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Register online for RGAC art classes & workshops







Upcoming adult classes and workshops at RGAC:

Thursdays 1/26 – 2/23 5-6:30 pm Beginning Drawing Brooke Nuckles Gentekos $72 members$85 non-members
Fri. & Sat. 3/23 & 241 – 5 pm Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor Lane Hall $72 members$85 non-members
Saturdays 4/7 – 2810-11:30am Visual Storytelling Through Cartoon & Comics Ted Helard $51 members$60 non-members
Fri. – Sun. 4/27 – 29 Pinhole Photography Weekend Workshop Mary Wilkins-Kelly $80 members$95 non-members
Saturday 4/281 – 3 pm Consumable Art Anna Elkins $51 members$60 non-members
Artist Professional Development Series
Saturday March 311 am – 2:30 pm Marketing Your Art For Success Nikolas Allen $35 members$45 non-members
Saturday March 1012- 2 pm Social Networking to Promote Your Art Hannah West $35 members$45 non-members
Saturday March 1710:30 am – 12 pm Working with Images for Artists PHOTOSHOP  (Beginner) Hannah West $35 members$45 non-members
Saturday 3/171 – 3 pm Working with Images for Artists PHOTOSHOP (Intermediate/Advanced) Hannah West $35 members$45 non-members

For detailed class descriptions and instructor bios, please visit the website:

Also- LIFE DRAWING OPEN STUDIOS every first and third Friday: 1/20, 2/3 & 17, 3/2 & 16, 4/6 & 20: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett St. Medford, OR 97501 (541)772-8118

Scholarships/ financial aid available! Call Brooke: (541)772-8118 ext. 301 for information or to apply. Have a creative day!

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create! this Winter at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center.



Paint What You Love, by Stefan Baumann

painting by Stefan Baumann


Announcement!  The Grand View Painting show is #1


The Grand View series has been extended on Create TV and it is because of all the fans of our painting show who sent emails to Create TV expressing their enthusiastic appreciation and enjoyment of our show. Millions of people are watching The Grand View making it the number one painting show on the air. The Grand View has brought attention to painting outdoors more than any other painting show, and I want to say “Thank You” for all your kind words.


We still need your help! Please continue to send Create TV your emails to let them know how much you enjoy our show. Please go to  Create TV  and let them know that you would love to see more programming from The Grand View

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Even though it’s winter at the Grand View Ranch, it’s been very dry and everyone is waiting with great anticipation for it to snow. There is something about winter that makes me want to put on my warm coat, boots, pack a flask of Rum in my painting box (just to take the chill off of Old Jack Frost), and step outside where it’s 32 degrees to paint.


I painted this sketch in the beginning of December when we had a brief and wet snowstorm. I love to paint wet slushy streets where tire marks can be seen in the snow. It tells a story of something that has happened in a very brief moment, and then disappears. It’s important to learn how to paint what you love. When I paint wet streets, I first apply my paint in a vertical manner using Cobalt blue and Asphaltum in a thin transparent manner altering the blue and brown colors to create the interesting patterns in the wet street. Then, I place in the dabs of snow by starting with the darker spots first and adding lighter values next as I sculpt the effect of the tire ruts. The color of the snow is painted with the same colors that I used to create the wet pavement. The effect of light behind the fence creates a beautiful contrast to what could have been an overall gloomy day.


Paint What You Love


Many students ask what they should paint and I ask them, “What do you LOVE?” It is surprising how many artists paint by looking at things and paint what they see. Few artists really ask themselves, “What do I see that I love about this scene?” Do I love the summer light on an early morning city street or the warm feeling of a balmy afternoon sun reflecting on a lake? Connecting personally and emotionally with your subject is the first step to creating paintings that communicate your message to the viewer.


When you paint what you love, thoughtfully consider what you think and feel about the subject that you want to share with someone as you create your painting. Do you love the light, the colors, the patterns that are created, the shadows, or how cool or warm it feels? Is it the mood of the scene, or the story that is told? By focusing on your response to what you love, you will connect with your inner artist and develop a style of your own. The next time you are out on location, take time to evaluate what inspires you or what touches your heart about the subject, and then communicate that idea or feeling to the viewer as you paint. Painting from life is an act of connecting within yourself to your own sense of wonder and beauty so that you can have something extraordinary to say to others through your paintings.



Please tell a friend!


I rely on you to spread the word about my blog, my artwork, and The Grand View by telling your artist friends about us, sending out the blog to others you think would be interested, and posting links to on any art forums or blogs you participate in.  Thanks!


I welcome your feedback.  [email protected]   
   Painting Workshop  in Mt Shasta CA           

A Three-Day Painting Workshop that will inspire the way you paint, forever !


Discover the secrets of painting


Come join Stefan Baumann, the host of the PBS series THE GRAND VIEW, for a weekend of painting in beautiful Mt. Shasta at The Grand View Ranch.  Discover the secrets of painting hidden lakes, vast meadows, grand trees, sunsets, and the famous Mt. Shasta summit herself. More Information
About Stefan Baumann The paintings of Stefan Baumann capture the true spirit of nature by transporting you to undiscovered, unseen, and undisturbed secret lands. Each painting is more than just a picture; it is a vivid manifestation of his special and personal union with nature and the outdoors. Through Baumann’s masterful compositions and his use of brilliant light and color, he invites you to experience nature in its purity..
About The Grand View PBS With his popular weekly PBS television series, The Grandview, America’s National Parks through the Eyes of an Artist, Baumann shares with millions of viewers his passion for painting in the great outdoors. His work is currently advertised in Art of the West Magazine, and he is a spokesman for Masterpiece Canvas. With Baumann’s national acclaim, it is no wonder astute collectors have made Stefan Baumann one on the most sought after American nature painters of our time..
About The Grand View Ranch
It is my dream to create an idyllic artist retreat, where artists can participate in location painting workshops that nurture the artist in a place of unparalleled beauty and inspiration.  I am interested in offering an experience that reflects the philosophy of one of my mentors, John Ruskin, author of “Modern painters.”  Ruskin rejected the dehumanizing effects of the Industrial Revolution, similar to what we are going through right now, with mass produced imports from other countries, and very few items made with the artist’s hands, mind, and heart.  I hope to work with other similar thinking artists to make a difference, and to provide a location for human connection and artistic expression to grow.  This type of project takes a battalion of helpful colleagues to make it work, and many artists have contributed to this dream.  I thank them with all my heart.

Rogue Gallery & Art Center presents: Lane Hall teaching Intermediate/ Advanced Watercolor: Water & Sky Workshop






Intermediate/ Advanced Watercolor Workshop with Lane Hall

Friday & Saturday • March 23 & 24  •  1 – 5:00 PM        For ages 18 +

This two day workshop will focus on techniques for painting water and skies in watercolor. Participants will be guided in unveiling the mystery behind realistically rendering sea and sky. Some experience required. Space is limited! Register to reserve your space today!

Lane Hall is a signature member of the National  Watercolor Society, Platinum Member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and has won awards in international, national, and state-wide shows and exhibitions.

REGISTER ONLINE: or to pay with a check or cash, stop by 40 S. Bartlett St. Medford, Oregon 97501. Call (541)772-8118 for more info.

$72 members/ $85 non-members

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for up to 50% of tuition- please call 541-772-8118 for information.

Artist Professional Development Series at RGAC this March!

The mission of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center is to promote and provide for the study, development, exhibition, and appreciation of art in the Rogue Valley.

This March, RGAC is offering an Artist Professional Development Series! Each class is just $35 for members and is jam packed full of useful information, ideas, and skills to help you bring your art career to the next level. Whether you want to develop an art marketing strategy, better utilize online resources and social networking, or learn to make digital images of your work stand out for exhibition opportunities- we’ve got you covered!

With four amazing workshops led by outstanding artist and artist advocates Hannah West and Nikolas Allen, the Rogue Gallery & Art Center wants to help YOU develop your art career! To register- please visit our website:

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Birthday Collage Blossomed at the Women’s Retreat

This is an annual tradition that I have taken to doing for my birthday. You know how you never want to throw away (well, at least I do) those precious birthday cards and personal comments from your friends? To save those, I have been doing a colorful collage from the cards to commemorate their thoughtful endorsements.

This year I’d saved a portion of the page to do my collage during my upcoming “Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat”. I knew one of the exercises my brilliant tandem teacher, Jean Warren, was planning, the “Cut-up Memory Walk” would be perfect for my birthday process. So the instructions were to go outside, without notepad or camera, only your senses to focus on the diverse impressions nature offers up. Then, return to the workspace to replicate or comment with collage what you’d experienced outside. When I went outside, I settled upon a tiny plot of land, just down from the cabin and bordered by the parking lot. As I nestled in to observe, first I noticed the deep dark shadows that actually created the visuals of the rocks, then emerged an entire lil’ ecosystem. There were ants and beetles busying between rocks and dirt, then, bees all among the blossoming flowers. As I buried my thoughts in this balanced, beautiful interaction, I began thinking of my loving, supportive friends who provide just such a thriving environment for my life. I saw the parallels and metaphors between this tiny Alpine world and my life. Just as I was memorized in deep appreciation and awe, I was brought back to the current moment with an intense aroma . . . our fabulous Chef Izzy Leas, was busy at work in the kitchen simmering a rich curry meal for dinner. My senses were fascinated . . . so this is the scene I took into the studio to depict in collage – from my birthday cards.

Creating items to combine for the collage was first. I began cutting up the cards, words or florals or shapes for shadows etc. I’d collected this delicate grass, with seeds still attached and (from a hike my hubby & puppy had taken for my actual birthday day) brought along the limey-colored moss. I worked up the rocks first with texture, and cut out shadows. Words cut in long, stem-like shapes became the stems for dancing flowers and from fabric I cut out the brilliant sun! It was a delicious frenzy of stuff . . . I’d also picked up this cool piece of bark that looked SO much like a fish – and that sparked the memory of some teeny lil’ critters one of the fun participants, Cookie, had offered up to share – and one critter was a tiny fish. Looking thru the critters, I grabbed the fish and spied a moose. Ok, I’ll add mountains and the moose too!!! Grief, now how could I add the curry floating thru the air – – ahhhhhhhhhh – – with golden yellow thread threaded thru the air. And – – WELLAH – I think I’m done with my “Cut-up Memory Walk”!

The remainder of my favored birthday card images traveled to the right, creating a segway over into the second page where I’d sketched my vision from an art showing I’d done the evening of my actual birthday day. It’s an active, but memory filled page . . . and actually visually pretty satisfying.

Love to hear how you celebrate your birthday in your journal or painting . . .

Rogue Gallery & Art Center announces Winter 2012 Classes & Workshops

Register online for adult, teen and children’s classes in the Rogue Gallery & Art Center studio!

Discover the Class or Workshop that’s Right for You

Professional or amateur, young or old – there’s a class for everyone who wants to explore art through our diverse art education programs.  Our classes and workshops feature traditional and new art techniques taught by professional artist/educators.

In addition to hosting classes with well-known local artists, we offer workshops with nationally-recognized educators from the Northwest, and beyond.

Our 1100 square foot studio is located in the heart of downtown Medford. We occasionally offer satellite classes at local artists’ studios allowing us to offer more specialized mediums in an intimate setting. We also host “local travel” workshops for some location inspiration.

For more information, please visit our website with online class registration!

Member discounts, scholarships, and financial aid is available- just call (541)772-8118 for more information.

Upcoming classes for adults include:

Beginning Drawing with Brooke Nuckles Gentekos

Watercolor: Water and Sky with Lane Hall

Visual Storytelling through Cartoon and Comics with Ted Helard

Pinhole Photography Weekend Workshop with Mary Wilkins-Kelly

Consumable Art: Painting with Drinkable and Edible Mixed Media

Life Drawing Open Studios every 1st and 3rd Friday

Marketing Your Art for Success with Nikolas Allen

Social Networking to Promote your Art with Hannah West

Working with Images in Photoshop for Artists I and II with Hannah West

There are many more art education opportunities for youth- kids ages 3 up to teens- please visit our website for a complete listing!!


Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!


Roni Marsh puts the “Fun” in FUNdamentals for local artists!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center presents Roni Marsh teaching a weekend workshop for painters of any medium, Saturday and Sunday, December 3 & 4.


FUNdamentals of Design & Composition

Saturday & Sunday, December 3 & 4, 10 AM -5 PM

$85 for members, $100 for non-members

Join other painters (of any medium) for an intensive weekend workshop designed to be a fun way of exploring and strengthening artistic use of the fundamental building blocks of design and composition. Participants will learn skills to capture and hold the attention of viewers and build confidence in the fundamentals, while enjoyably exercising creativity and exploring painting in new ways. Space is limited- maximum 10 students. Register soon to reserve your space in this fun workshop at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center Studio:

Roni Marsh is a Master Signature Member of the Pastel Society of Oregon and a Signature Member of the Northwest Pastel Society and the Sierra Pastel Society. Her work has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally and she teaches pastel, oil painting, landscape, and still life classes and workshops in both California and Oregon.

Rogue Gallery & Art Center                      40 S. Bartlett St. Medford, Oregon 97501                       (541)772-8118                 

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Call to Art Teachers! Teach at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center this Winter, Spring and/or Summer!!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is accepting proposals from arts educators and instructors for 2012.The deadline for workshop and class proposals for our Winter schedule of Education Offerings is November 15th.

Please contact Education Director Brooke Nuckles Gentekos for a proposal form. Email: [email protected] Phone: (541)772-8118 extension 301 or stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett St. in Medford for info! We love our artist educators! Experience teaching a class of your design in our beautiful 1100 square foot art studio located in the heart of Downtown Medford!

We are looking for artist educators to teach exciting and inspiring classes to artists and aspiring artists of a variety of ages.

For adults:

Beginning Drawing,

Intermediate/Advanced Drawing,

Sculpture, Basketry,

Painting- acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastel, earth-based paints,

Mixed Media,

book making/ binding,


paper making,

artist professional development,


art history,

and more- creativity is encouraged!

Classes for teens in:


fashion design,

DIY arts,

silk screening,


art 101- drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, murals,

and more!

Classes for youth:

Creative, age appropriate visual arts classes for ages 3-5, 6-9, or 10-12. Our classes for youth create a foundation for a lifetime of arts appreciation utilizing quality art materials and preference is given to art classes including fun instruction in visual art techniques, art appreciation and art history. We are accepting proposals for ongoing classes, workshops, and week-long summer camp proposals. We are also looking for artists willing to teach private art lessons!

Your ideas and proposals for classes and workshops are welcome! Please contact RGAC’s Education Director, Brooke Nuckles Gentekos, for a proposal form: [email protected] and help us fulfill our vision to: “Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!”

Last chance to enroll in Art Workshops starting this weekend!

Contact the Rogue Gallery & Art Center today: (541)772-8118, [email protected], 40 South Bartlett Street, Medford, OR 97501 for your last chance to register for Tom Romano’s Beginning Drawing with Pen & Ink: Saturdays and Sundays, October 15, 16, 22, 23 from noon-2PM and Roni Marsh’s Beginning Pastel: From the Ground Up: Fridays, October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11 from 4-7 PM!

For detailed class descriptions, visit our NEW website:!

These two educational opportunities for adult artists are open to all- beginner to advanced! If you are looking for some creative inspiration and insight into new art techniques- our arts instructors provide outstanding arts education opportunities to students classes intentionally kept small (10-12 students maximum) to ensure participants each get individual attention and a quality art learning experience!

Please visit the Rogue Gallery & Art Center in downtown Medford and “Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart…Boldly Create!

Win a FREE Class of your choice at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center!!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center wants to draw your name to win a free adult class or workshop this fall!

It’s easy:

1. Stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett St. in Medford by 5 PM Friday October 7th.

2. Fill out a green drawing slip with your name, contact info and your choice for a free class

3. WIN the class/ workshop of your choice!

Pastel, Drawing, Painting, Life Drawing and MORE! Call (541)772-8118 for more info

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Win a free adult class of your choice this fall from the Rogue Gallery & Art Center! Just stop by 40 South Bartlett Street, and enter the drawing to WIN an art education class or workshop of YOUR CHOICE!

Winner will receive free tuition to one adult class of their choice from the fall 2011 catalogue of educational offerings. Supplies and materials for class or workshop not included. One entry per person. Call (541)772-8118 for additional info or visit the website: for detailed class descriptions.