The Bliss of Is

Last year, I finished up a Very Big Project that won’t get out into the world for a while, so I decided to create a little passion project for fun…. 

And now I am delighted to announce my first hardback book: The Bliss of Is.


Inside this book, you’ll find little poems and paintings. The poems mostly emerged over several years of writing daily for National Poetry Month. I selected thirty favorites and—in keeping with the quick-spirited writing—painted one watercolor a day for a month for each poem. All in celebration of the daily practice of presence. 


I invite you to that practice. Take a moment to meditate on a poem-painting each day for thirty days, or read them all in thirty minutes, or both! May you enjoy playing in the realm of art + word + spirit. 


Here’s one of the poems:


I spot a scrap of fallen paper,

& as I bend to pick it up, I see

it is not trash but a square of light.

I pick it up anyway. 


If you’d like to enjoy the full gathering of meditative poems & paintings, you can order yourself a copy here. Do note that this particular book has very long ship times; think of it as a surprise when it finally arrivesa gift to your future self in time for this year’s National Poetry Month!

If you’d like a copy sooner, I still have a few left of a limited run of signed books. More info in my newsletter. Contact me if interested.


May we know the bliss of is—of being right here, right now.





Of Green Fuses and Flowers


The force that through the green fuse drives the flower… 

               Dylan Thomas 

The first month of the year makes for great hibernation—for hunkering down into the soil of the creative work. For me, January is like the Monday of the year; it gets the “green fuse” going. This month, I sent out a big project into the world (here’s hoping!) and prepared to announce a little one (soon!). 


Big or small, all the work happens day by day until one day, what was the bud of an idea finally blossoms. Not unlike the amaryllis above. Though I took the second photo only two weeks after the first, this can be what a year looks like. Or a decade. Or a life. 

Oall the planting and tending that precede the beauty of bloom!


Blessings on all the things flowering in your life this year.




Practice Calligraphy with Anne Brooke

Practice Calligraphy with Anne Brooke

Practice Calligraphy with Anne Brooke, artist and member of the Calligrapher’s Guild, starting in February. Six weeks on Tuesdays from 2 to 4 pm. Workbook and pen provided. Register with Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057. $150 covers it all!

SO Guild January News

January 2024 Palette Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us at the Southern Oregon Guild! This month, we find ourselves in the process of yearly planning, budgeting, getting ready for our Annual Membership Meeting, and electing a new Board of Directors for 2024! In this month’s palette newsletter you’ll find information about:

  • Upcoming Class: Wet Felted Ruffle Scarves on February 3
  • Kinship: A Winter Member Exhibit Opens January 28 2024
  • Programming Proposal Campaign
  • Local Art Events & Resources
  • How to support us: Reviews, Rewards Programs, & Donations

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Guild Members: Orah Tipton, Mixed Media Artist Elaine Barker, Painter Danji Isthmus, and Glass Artist Forest Whiting. If you or someone you know would like to become a Guild Member or learn more about what we do, please forward this newsletter to them or email [email protected]. Don’t forget to “follow” us on Facebook or Instagram via the social media links at the bottom of this newsletter!

Join us at the Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby, OR on Saturday February 3 from 12am-3pm to learn the art of wet felting with local fiber artist, Kate Dwyer. During this 3-hour lively workshop, Kate will share how to create a wet-felted ruffle scarf with wool roving in a process that is simple enough for a beginner, yet intriguing enough for an experienced felter to enjoy. Class is suitable for anyone who can move their arms a lot and is 10+ years old (any children should be accompanied by an adult.) Each participant will walk away with a completed scarf to take home and the skills to make more on their own!

Kate will lead you through:
Learning about the nature of wool, sourcing materials, understanding why the layout of the wool will affect the finished product, mixing colors, and creating wool ruffles using this principle. Come prepared to get wet! You will be covering a table with a towel and sheets of plastic, and then be invited to select your supply of wool from weighed wool “kits,” or you may select some separate colors (scale provided by Kate.) Participants will learn how to divide their wool for a balanced layout. We will “tease out” and place wool on the plastic sheeting in layers. We will then cover a layout with netting and use squirt bottles of warm water and bars of ivory soap to wet and soap the wool. We will rub, massage, and shape the scarf. Eventually we will rinse and roll the scarves in towels to blot them and they will be ready to take home to dry!

All felting materials will be provided and included in the class fee of $45, however please bring your own large and small towels. Kate will bring a few extra felting “kits” (with wool and netting) to sell so that students who’ve “got the bug” can continue making scarves at home. SPOTS ARE LIMITED: Please register via the blue button below to save your spot today.

Kate Dwyer (she/her) lives in Takilma, OR. She has been working with wool for 30 years and discovered wet felting only three years ago. She makes scarves, bags, slippers, and pillows with this endlessly interesting technique. Kate is also an accomplished baker, willow basket maker, and food-and-flower gardener. She is the Executive Director of the Four Way Community Foundation.
CLICK HERE to regiser for Wet Felted Scarves!

“True compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from realizing our kinship with all beings.” ~ Pema Chodron

Kicking off our 2024 exhibit season, Kinship, opens on Sunday January 28 from 2-4pm at the Guild Gallery & Art Center. Featuring new artwork from current Guild Members, Kinship explores the definitions and explorations of various connections between humans and the more-than-human world. Join us at the opening celebration for a chance to meet the artists, hear their interpretations our seasonal theme, and listen to live jazz music from Terry D. Davis. Appetizers and Refreshments will be provided. FREE Admission. Kinship will be on display to April 13, 2024. Our current hours for viewing are: Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-4pm. The Guild Gallery & Art Center is located in the historic Kerby Belt Building at 24353 Redwood Hwy Kerby, OR 97531.

Featured Artwork above: Spirits by Caitlin Brigid Rice.

Seeking 2024 Class Proposals for the
“Growing Creative Community” Program

Our communities are bursting with folks we call Creatives – people doing unique things, thinking unusual ways, and doing things that generate beauty, ideas, and other kinds of contributions to the local worlds we live in. We are seeking proposals from creative people in Southern Oregon and beyond to facilitate workshops as part of our Growing Creative Community program for 2024. We use the term “arts” and “artists” in a broad sense, encompassing all forms of creative practice and thinking. And, you don’t have to be an expert! We are looking for workshops that can happen in-person or online that are interactive, engaging, and encourage connection among participants. Your idea might involve just one class or a series of several. We aim to create opportunities for exploration and to strengthen the creative community in Southern Oregon’s Josephine County, especially the Illinois Valley.   Offerings could take the form of a: workshop, guided activity, discussion, collective performance, skills demonstration, or another format! This is a paid opportunity and Guild staff is available to support YOU by helping you develop your idea, providing technical assistance, hosting, and promoting your offering. Got an idea? Share your idea with us today by clicking the blue button below! Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout 2024. Submit A Class Proposal HERE

Save the Dates: 2024 Exhibits & Events

January 28, 2-4pm: Kinship, Winter Member Exhibit Opening @ Guild

February 3, 12-3pm: Wet Felted Ruffle Scarves with Kate Dwyer @ Guild

April 13: 6th Annual Let’s Write! – A Daylong Writer’s Event @ Guild

April 28, 3-5pm: The Art of Balance, Spring Member Exhibit Opening @ Guild

May 11: Creating Textures in Watermedia w/ Pam Haunschild & Jen Eufusia

July 28, 4-6pm: Transformation, Summer Member Exhibit Opening @ Guild

August 3 & 4: Go Ahead, Play With Your Fabric with Caryne Mount @ Guild

Oct 27, 3-5pm: Friction & Freedom, Fall Member Exhibit Opening @ Guild
  View the Southern Oregon Guild Event Calendar

Local Events & Artist Resources

HAVE YOU LEFT US A REVIEW YET? As the Guild continues to grow, we want to make sure our neighbors AND tourists alike know where we are located and what we have to offer! Our Gallery & Art Center is located on the Redwood Highway 199, a popular thoroughfare to the Oregon Coast & the many Redwood State and National Parks. We are 17 miles away from the Oregon Caves National Monument. One of the best ways to help us spread the word about the Guild is by leaving a review on Google Maps, TripAdvisor, or Yelp. Share photos or kind words & let folks know about your experience.

Did you know there is an easy way to support our organization through the Kroger Community Rewards Program?  The Kroger Co. Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to the local neighborhoods we call home. This rewards program makes fundraising easy by donating to local organizations based on the shopping you do every day. Once you link your Card to the Southern Oregon Guild, all you have to do is shop at Fred Meyer or other Kroger-owned stores and swipe your Shopper’s Card. The more you shop, the more money we will earn! New enrollments are accepted at any time during the year. To learn more and link your card to us, click:

Guild Board of Directors
President, Joyce Abrams
Treasurer, Donna Parrish
Secretary, Ryan Forsythe
Bonnie Campanoli
Angela Franklin
Maelagh Baker
Terry D. Davis
Miri Admoni
Kiana Stiles

Staff: Managing Director, Caitlin Deane
Website: Wendy Huber

Donate to the Southern Oregon Guild!  

Winter Gallery Hours & Location Wednesday-Saturday • 12pm to 4pm
Gallery & Art Center • Kerby Belt Building
24353 Redwood Hwy Kerby, OR 97531
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1596 • Cave Junction • Oregon 97523 (541) 592-5019

Questions for Advent


Each day of Advent, I created a little bit of art + word + spirit and shared them in social media land. Here are a few for you. May your coming year be filled with good answers!

Can we see the lovingkindness in the darkness? 

Can we be the lovingkindness, lifting darkness?

What love within us 
lifts us from our losses? 
What name will we 
give this win?

Instead of being jaded
by the gravity of our world,
can we shift the ellipsis of our hearts?
Can we “be aware” from the anagram 
galaxy of “bare awe”?


Central Art Supply logo

Feel like trying out a new medium? Want some help getting the basics,

or maybe even advance the skills you already have?


When: First TWO Thursdays of December (12/7 & 12/14)

Time: 1pm-4pm

Location: Central Art classroom

Fee: $70 per 2-week session

Max. capacity: 10 students

*Registration required.

Learn how to get started with oils and take your skills to the next level in this ongoing series of 3-week classes, taught by Artist Veronica Thomas.

Click Here To See The Current Class Schedule!

Stay in touch with us!   Facebook   Instagram   YouTube

541.773.1444   101 N. Central Ave., Medford, Oregon 97501
MON-FRI: 10-6 | SAT: 10-5

Join my Creative Writing Workshop!

Have you been waiting for the right time to get back to work on that novel or short story that’s started collecting dust? Or maybe you just need some inspiration to kickstart a new writing project? Join us at the Ashland library for our biweekly peer support creative writing workshop! Each participant chooses an excerpt from their project to read aloud and receives feedback from the rest of the group. Improve your work in a positive and collaborative environment!

Creative Writing Workshop takes place from 2:30–3:30 pm in the Ashland Library’s Guanajuato room on 12/4/2023, 12/18/2023, 1/08/2024, 1/22/2024, 2/05/2024, 3/04/2024, 3/18/2024, 4/01/2024, 4/15/2024, 4/29/2024, 5/13/2024, and 5/27/2024.

Advance registration is requested but not required. Please bring a copy of your work to the library ahead of time if you need assistance printing extra copies. Click here to register!

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Three Poems

This photo by Sergey N. is paired with my poem, “On Meeting Strangers.” 

In the manner of lovely, inexplicable things, three of my poems appeared this month in three lovely places. A month of gratitude, for sure. Enjoy! 


“The Light Inside” in Rust + Moth


“On Meeting Strangers” in Ekstasis

“Then” in Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality & the Arts 

2024-25 Art Retreats with Roxanne Evans Stout

 Hello you dear friends and artists! May this note find you surrounded by beauty. I am enjoying the present moment and the gifts of nature while also planning my schedule for next year. I have workshops coming up that I am so excited to share with you! Even wilted flowers are beautiful…

About next year… I am only doing three in-person workshop/retreats next year. I chose them very carefully because I love small village or country settings where we can be immersed in our surroundings. My workshops are so much more than art retreats — they are a beautiful combination of art and culture, lovely hosts, unique experiences, and gorgeous venues and surroundings, in addition to incredible art projects and mixed media lessons to nurture your soul.

The perfect balance

I love to spend time at home between traveling, to refuel and renew myself as an artist and teacher. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am out in my garden under the Maple tree! So I have a lovely balance for next year, but spaces are limited, so register now.

Santa Fe 2024

Won’t you join us for… Collage Journeys in Santa Fe?!

It’s my newest listing, and I am so excited about teaching in New Mexico again! We have only just announced this one! I would love for you to join us for Collage Journeys at Jen Tough Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 8-12, 2024.

Santa Fe

Create unique twists on mixed media projects In Collage Journeys! During our five magical days together in Santa Fe, we will immerse ourselves in the inspiration of the amazing land around us. We’ll collage, paint, assemble, stitch, attach, make marks, create symbols, source found objects, and more.

In Collage Journeys, we will experiment to create unique landscapes, abstract collages, and other mixed media projects. All of our creations will be held together between old book covers and will be able to be displayed in different ways. Take home beautiful art and fresh creativity! Get all of the details and register here for Collage Journeys while we still have room!

Craft a creative symphony from fabric and paper in Song of the Meadow at Hunter Moon Homestead, October, 2024!

Come Nourish Yourself in A Beautiful Oasis… I Created Song of the Meadow Just for Hunter Moon Homestead!

Ever since I met Kate Poole of Hunter Moon Homestead and saw her beautiful
Instagram page, I wanted to teach there. And now Song of the Meadow is born, a special in-person retreat I made just for Hunter Moon Homestead.

Immerse yourself in creativity and this beautiful oasis in the Idaho Palouse next autumn, October 3-6, 2024.

There is only one space left!

So get all of the details and register here. We will make a waitlist after our final spot is filled! I am so excited to share Song of the Meadow and Hunter Moon Homestead with you!

Is France calling to you?

I get to teach in the medieval artisan village of Durfort, France, June 20-27, 2024. The workshop is already full, but click here to send an e-mail to be added to the waitlist in case of any cancellations!

A photo of Piazza Arringo I took on my first teaching trip to Hotel Leone in September this year.

Join me when I return, April 2025!

I’m already scheduling workshops for 2025! As you can see, two of three workshops for 2024 are already full except for one spot, and they were only just made public.

After next year, I will start teaching in 2025 by returning to the amazing Hotel Leone in the hilltop village of Montelparo, Italy, in April! Get all of the details about the incredible art and culture retreat here to join me in Italy, 2025! Our dining room at Hotel Leone where we were spoiled with amazing four-course dinners! I would love to see you at one of my workshops, in-person or online!

Spaces are limited, so register early!

One workshop is full, one has one spot, and one has several openings, so register now to join me!

Fall 2023 at the Southern Oregon Guild

We can’t believe November is already here! We’ve got a fun month here at the Southern Oregon Guild filled with a variety of creative performances, classes, and workshops. In a few weeks, we’ll be sending out our monthly “Palette Newsletter” which includes recaps of last month’s activities, member news, and more. Below are some event reminders until then and we hope to see you this Sunday at our Fall Performing Arts Showcase….

Creativity Unframed: Performing Arts Showcase
THIS Sunday November 5 • 2-4pm at the Guild
Featuring Georgia Churchill & Kayla D. Rau

Join us for a fun, comedic, and uplifting afternoon at our Fall Creativity Unframed Performing Arts Showcase THIS Sunday November 5 from 2-4pm! This is an opportunity for our non-displaying Guild Members to share their talents and creativity with our community! Master Storyteller Georgia Churchill will share a new riveting selection of short stories that are windows into the time and place from which they emerge. Georgia holds the philosophy that a story is a portal that opens to worlds of both knowledge and delight. For 45 years, she has been telling oral tradition tales from many cultures to people from ages 3 to 101! Prepare to also be dazzled through song from local singer & songwriter Kayla D. Rau! Her tender and funny biographical songs will surely have you toe tapping along! We even hear she might be bringing a TOY PIANO?! Event entry is $5-$10 sliding scale and includes light refreshments! Tickets can be purchased upon arrival to the Guild Galley.

Fall Fiber Fun Series with Iris Chinook
Weekends: November 11, 12, 18, 19 at the Guild

We invite you to join us at the Guild this fall to delve into THREE fun fiber techniques in our Fall Fiber Fun Series led by Iris Chinook. Discover the deep joy in making everyday things with your own hands and walk away with the knowledge of how to successfully make cordage, knit, crochet, read patterns, and correct mistakes. During this 4-part beginner class series in the month of November, you’ll learn and understand the process of working with different fibers to create 3 separate projects: A dishcloth, granny-square, and basic cordage. Seek inspiration to take these traditional techniques and create personalized clothing, scarves, blankets, purses, and more!

Iris Chinook has been exploring and delighting in the creation of textiles for over 50 years. She loves making useful, beautiful things that she can utilize in her everyday life. Primarily identifying as a Spinner (making her own yarn for her projects), she is looking forward to sharing her wealth of experience with you.

November 11, 11am-1pm • Crochet Like a Granny!: In this class you’ll receive information about different materials and projects appropriate for crochet and encouragement to explore the basic “granny-square” pattern to see all of the extraordinary uses to which these basic, “starter” squares can be put! You will learn how to choose the right size crochet hook, tie yarn, chain stitches and join together to create a foundation circle, and learn single and double crochet stitches. After finishing classyou will know the fundamental building blocks of crochet to create anything that inspires you, such as pure art sculptures, wall hangings, toys, or etc.

November 12, 11am-1pm • Knit Shirley’s Gourmet Dishcloth: Knitting is an extremely versatile craft for making clothing as well as home accessories, pet coats, blankets, etc. In this class, you will gain the confidence to make your way through basic knitting instructions to facilitate honing of your skills and an increased awareness of different fibers, their properties, etc. You will learn how to cast-on, make a knit stitch, yarn-over increase and decrease, understand how to read basic knitting instructions, and which end of the circular needles to use! Iris will also show how to use a darning needle to tie-off and weave-in a long tail of yarn that is resistant to unraveling with the heavy use a washcloth receives.

November 18, 11am-1pm • Lucet Cordage: What did we ever use before plastic twine and commercially produced ropes were invented? The ancient art of cordage has allowed the evolution of our species to make everyday useful items. In this class, Iris will discuss the origin and history of the Lucet, an ancient Viking tool and technique of making strong, durable string and cordage that does not unravel when cut. You will learn what kind of materials make good cordage, how to start the cord on the Lucet tool, how to keep going until you have the length you want, how to tie-off yarn, and brainstorm on ways to use your finished string. It’s a great way to use up assorted scraps of yarn, doesn’t require a pattern, and is highly portable.

November 19, 11am-2pm: Final class drop-in opportunity to ask questions and receive help troubleshooting problems with Iris. This final session will be three hours from 11am-2pm and is optional.

Individual Classes are $30/each or $80 to attend the whole series. Classes are appropriate for ages 14 and up. Material Fees are separate and payable directly to the teacher upon arrival in CASH. You get to keep all materials provided to you, which include knitting/crochet needles, fiber, etc. If you would like to request a scholarship due to financial hardship, please send an email to [email protected] or call us at 541-592-5019.

Come explore your creative side with us at our Wreath Making Workshop on Sunday November 26 from 2-5pm led by Ashley Mendes of Pure Life Designs at the Southern Oregon Guild. Weave the natural world into your own unique masterpiece! During this creative hands-on workshop, you will learn the art of selecting, arranging, and preserving a stunning array of dried florals and greenery. As you craft your wreath, you’ll find inspiration in the vibrant color and texture of nature, and the end result will be a testament to your creativity and the splendor of Southern Oregon’s flora. Wreaths make wonderful seasonal decor or a gift for a loved one! Your ticket price of $45 includes all the instruction and supplies needed to create your wreath. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Register via the button below. *Wreath pictures above are from Ashley’s previous students! WOW!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday September 30 for the opening of our fall exhibit at Art in the Vineyard, our art gallery at Bridgeview Winery in Cave Junction! The work of Charles Churchill & Miri Admoni will be on display until November 27. Bridgeview is now open from 12-7pm!

Charles Churchill has been a sculptor for over 4 decades and a teacher for 26. His passion for art evolved from a love of jazz, leading him to beat poetry, abstract art, and even motorcycles. In 1989, he graduated art school at Sonoma State University and began showing and selling his art. Abstract assemblage and light sculptures make up a large portion of his body of work, made almost entirely of disregarded industrial scraps. By using found wood, glass, and metals, he celebrates and honors the materials made from our planet’s resources. Charles has taught art and curated exhibitions at Sonoma State University and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. He has also shared the art of assemblage to children of all ages in various schools and Head Start programs in Northern California. Charles was the August 2021 Featured Artist at Central Art Gallery in Medford, OR and currently has 4 pieces on display at the Guild Gallery & Art Center. To see more of his work, visit

Miri Admoni (b. 1954 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is a mixed media, glass, and jewelry artist, who shares her life between Israel and the USA. Arts and crafts have always been a part of Miri’s life since childhood. Her formal education was in graphic design, where she worked as a freelance designer and producer of unique recycled paper products and specialized in packaging. During 2004-2010 Miri studied various glass techniques, and from 2011-2012 she studied metalsmithing in a private studio and started to create jewelry with glass. Nature has always been the greatest source of inspiration. Initially, Miri was inspired by her surroundings in Israel, the rich and diverse nature scenes between the Mediterranean Sea and the Judean desert. That led to the creation of the Alchemy glass series and the collaboration with Bedouin women artists. Now Miri lives and works from her home studio in Selma OR, where she continues to explore her relationship with nature. To view or purchase her work, visit her Saatchi site!

Intersections: Fall Guild Member Exhibit
On display now through January 2024 at the Guild

Our Fall Guild Members exhibit, Intersections, opened on Sunday October 22 from 3-5pm at the Guild Gallery & Art Center. Thank you to all who joined us! Intersections will be on display until January 20, 2024. Our current 2023 hours for viewing are: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. The Guild Gallery & Art Center is located in the historic Kerby Belt Building at 24353 Redwood Highway Kerby, OR 97531. Featured artwork above: Interconnected 2, acrylic on canvas, by Dara Daniel.