with an emphasis on production time-line and content distribution. Take away reusable templates and resource materials.

To get the most out of the workshop, be sure to bring notes on a product, service or event you’d like to promote. You’ll have the opportunity to begin drafting and sharing your ideas in the session. Laptops are welcome, but not required.

The March 2016 session, presented by the Bandon Chamber of Commerce, will include a Q&A portion for those interested in travel and tourism media.


Sign up with the Bandon Chamber of Commerce

Call 541-347-9616, or email Julie Miller.

Registration is $35 for members of any chamber of commerce in Coos and Curry counties, and $45 for non chamber members. Sign up by February 23.

Learn more about 2016 Bandon Chamber workshops at


Press Engagement Writer ServicesContact Geneva with questions, or to schedule your own training session.

Read more about Geneva’s approach to press engagement.

Read Before You Write


Producing original content for your business can boost your content marketing and deliver great return on your investment. Before you start burning up the keyboard with your latest business manifesto, adopt a back-to-school mode: Read before you write.

Reading local and regional news, plus publications in your market niche will make you a smarter content producer. Learn which publications are interested in what you have to say. Stay on top of your industry’s topics and tone. Know what you’re seeking before you hire a content writer.

Bark up the right tree.

When you’re ready to send out a news release or press tip, maximize your potential for publication by submitting to the right publication. Submitting to a random assortment of news and media outlets is a waste of your time and the equivalent of spam for editors and broadcast producers.

To learn who’s publishing content in your region and about your industry, you have to read (and listen). Look through newspapers, magazines and blogs. Listen to broadcast news and podcasts.

Identify the producers in your region who are publishing content about and for your target market. And, if you’re looking to cultivate a relationship with an editor, producer, or reporter, take the time to comment on their work on their website or social media site.

Sing like a bird.

Every industry has its jargon and insider topics.

Waxing poetic in lingo only your industry peers can understand doesn’t make you sound smart; it implies you’re not attentive to your actual consumers. You know, the folks you hope are actually reading your press release or blog post and are supposed to get excited about how your product can add value to their lives.

Follow the news, blogs and publications about your industry, written for the general public. Find out what’s trending, and which topics are mainstays for your type of business.

Perhaps most importantly, take cues from good writers whose tone resonates with your target market. Don’t plagiarize. But learn how pitch-perfect content producers speak to their audience in a way that’s factual and trustworthy and keeps the reader’s attention with jargon-free storytelling, reviews, or how-to articles worth remembering.

Go fishing.

Most small business owners and execs are too busy managing day-to-day operations to devote time to copywriting. If you don’t have the budget for a staff writer, hiring a freelance content writer can be a time and money-saving decision.

Before you sign that work-for-hire contract, read the writer’s clips and reviews.

If you’ve been following your industry’s press, you’ll know when you spot a content writer who’s also well read and has achieved a style and tone that’s right for your business.



Press Engagement


web-newsPress writing is often my first assignment with a new client. I’m always pleased to help businesses and organizations share their news with print publishers and broadcast producers. Here’s why–

Trust and Awareness

Nothing increases brand trust and customer awareness better than editorial
content published by respected news and entertainment outlets. Public engagement with news stories is exponentially more reliable than paid advertising. That’s because readers and listeners trust editors and producers to publish stories that are timely, relevant and factual.

Writing and Research

I love learning. So, the time I spend interviewing clients, researching and writing about their products is a welcome opportunity for me. I get to know new people and expand my knowledge about a variety of industries and service areas.

Good Value

Free press isn’t literally free. But, the resources you invest to develop a solid news pitch or press release are a great value.

A well crafted story has a long shelf life. Your business can distribute the content to multiple news outlets and on your own content marketing platforms.

Relationship Building

If you meet a marketing or PR professional who promises to get your story published on the front page, say thank you for the sales pitch, then walk away. The truth is, the only way to guarantee placement of your message is to buy advertising space or air time.

Remember point number 1? Readers and listeners trust editors and producers to publish stories that are timely, relevant and factual. It’s the editor’s job to be discerning and to choose the stories and press releases that will resonate with their audience.

My job is to facilitate relationships between my client and news editors and producers. I do that by writing good content with timely, professional delivery.

My publication rate is very reliable. Feel free to ask me for client references.

Press Engagement Writer Services


Read more about improving your press engagement strategy.

Sign up for a press engagement workshop.

Content Marketing F.A.Q.


You can speak directly to your audience: deliver information, products and services that solve problems or address what your customers need and want.

What is content marketing?

It’s marketing focused on creation and distribution of content to a defined audience.

Your content should attract and retain customer attention and lead the customer to action.

What’s the difference between paid advertising and content marketing?

Content marketing material is distributed to a defined audience: your customers, your contacts.

You can expect a higher action or response rate with content marketing. That’s because your message is crafted for your audience: individuals who have previously purchased your product, expressed interest in your product, or expressed interest in referring or supporting your product.

Isn’t content marketing for online sales?

Content marketing is a promotional approach that works for all types of business and organizations, not just those selling products online.

Less than 10 percent of retail sales take place online—with the biggest impact on “big box” brands, not specialty retailers, according to the, “The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls,” January 2015.

Why should I set objectives for my content marketing?

Identifying your objectives will improve the return on your investment.

Those with a documented strategy report they are more effective–in all aspects of content marketing–than those with no documented strategy, according to the 2015 report, B2C Content Marketing Trends–North America by the Content Marketing Institute / MarketingProfs.

What should I expect from Geneva’s content marketing services?

I help clients align their product pitch and objectives, with a plan for content development and distribution, plus data collection and review.

Common content marketing goals are

  • customer retention
  • event attendance
  • engagement

check_818x818How do I request Geneva’s content marketing services?

Call or email to get our conversation started. And, have fun strategizing!

Training and Strategic Planning


You’ve got a smart network eager to promote your business. You’re ready to take the next step in your content marketing. Give your staff, members, and volunteers the tools they need to sustain your communications objectives.

My background is in education. I started my professional life as a public school teacher, and I enjoy training professionals to do what I do— from writing press releases to managing web content.

Setting and Meeting Your Goals

I can help your staff understand the process of content marketing, with an orientation to

  • message development,
  • deadlines,
  • content distribution, and
  • results tracking.

Time and Resource Management

As we develop content, I offer clients tips for how to keep staff (or volunteers) in the loop, and how to stay on budget.

Digital Communication

It’s important for some members of your organization to be familiar with the digital platforms your group uses to distribute content. I offer hands-on tutorials on WordPress CMS and email marketing apps.

Press Engagement

You and your staff can take control of your exposure in print and broadcast news media. And, see a great return on your investment with confident press and media engagement.

My press engagement training includes promotion planning with an emphasis on production time-line and content distribution. I provide reusable templates and resource materials.

Training Strategic Planning WriterCall or email to schedule your training session or workshop.

Sign up for a press engagement workshop.

Let’s talk about what makes your business unique.

Companies seeking content marketing services look for professionals with an English or journalism background, according to the SalesForce blog, “15 Impressive Content Marketing Hiring Stats” April 2014— Geneva has both!

Communications Consulting

I’ve helped businesses and organizations promote their services in a variety of ways: project direction and content production for new websites, news and entertainment media exposure, email and direct mail marketing, event planning and multimedia production direction.


I welcome assignments from editors and publishers who want to highlight innovative people and products. I’m a generalist, experienced in a variety of topics: business, natural resources and agriculture, food, recreation, health and human services, arts and education.

My articles are frequently aggregated by Oregon state agencies such as the Employment Department, Parks Department, Fish and Wildlife Service; and by organizations such as Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon and Oregon Cranberry Growers Association.


Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for a sampling of the businesses and publishers with whom I’ve worked.