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The Poet & the Bloodstone

Detail of Bloodstone Pillars, Catedral de Ávila, Spain
I am happy that this poem will be  published in the forthcoming Deep Travel anthology.  A bit of backstory:
Saint Teresa of Ávila and Charles-Axel Guillaumot never met. She was a Spanish nun who lived from 1515-1582; he was a French architect who lived from 1730-1807. Each of them built and left a largely invisible legacy. Hers was a vision of the interior castle of the spirit within us. His was to save Paris from collapsing back into the quarries beneath it by building a support city belowground. Today, you can read what Teresa built with her words, and you can visit a fraction of Paris’ abandoned quarries open to the public. In the poetry collection, Hope of Stones, you are invited to enter a cross-century conversation among The Nun, The Architect, & The Poet. This poem is from that collection, which was a finalist for the Tupelo Press 2019 Dorset Prize.

     The Poet & The Bloodstone 
     Ávila, Spain

Today is research day. First, The Nun’s museum. 
It brims with depictions of heaven speaking 
to the saint. In paintings, doves & rays of light 
descend & suspend above her upturned face. 
Speech ribbons unfurl toward her from angels. 
The saint was known to levitate, so I half expect
the painted words to lift from their composition 
& twirl about. They stay put. 
                                                   Next, the Catedral 
de Ávila. Here, I see the grandeur The Nun left 
behind. This church was built with bloodstone—
granite shot through with iron. It looks like 
history has bled across the walls. The stone came
from a nearby quarry, & I think of The Architect. 
What we pull from the earth & what we do with it. 
I sit a long while on a hard pew, but my most 
profound thought is how best to get to the train 
station tomorrow. 
                                 Time to search for gazpacho 
Rioja—things that don’t last for centuries. I keep 
forgetting that in this country, I’m an outsider 
trying to dine before nine. 
                                               The Nun founded 
her simple convent outside the city walls. 
Paris thought The Architect an outsider 
for not being born in France. I am always looking
for what lies outside—even dining hours. 
                                                                         I find
an open café & order wine the color of bloodstone.

Take Your Art Outside!

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At Central Art our number one goal is to help you find the shade, tone, hue, or chroma that best suits your individuality while maintaining that balance in your artistic expression, whatever form it may take. If you're feeling faded, stop in and together we'll work out a formula to reach artistic nirvana! Come celebrate the spectrum of color with us at Central Art!
“Mix it up” at Central Art!

No matter the background, one thing we all have in common – we’re constantly searching for the right balance in the things that fill every well of life’s color palette: relationships, work, play, even our creative passions. We often find that what works in theory can turn out quite differently when applied to a surface.

At Central Art our number one goal is to help you find the shade, tone, hue, or chroma that best suits your individuality while maintaining that balance in your artistic expression, whatever form it may take.

If you’re feeling faded, stop in and together we’ll work out a formula to reach artistic nirvana! Come celebrate the spectrum of color with us at Central Art!



*Also be sure to check out this issue’s Featured Artist section as well as our upcoming Events including Southern Oregon Plein Air 2019, and a schedule of upcoming Classes!

img 270


Jhenna Quinn Lewis

Jhenna Quinn Lewis was born in Chicago, IL. She studied at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, later owned and operated The Candystick Gallery in Ferndale, CA, before becoming a full-time artist.


“I am drawn to simplicity of color, style, and composition. My inspiration comes from Japanese masters such as Utagawa Hiroshige, Uta Maro, and Hasegawa Tōhaku. In college, I took courses on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the art of flower arrangement. It is there I discovered the tenets of wabi-sabi, the adherence to beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent, and in austerity. By removing all that is unnecessary in my compositions and exercising restraint and simplicity, I invite the viewer to slow down. Be patient and look. Pay attention to all the necessary details. I believe this is why my works impart a meditative feeling.”

This quote from Gilbert White (1720-1793) best expresses what Jhenna aspires to create in her paintings:

“The language of birds is very ancient, and, like other ancient modes of speech, very elliptical: little is said, but much is meant and understood…”


Ann’s Favorite Things

Golden and Ampersand have set a high bar of excellence in everything they do. Their products are made with quality, integrity, and attention to detail that gives the artist a wonderful experience.


Not only do I love their products, but the entire staff of Golden and Ampersand are such genuine, amazing people who I am proud to call my close business associates and friends.


They go above and beyond, offering a tremendous amount of support to many art materials retailers like Central Art, by sending product samples, providing staff training, and by supporting all of our events.

img 270



img 270

Tombow Marker Case

This marker storage case features 108 slots to carry and store Tombow Dual Brush Pens and other writing instruments. This durable and portable case allows to you stay organized and prepared wherever inspiration strikes. The accordion style base can be unfolded for desk use, or fold the base and snap the lid on either side to secure the case for travel.
img 270

Unison Pastel Sets

Artist John Hersey took it upon himself to create the tools with which he wished to work, and thus created Unison Pastels. Inspired by a fascination with the texture and deep black pigment of soft charcoal he sought to create a line of pastels with similar attributes. What sets Unison Pastels apart is the process by which they are made. Each pastel is rolled by hand and then air-dried. The 374

creamy textured and deeply pigmented

colors in Unison’s line are likewise the result of a unique process. Rather than adding black and white to pure colors in order to make tints, the color range was designed as a total spectrum, with “cycles of related hues to reflect what he (Hersey) sees in nature.”

It is from this process that the company name – Unison Color – is derived.


Deals Aplenty On Your Creative Faves! (It’s Ok. You Can Be Excited.)

img 173
img 173
img 173

Stonehenge Black Watercolor Pads

The first 100% cotton black watercolor paper: Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black.

Black paper is not a new thing, but black 100% cotton paper sized for watercolor is. Utilizing their vast experience producing new papers for emerging markets, Legion was able to work directly with artists to create something totally new and desirable. And with recent introductions of new metallic and pearlescent watercolor paints, pencils, pens, markers and inks, the timing couldn’t be better for Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black to bring these media to life.

Central Art’s Annual Truck Load Of Frames Sale Event – June 14th & 15th!

The truck will be rolling in with a fresh new supply of ready-made frames to beautifully accent your personal gallery of masterpieces! Hurry in Friday 6/14 between 9am and 5pm, or Saturday 6/15 between 10am and 2pm and save 30-60% off our entire stock of frames!
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Mediums Are The Message In This GOLDEN Days “Maxi” Workshop!

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Don’t miss our upcoming “GOLDEN Days” Workshop:

Taking The Mystery Out Of Mediums – on Friday May 17th!


When: Friday, May 17th, 2019

Where: Central Art

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Fee: $45 per person


Acrylic mediums can be used in so many different ways, and application is NOT limited to just acrylic painting! These amazingly versatile gels, pastes and fluids can be used with pastels, oils, encaustics – even watercolor!


Whatever you work in, find out how you can make acrylic mediums work for you in this one-of-a-kind workshop co-sponsored by GOLDEN Artist Colors! *Don’t forget – you’ll get to do a complete project in class and take extra goodies from GOLDEN home with you for even more creative playtime!


Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Limit 10 students for workshop, no group reservations will be accepted. Payment is required to register. Call 541-773-1444 or visit us in-store to reserve your seat.

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Explore a world of art essentials at Central Art.
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Goats: Father & Daughter

Hi! Recently, my younger sister Dorothy sent me some images of artwork by my Dad, artist John Stermer.  And, the drawings and painting included goats.

Artist John Stermer: Barn with Dueling Goats

So, on my Father’s Facebook page (John Stermer Fine Art), I shared some of the goats.  They are so much fun to look at.  And, one of my friends thought it would be fun to see what I might do with goats.

John Stermer Goat Study


Well, lo and behold, I do have a “goat” painting and some drawings of goats.  Naturally, it occurred to me that I ought to do a “father and daughter” post and include some of these goats.

Billy Goat by M. Stermer-Cox

And, so, here we are: goats my Dad; and a goat by me.  Why goats?  They’re just fun.  And, they have attitude!


Drawing, Billy Goat by M. Stermer-Cox

PS.  I included a similar posting on my Father’s blog; just keeping it all in the family!

The post Goats: Father & Daughter appeared first on Margaret Stermer-Cox.

Learn The Ever-Popular Art of Acrylic Pouring at Central Art

Get Your Creativity Flowing & Learn The Ever-Popular Art of Acrylic Pouring!
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GOLDEN Days Acrylic Pouring Workshop
When: Fri. May 10, 2019
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: Central Art
Fee: $45

The first workshop will be Acrylic Pouring! on May 10th, 2019 2pm – 5pm at Central Art’s classroom.

You will receive a kit full of GOLDEN goodies for four pours using Golden’s Gloss and Matte Pouring Mediums, Golden Fluid Colors, and Golden High Flow Colors on Ampersand Pouring Panels, Art Alternative Canvas, and creating an acrylic skin on Plexiglass. One of the pours will be an embellished Geode pour.


You will also learn how to create specific patterns using different techniques such as swirl or ring pours and how to create LONG LASTING cells and working “wet on wet”. You will also receive a worksheet with Tips & Tricks, FAQ’s, Troubleshooting, and more.


Class size is limited to 10 students, so Pre-Registration is Required. Call 541-773-1444 or stop in and register now before it’s full! Limit one registration per person, no group sign ups.


GOLDEN Days Workshop #2

“Taking the Mystery Out of Mediums”


Where: Central Art

When: Friday, May 17th, 2019
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Cost: $45.00 per person (NO group reservations). Pre-registration is required.

In this second “GOLDEN Days” workshop we will be exploring the wonderful and sometimes mysterious world of acrylic mediums.


We will learn the differences between pastes, gels, grounds, and gessos, then break it down even further and explore differences within each medium and how to incorporate them into mixed media art.


Explore multiple surfaces and sheens that can be created, use of color, and how different media work on varying textures.


We will use texture gels and pastes to create interesting textures and effects on Strathmore Mixed Media cards and Ampersand panels. You’ll also make sample boards using the pastes and gels in your kit to use in the future for your own personal reference.


Your kits will be full of GOLDEN Goodies to make several projects and still have plenty leftover so you can continue to unveil the mysteries of mediums!!


Space is limited and pre-registration is required.  Call 541-773-1444 or stop by Central Art and sign up today!

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Saturday Campfire Chat – The Artist Inspiration with Stefan Baumann

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be an artist”
-Oscar Wilde
After one of coldest winters that we have ever experienced at The Grand View
Ranch, the snow has finally melted. The days are getting longer and the sunsets
are brighter than ever. We have spent all day gathering the fallen wood that broke
off the trees when the snow fell. It is the perfect size of wood for burning when we
have our first weekly gathering around the campfire and my friends, some artists,
and some art collectors get together to discuss art and the meaning of life.
It’s Time
The evening sky turns from cadmium yellow to magenta with a magnificent display
of spring light that transitions our day into darkness. A blanket of stars begins to
appear behind the silhouette of the Trinity Alps. As the warm spring sun disappears,
the temperature drops. My guests and I all huddle together under our Hudson Bay
Blankets sipping homemade cocoa with marshmallows. The fire burns bright and
illuminates the dark forest around us. I suggested that it’s time to get our prochade
boxes out of winter storage and defrost our paints tubes so that we can enjoy the
spring weather and do some Plein Air painting.
The Question
Jan, one of the artists that was in the campfire group said, “Why do I even bother to
paint? Everything has been painted! There are no new ideas and there are so many
artists who paint so many things. Does the world need any more paintings? With
the internet bombarding our senses, why do we even bother?” At that moment all
my guests turned their heads in my direction with anticipation, as they sat pensively
waited for my reply. “Jan,” I said, You lack Inspiration!
Inspiration Is a Gift
I thought for a moment, took a sip of my cocoa and placed it down on a stump near
the fire to keep it warm. Then I stood up to address my campfire audience.
“Inspiration is a gift that must be given back to exist,” I replied. “In order for
inspiration to be present, one must have desire. It’s the combination of ideas,
images and desire that have to be present before inspiration can exist. Yes,
there are many artists, but you are unique. We all experience the world differently,
and being able to connect the world with your ideas is what makes your experience
unique. It’s your history from birth that provides you with a perspective that is
completely your own. The uniqueness of your ideas connects to images that you
experienced growing up. And living your life becomes something that no one else
has ever experienced before. You are able to contribute a new Idea to others that
they can attach to their images to. This enriches their experience of living by
allowing them to see beauty that they have never seen before. And this inspires
them to inspire others;
Desire to Share
When we choose to be an artist, we experience a desire to share beauty with
others. Inspiration is worthless without the desire to share it. Whether artists choose
to create music, drama, or paintings, they are driven to share, to communicate the
personal beauty they experience, and to give it back to others. This inspiration
comes to us like a whisper, a glimmer and then explodes into a whirlwind of ideas.
These ideas stir our minds and linger in our hearts and souls until we pick up a
brush and push it onto the canvas for the world to see. This connection leads the
artist to explode into passionate moments of creativity that are truly theirs and truly
Inner Compass
You have to be at your easel to create when inspiration hits. When we sit down
each day at our easels and paint, we become a lightning rod for inspiration that
motivates the creativity within us. Being in a car or at a restaurant gives us no
opportunity to create. But when we are at the easel, we channel the energy of
inspiration and focus it on our paintings. Inspiration is an inner compass that points
us in a direction that our creative energy wants us to go. Creativity relies on
everything you are and everything you have ever experienced to connect to the
idea you have now. Then, with desire, you transform this idea into art that inspires
The Best
There are always more people buying art than those who create it, experience that
with the Internet, some target marketing, and a little time, you will soon find an
audience that connects with your message and will eagerly be there to acquire an
original painting. There are millions of people looking for inspiration. The trick is to do it well and do it the very best that you can. Then you will just like you and they will find it in what you paint today, or tomorrow when you go out to paint your very first Plein Air painting in the spring!
Get It Now
Information about coaching is located under the heading Coaching on my website If you are interested in coaching, give me a call at 415-606-9074 (my personal cell number) and we can talk more about how coaching will enhance your knowledge, capabilities, and growth as an artist.
“The eyes of the world are waiting to see what you have to say.”
I have coached many students over the years. My goal as a coach is to help students discover their own style by instructing with a method that allows them to grow as they are. If you want increase your knowledge and skill to bring your art to the next level, I invite you to watch my YouTube videos, consider phone coaching with me, or attend a workshop in Mt. Shasta where we discuss art, passion and life with other artists around the campfire. All the information is on my website,
Call me for information on workshops or coaching 415-606-9074

For the Last time Stop Painting Things
In this video Stefan Baumann discusses with his students How to stop painting things

For The
                                                          Last Time Stop
                                                          Things! -

Spring Workshop
The Grand View Ranch
Wonderful things are happening at
The Grand View Ranch this spring.
There are just a few weeks until our
Spring Workshop at the Ranch begins with plein air painting at many inspiring vistas and locations that this place has to offer! It looks like the Dogwood blossoms will be extraordinary this year.
The Spring Workshop takes place on the weekend of May 17,18, and 19. I invite you to register at my website
Be part of a three-day experience that will change the way you paint forever.
But, hurry! There are only a few spots open for the Spring workshop where you will learn the secrets of how to infuse light in your paintings! This workshop will also help you to understand how light and shadow can work together to make a painting go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Grand View | 1151 Maple St.Hammond Ranch, CA 96069

Ascend 2019

ascend 2019 large logo - masterpiece christian  fine artsAscend 2019

Coming this June 17-21 in Ashland, Oregon is an opportunity for young artists and musicians to be inspired and challenged to develop excellence in their artistic and musical giftings!

Do you have a child or grandchild 15-30 years old who are endeavoring to reach higher heights in their craft? Come and experience moving presentations from a variety of inspiration speakers and in-depth teaching from 12 top professionals in their field, like Frank Ordaz who has years of experience working for Lucas Films on sets such as the original Star Wars. This just may be the perfect opportunity for life-altering inspiration! Sponsored by Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation and hosted at The Story church in Ashland, get in on Ascend 2019, a VERY AFFORDABLE four-day Artist & Musician Conference. Registration deadline is June 1 — visit our event website for details and registration!

Poetry in Five Minutes or Less

For this year’s National Poetry Month, I shared lickety-split bits of micropoetry each day on Instagram. My rules: use photos I took each day and write the poetry in five minutes or less. (This was a fun break from my norm of a bazillion revisions!) Here are six of my favs….

Orange marries mint
where the berries lie
on tile blue as night sky
before dreaming begins.

If perfection exists,
might she don the disguise
of wild flowers in a little 
glass on a rainy day?

We know every exit
is an entrance elsewhere,
but we don’t know the where—
else how would mystery visit?

We dwell all the way
to the horizon of our lives. 
May the view from the sill
of our hearts be vast.

Everywhere, beauty
shines her light—
unfurling petals,
greening leaves.
Even the shadows smile 
at her bright excess.

The constant fight with self—
who thinks she’s beyond 
rest—is gladly lost 
each time my soul
insists on a Sabbath, 
& my body’s eyes
watch leaves grow
on page or tree,
& my spirit eyes
see all as new enough again 
to return to—with 
better work & world.

Plein Air at Lone Ranch with Silvia Trujillo May 4th


Plein Air at Lone Ranch with Silvia Trujillo
Beginning through advanced painters welcome
Saturday May 4th, 9am-3pm

Experience painting and drawing in the great outdoors. Enjoy painting the beautiful surroundings of Alpacas at Lone Ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon. Landscape artist Silvia Trujillo will guide you in depicting the beauty of the landscape, creating interesting compositions, and capturing a moment in time.

Contact The Rogue Gallery & Art Center to register

Register by Phone (541) 772-8118 during our business hours Tue – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 11 – 3

Emotional Power in a Figurative Painting Workshop


Only two openings remaining at…


Don’t wait any longer! Registration closes May 1!

Register now to secure one of the final two openings in this


What makes a great painting connect so powerfully with the viewer?  And as artists, how can we create works that are increasingly effective and emotionally impacting?

Study with renowned artist Ron DiCianni for this two day hands-on painting workshop in exploration of this fascinating topic. Plus, enjoy an evening (Thurs, May 16) with Ron as he tells his story and expounds on his vast experiences in the role of art and faith in culture spanning four decades.


 Masterpiece and Pacific Rim Guild Members Discount: $295 
Registration Fee: $325

Pacific Rim Art Guild (Eugene faith based art guild) offers host housing
or dorm lodging at New Hope College
Contact Dan Chen (541.461.3735 | [email protected])
or enjoy one of the many other Eugene hotels or inns.

Do you have a spouse, family member, or friend joining you for the weekend? Click here to see how they too can participate in this beauty-filled weekend!

Details & Registration
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