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Summer Art Classes for Adults and Summer Art Camps for Youth at Rogue Gallery & Art Center!

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart- Boldly Create!





The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is offering a variety of inspirational art classes & workshops for adults this summer!

For youth ages 4-7, 7-12 and 13-17, please check out our summer art camps.

Please visit our website: for detailed class descriptions and to register. For more information, please call (541)772-8118, email [email protected] or stop by 40 South Bartlett Street in Medford, OR.


Adult Summer Art Opportunities at RGAC:

May 19, 12-3pm: Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement- Barbara Longhurst

June 15-16, 5-8pm & 9am-12pm: Paste Paper Art Bookmaking- Denise Kester

June 23-24, 10am-4pm: Encaustic: Experiment in Layers & Creativity- Cathy Valentine

July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Sundays, 1-5pm: Oil Painting Basics- Roni Marsh

July 6, 1-5pm: Basketry: Japanese Gourd-Style Basket- Donna Sakamoto Crispin





July 7, 9am-4pm: Basketry: Reed Market Basket- Donna Sakamoto Crispin

July 28, August 4-5, 1-4, 1-4, 1-5pm: Intro to Sculpture- David Turner

August 10, 17, 24, 6-9pm: Art Interplay & Spatial Synergy: my chair, my space- Marilyn Michele Kunkel

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! In order for us to hold a class or workshop, we must meet the predetermined minimum enrollment requirement one week prior to the first class or workshop meeting. If we do not meet the minimum enrollment, the class or workshop will be cancelled due to low enrollment.


MEMBER DISCOUNTS and PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Call (541)772-8118 ext. 301 for more information.



Summer Art Camps are designed to nurture creativity and youth ages 4-17 will have fun, explore, and learn foundational art skills. Each camp is taught by an experienced artist educator and students use quality materials to create their art. All this takes place in a real art making environment-our professional art studio.  Rogue Gallery & Art Center Summer Art Camps provide quality art education to inspire and build life-long interest in the arts.

Pre-Register ONLINE at | Camps held at 40 S. Bartlett Street in downtown Medford | 541.772.8118

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! To hold a camp, we must meet the minimum enrollment requirement one week before the first day of camp.

 All Camps | $105 Members | $125 Non-Members

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE For more info call the Rogue Gallery & Art Center or email [email protected]

NEW! Ages 4-7


Tuesday- Friday ● Aug.  7-10 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Instructor- Amy Godard Navickas

Play and create with non-toxic up-cycled and recycled materials to make sculptures, kinetic art, mixed media art, puppets, prints and more. We will focus on turning cast away ephemera such as empty spools of thread, berry baskets, game pieces and more into interesting art objects. A parent/ guardian is welcome to participate and stay or to drop-off campers.


Ages 7-12    


Tuesday- Friday ● June 19-22 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Instructor- Amy Godard Navickas

Art makes the world go round! “Travel” around the world from the   Americas and through Mexico, Africa, Asia, and India to create fresco paintings, clay vessels, masks, musical instruments, and more!



Tuesday- Friday ● June 26-29 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Instructor- Eva Fawcett

Expand your drawing skills and let your imagination soar by learning classic techniques like shading & perspective, draw real or imaginary   animals, self-portraits, and explore drawing in Manga style.



Instructor- Mary Wilkins-Kelly

Tuesday- Friday ● July 5-7 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Experience the wonderful world of paper! Learn to make paper, create marbleized and colorful paste papers, and use your art papers to construct one of a kind sketchbooks, sculptures, and collages.



Instructor- Amy Godard Navickas

Tuesday- Friday ● July 10-13 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Draw, paint, print, collage, and have fun exploring pop art techniques inspired by popular culture. Learn to draw in three dimensions and discover basic skills that will make your drawings POP!



Instructor- Samar Dawisha

Tuesday- Friday ● July 17-20 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

The fun is in the mix of art expression- experiment and get creative with paint, printmaking, collage to discover their own unique style of expression while referencing art history from ancient to modern art.



Instructor- Samar Dawisha

Tuesday- Friday ● July 24-27 ● 1pm -4pm

Explore the world of 3-dimensional art from Egypt’s Sphinx to Oldenberg’s Giant Bag of Fries and play with a variety of materials to create and construct wild, wacky, and fantastic art objects.



Instructor- Amy Godard Navickas

Tuesday- Friday ● July 31-Aug 3 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Paint with watercolors and explore landscapes, buildings, abstract designs, imaginary creatures and more while learning basic design principles with references to art history.



Instructor- Tia Gardner

Tuesday- Friday ● August 7-10 ● 9:00am -12:00noon

Experience acrylic paint on canvas! Learn to use light and shadow, describe shapes in 3-D, experiment with color mixing, composition, and paint an impressionist landscape with movement and expression.



Instructor- Tia Gardner

Tuesday- Friday ● August 14-17 ● 1:00 pm -4:00pm

Printmaking is like a giant stamp- explore and discover ways to create block prints from a variety of materials with bright and colorful inks to create original designs.



Instructor- Ted Helard

Tuesday-Friday ● August 21-24 ● 9am-12pm

Learn to construct creative and unique comics with the basic concepts of cartooning. Create simple cartoon figures and characters and bring them to life with stories, expression, and creativity!


NEW! Ages 13-17

TEEN DRAWING: Draw on the Artist Within

Instructor- Eva Fawcett

Tuesday- Friday ● June 26 -29 ● 1:00 pm -4:00pm

Let the artist in you come out and play by illustrating the human face, explore figure drawing, and practice drawing realistic animals. Learn to see as an artist and apply that vision to paper with graphite, charcoal and color, exploring value, tone and line.


TEEN PRINTMAKING (Two-Day): Monotypes on the Square

Instructor- Nancy Jo Mullen

Thursday & Friday ● July 5-6 ● 9:00am-4:00pm

Create “out of the box” monotypes (unique prints) using square plexi-glass as a plate and learn to pull prints using a professional etching press and fine inks in the studio of the instructor. Explore ways to create one-of-a-kind prints from black & white to full color. Bring a lunch, a small sketchbook and a swimsuit and towel as campers are welcome to take a swim after camp each day.






TEEN PHOTOGRAPHY: Developing an Artistic Eye

Instructor- Mary Wilkins-Kelly

Tuesday- Friday ● July 10 -13 ● 1:00 pm -4:00pm

Develop an eye for taking great 35mm photos, express individual style, and explore lighting, composition, portraiture, and still-life with fun hands-on activities and walking field trips then develop your film in the darkroom and print black and white photographs.


Register online for RGAC art classes & workshops







Upcoming adult classes and workshops at RGAC:

Thursdays 1/26 – 2/23 5-6:30 pmBeginning DrawingBrooke Nuckles Gentekos$72 members$85 non-members
Fri. & Sat. 3/23 & 241 – 5 pmIntermediate/Advanced WatercolorLane Hall$72 members$85 non-members
Saturdays 4/7 – 2810-11:30amVisual Storytelling Through Cartoon & ComicsTed Helard$51 members$60 non-members
Fri. – Sun. 4/27 – 29Pinhole Photography Weekend WorkshopMary Wilkins-Kelly$80 members$95 non-members
Saturday 4/281 – 3 pmConsumable ArtAnna Elkins$51 members$60 non-members
Artist Professional Development Series
Saturday March 311 am – 2:30 pmMarketing Your Art For SuccessNikolas Allen$35 members$45 non-members
Saturday March 1012- 2 pmSocial Networking to Promote Your ArtHannah West$35 members$45 non-members
Saturday March 1710:30 am – 12 pmWorking with Images for Artists PHOTOSHOP  (Beginner)Hannah West$35 members$45 non-members
Saturday 3/171 – 3 pmWorking with Images for Artists PHOTOSHOP (Intermediate/Advanced)Hannah West$35 members$45 non-members

For detailed class descriptions and instructor bios, please visit the website:

Also- LIFE DRAWING OPEN STUDIOS every first and third Friday: 1/20, 2/3 & 17, 3/2 & 16, 4/6 & 20: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett St. Medford, OR 97501 (541)772-8118

Scholarships/ financial aid available! Call Brooke: (541)772-8118 ext. 301 for information or to apply. Have a creative day!

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create! this Winter at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center.



Welcome to Cammy Davis, Sue Springer and the Photographer's Gallery at Ashland Art Center!

We are delighted that new artists and art organizations continue to list with the Southern Oregon Artists Resource! The more, the merrier, as each new listing brings additional traffic to the sites, and this means more visits to everyone’s listings, blogs and other online presences of the wonderful artists, galleries and organizations that make up the fabulous art community of Southern Oregon – our raison d’être. This month we welcome ceramic/mosaic artist Susan Springer and contemporary artist Cammy Davis to the Visual Artists directory and the Photographer’s Gallery at Ashland Art Center to the Galleries, Art Groups and Organizations and Photography medium directories.

Completed and installed Compass Rose Mosaic


Many familiar with the local arts landscape will know Sue Springer’s name right away. Owner of the respected Illahe Studios and Gallery in Ashland, she creates ceramic tiles, wall art and sculptural mosaics in her on-site studio while representing the work of regional artists, with an emphasis on fine art home decor, artisan wares, furnishings and objets d’art in a variety of mediums. Illahe produces several annual group shows which showcase the work of artists in glass, mosaic and lighting. She also sells her work online at Etsy (find the link in her listing).


This year has been particularly busy for Springer. She was elected President of the Ashland Gallery Association for 2011, recently completed a long-awaited installation of public art, the Compass Rose Mosaic, at North Mountain Park Nature Center and, to round out her list of 2011 accomplishments, created a new website to represent her own work online. We encourage everyone to find the link in her listing, visit her new site, explore her image galleries and give her a boost in the search engines! She’s created her site using WordPress, so you’ll be able to subscribe to her updates. We’ll be sure to ask her if she’d like her posts to appear at Art Matters! as part of our community “Stream of Artistic Consciousness” so you can read her posts here as well. As always, we appreciate comments on all our posts, and we know she’ll appreciate comments which appear on her posts at Art Matters! too. Please leave her a congrat and maybe a happy New Year!


It’s less likely that you will recognize Cammy Davis, as she recently moved to Jacksonville to help her parents care for her aging grandmother. According to her Google profile…

Cammy DavisWhen I was in 2nd grade, my parents “dropped out of society.” They traded our middle class life for an Airstream travel trailer and 3 acres in the woods. We became hippies and lived off the land. My parents did not believe in television so we read books, raised animals and built tree forts and sword fern teepees for entertainment. I learned early on that if there was something I wanted, I needed to find a creative way to get it. My mom still talks about the time I decided I was ready for my first pair of high heels. I didn’t request that we buy a pair, I just went out to my dad’s workshop and tried to carve them out of a 4″ x 4″ piece of lumber. I won’t even pretend that they were pretty. But, if I want something, I still prefer to make it myself. In my creative endeavors, I have jumped from publishing poetry to creating jewelry, landscaping and sewing clothing and accessories. I am currently working towards my bachelors degree in Interior Design. Through it all, painting has remained my first love.

And a recent post on her very engaging blog, “My Search for a Creative Life”…

When I started this blog about two years ago, the idea was to figure out how to live a creative life, rather than returning to my work in escrow.  I wanted it to be an honest look at what it takes to build a creative business, if it’s possible, and the growth and learning that goes on during the process. I hoped that other artists would gain some insight and hopefully offer some as well.  Mostly I hoped that I would figure out a way to create a life from following my passion.

A wonderful contemporary artist, we welcome Cammy not only to SOAR, but to Southern Oregon, and hope you will do the same with a comment on this or one of her own posts! She has given us permission to syndicate her blog and several of her posts already appear here at Art Matters!, so search Cammy Davis and get to know her through her honestly written musings and experiences, hard knocks and victories. And of course new works and works in progress. She also has a few tutorials posted at YouTube, and we’ll see if we can add the link to her channel to her listing shortly.

Photographer's Gallery at Ashland Art Center



Most recently we were honored to receive a request from John Peterson and David Lorenz Winston to list the illustrious group of talented photographer members of the Ashland Art Center at SOAR. AAC’s photography group has its own gallery within the main gallery featuring the works of photographer members of the art center. This group is a great resource for photographers looking for local non-social-media (read: face to face contact) networking and support within their own specialty, as well as gallery space at AAC and possibly at the independent galleries owned and run by members. We highly recommend that area photographers, whether well established or emerging, longtime locals or new to the area, make contact to see how they may benefit from membership.  You can learn more about the current members of the Photographer’s Gallery in their niche page at the Ashland Art Center’s website – Find contact information and web links in their listing HERE.


We would like to express our gratitude to these newly listed members of the Southern Oregon Artists Resource for participating in our online “portrait” of the Southern Oregon arts community and wish you all a very creative and prosperous New Year!

Art Provides Healing, Creates Dialogue in State College, PA

A solitary blue ribbon replaced Jerry Sandusky in this mural by artist Michael Pilato. (Photo from

We often see examples of art used as a way to heal a community following tragedy, whether it be something catastrophic like war or a sudden death, all of the arts can be used as an escape, a catalyst for further examination, or in countless other ways.

While reading through news articles last night, I happened upon a piece written for a student newspaper of Penn State.

It wasn’t very long ago that the name of the institution wouldn’t cause a shudder within me. Having grown up across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, the school’s football (and sometimes basketball) program often appeared on the local news thanks in part to sharing a state with Philly and a huge number of alumni living the the Delaware Valley.

Having gone to a small, liberal arts state school in New Jersey, I will probably never understand the culture of an enormous university like Penn State (although I think NPR’s This American Life shed some light on that for me a few weeks ago).

As most of America sat on the proverbial sidelines watching the fallout from the horrifying child molestation scandal unfolding in State College, PA, you could see that the town has a lot to work through as the case continues on into 2012.

This is where an artist can make an impact.

Local muralist Michael Pilato revisited a previous work (pictured above) and created a new one to honor victims of sexual abuse…

“The mural, which is an enlargement of a painting originally done by Pilato’s business partner, Yuriy Karabash, shows Penn State’s Nittany Lion encircled by a blue ribbon. Painted in shades of blue and purple, the ribbon reads ‘Speak out, we will listen,’ which Pilato said is meant to encourage other victims to speak out.

Designed to raise awareness of and remember the victims of child sexual abuse, the mural comes as a response to the more than 50 counts of child sex abuse against [Jerry] Sandusky.

Created with support from the Centre County Women’s Resource Center and CENTREd on Community, the mural aims to provide catharsis and comfort for a community still in shock from the recent allegations against former Penn State officials and athletic coaches, Ard said.

‘People had a lot of emotions. People were moved; people were excited to see the mural. I think that they were gratified to see a public unveiling of something that was designed to help the community heal,’ Ard said. ‘I think art gives expression to people’s deepest emotions.’

Pilato added the university’s mascot isn’t just an advocate of entertainment, but now will serve as a Penn State community-wide symbol of hope and coping for both the community and those who suffered from sexual abuse.

‘The lion is a symbol of courage, strength. and dignity, which is exactly what the character of these kids [who suffered from abuse] is,’ he said.

However, this isn’t not Pilato’s first artistic offering to a grieving community. On November 9, just days after the scandal broke, Pilato returned to his mural Inspiration, painted alongside the Student Book Store on Hiester Street and replaced Sandusky with a single blue ribbon.

Associate Professor of Art John Bowman said the mural is one representing the lessons that can be learned from such an emotional incident. ‘It’s important to show not only the history of the area, but to generate discussion where we’re not only asked what is art, but what is appropriate,’ Bowman said. ‘I think that’s a wonderful teaching moment.’

Pilato shared further plans for the mural, including the addition of phone numbers of local helplines and resource centers.

‘There’s a lot of good people willing to help out,’ Pilato said.

‘The whole message of the event was that the kids who spoke out are heroes. All the kids still have a voice, still have the opportunity to become great people, become wonderful people. The news keeps saying that their lives have been ruined,that Jerry Sandusky ruined these kids’ lives, and that’s not true.’”

NEW!! Register For Classes Online!

Did you know?

You can now register for classes and workshops at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center:

Tap into your creativity and discover the class or workshop that’s right for you. Check out the new Winter 2012 catalogue with Art Classes for children, teens and adults- now available online!

Upcoming art education opportunities include:

Adults: Beginning Drawing, Intermediate/ Advanced Watercolor: Water and Sky Workshop, Visual Storytelling through Cartoon & Comics, Pinhole Photography Weekend Workshop and much more!!

Take one of our Artist Professional Development Workshops this March designed to help Rogue Valley artists thrive!

Teens: Drop In & Draw Open Studios and Altered Photographic Images and more!

Children: Afterschool Art Studios I and II, Drop In & Draw, Start with Art- Making Art Together, Earth Paints and Nature Inspired Art and MORE!

There’s something for artists and aspiring artists of all ages and abilities!! Gift certificates available for someone you love!

Need help paying for a RGAC class or workshop- scholarships are available!! Call (541)772-8118 for info.

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create! in 2012 with the Rogue Gallery & Art Center!

RGAC- 40 South Bartlett Street, Medford, OR 97501  (541)772-118




























If you are interested in volunteering as a studio assistant for our youth classes, please contact volunteer coordinator Andrea Andrus: (541)772-8118 or [email protected]

Have a creative day!!

Call to Artists- Elvis Emporium at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center!












Elvis Emporium Exhibition
January 10 — January 27, 2012

In celebration of Elvis Presley’s 77th birthday, and in conjunction with the Heart of Medford “Elvis Week,” the Rogue Gallery & Art Center will host a non-juried art show of work inspired by “The King.” Artists of all ages are invited to bring in one work for display in our Community Gallery.
Open to all 2 & 3-dimensional media. Display space is limited, however, so only the first 35 works to be dropped-off will be included in the display. Installation work will be considered with prior approval. NO work larger than 24” in any direction will be accepted. NO work with a sale price more than $250 will be accepted due to insurance considerations. Contact Jules Masterjohn at [email protected] or 541-772-8118 for more information.
Artwork must be dropped off in person on Saturday, January 7th from 12 – 2PM at Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 South Bartlett Street in Medford. All artwork must be picked up on Saturday, January 28th from 12 – 2PM.

For an Elvis Emporium entry form, visit our website:

Rogue Gallery & Art Center presents: Roni Marsh Dec. 3 & 4!

FUNdamentals of Design & Composition

with Roni Marsh

Saturday & Sunday, December 3 & 4 from 10 AM – 5 PM

Roni Marsh at work

All skill levels welcome!

NEW!!! Register online:

$85 members/ $100 non-members

Individual Annual Memberships start at $35!

Fundamentals of Design and Composition taught by nationally and international award-winning local artist Roni Marsh will be a FUN and informative weekend workshop for painters of all mediums and any skill level to explore and strengthen artistic use of the fundamental building blocks of design and composition. Participants will learn skills to capture and hold the attention of their viewers and build confidence in the fundamentals, while enjoyably exercising creativity and exploring painting in new ways.

Whether you use pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolor, mixed-media, drawing, or more- this workshop led by outstanding artist educator Roni Marsh will be FUN and help you take your artwork to the next level!

Register online:, email [email protected], or call (541)772-8118 for more information!

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Rogue Gallery & Art Center    40 South Bartlett St. Medford, Oregon 97501

Roni Marsh puts the “Fun” in FUNdamentals for local artists!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center presents Roni Marsh teaching a weekend workshop for painters of any medium, Saturday and Sunday, December 3 & 4.


FUNdamentals of Design & Composition

Saturday & Sunday, December 3 & 4, 10 AM -5 PM

$85 for members, $100 for non-members

Join other painters (of any medium) for an intensive weekend workshop designed to be a fun way of exploring and strengthening artistic use of the fundamental building blocks of design and composition. Participants will learn skills to capture and hold the attention of viewers and build confidence in the fundamentals, while enjoyably exercising creativity and exploring painting in new ways. Space is limited- maximum 10 students. Register soon to reserve your space in this fun workshop at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center Studio:

Roni Marsh is a Master Signature Member of the Pastel Society of Oregon and a Signature Member of the Northwest Pastel Society and the Sierra Pastel Society. Her work has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally and she teaches pastel, oil painting, landscape, and still life classes and workshops in both California and Oregon.

Rogue Gallery & Art Center                      40 S. Bartlett St. Medford, Oregon 97501                       (541)772-8118                 

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Win a FREE Class of your choice at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center!!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center wants to draw your name to win a free adult class or workshop this fall!

It’s easy:

1. Stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett St. in Medford by 5 PM Friday October 7th.

2. Fill out a green drawing slip with your name, contact info and your choice for a free class

3. WIN the class/ workshop of your choice!

Pastel, Drawing, Painting, Life Drawing and MORE! Call (541)772-8118 for more info

Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create!

Win a free adult class of your choice this fall from the Rogue Gallery & Art Center! Just stop by 40 South Bartlett Street, and enter the drawing to WIN an art education class or workshop of YOUR CHOICE!

Winner will receive free tuition to one adult class of their choice from the fall 2011 catalogue of educational offerings. Supplies and materials for class or workshop not included. One entry per person. Call (541)772-8118 for additional info or visit the website: for detailed class descriptions.

Afterschool Art Studio, Life Drawing, and More at the RGAC this Fall!

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center presents weekly Afterschool Art Studio for youth in first through sixth grades starting October 5th. Kids take over the 1100 square-foot art studio at the RGAC every Wednesday from 2-5 PM to paint, draw, sculpt, explore, create and be inspired with art lessons taught by outstanding artist educator Amy Godard. Monthly pre-registration is required and space is limited! Scholarships are available!! Call (541)772-8118 to enroll your child today.


The Rogue Gallery & Art Center has a variety of inspirational Fall 2011 Educational Offerings for adults and youth: please visit our website: to see our exciting Adult workshops & classes and for more information about weekly Afterschool Art Studio for youth in grades 1 – 6. Get your creative juices flowing this fall with inspirational artist educators leading fun classes and workshops in a variety of art mediums. Whether you are a painter, printmaker, illustrator, aspiring artist interested in learning the basics or a professional artist extraordinaire, there’s something for everyone this fall at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center!


Life Drawing Open Studio is held every first and third Friday from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, starting October 7th. Join other artists for two full hours of uninstructed figure drawing from a live model. No pre-registration required! Bring your paper and supplies, we provide drawing boards, easels and the model!


Enter the RGAC drawing to win a free adult class or workshop this fall! The drawing is free, the class will be free- it’s a win-win!! Just stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett Street in downtown Medford by Friday October 7th at 5 PM to get your draw on!! One entry per person to win the class of your choice!


There are many additional arts opportunities for adults this fall including classes & workshops taught by our outstanding artist educators in Beginning Pastel, Drawing with Pen & Ink, Instructed Life Drawing Strategies, Abstract Painting in Acrylics, and Fundamentals of Design & Composition. Scholarships are available! Ignite the Mind, Stir the Soul, Open the Heart… Boldly Create! At the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 South Bartlett St., Medford. Sign up today by calling (541)772-8118, visit, or stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, 40 S. Bartlett Street  in Medford.


The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is the Rogue Valley’s premier non-profit community art center, founded in 1960 to promote and support the arts in the Rogue Valley. The Art Center offers local artists an opportunity to display their work in a wide range of artistic styles and mediums. Aspiring artists, both children and adults, take classes and workshops from local artists and are exposed to a wide variety of artistic mediums. RGAC is located in Medford at 40 South Bartlett Street. The hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call (541)772-8118 for more info or visit