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Workshop and Event Schedule for 2016




Storytelling with Collage

by Roxanne Evans Stout


This is one of my brand new pieces made just for this book!

You can see it pictured behind the original piece.

Now available to order!!

Here: Amazon

And here: Cloth Paper Scissors Shop

And here: Northlight Shop




My Online Workshops


is Open!

Join Me and

Be Inspired for:

Pathways and Wanderings

Pathways square


The Thread That Weaves



Nature Journaling

We are currently working on bundling

these two workshops,

please stay tuned!


Gathering Grace

on Altered Wings


With Lorri Scott

January 9th and 10th, 2016



A Case of Curiosities


With Seth Apter

March 13th – 19th

Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Taos,New Mexico

There are two spots open due to cancellations!


Crystal River

Book Arts



Three magical days

of Artistic Bliss

I'll be teaching with Leslie Marsh


This workshop will be hosted by


June 24th, 25th and 26th…2016

Redstone, Colorado

More information is coming soon but here is what we have so far!

 Crystal River Book Arts
June 24th through June 26th
Taught by Roxanne Evans Stout and Leslie Marsh
Hosted by Hasty Pearl
in magical Redstone, Colorado
Price: $450.00

Together we will eco-dye native plants,

create a beautiful book,

collage, stitch and glaze

our pages…

in one of the most gorgeous settings

in Colorado!



*August date to be announced in Phoenix, Arizona


Art and Soul Retreats

Tapestry Collaging3

Wednesday Sept 28th – Saturday Oct 1

Virginia Beach,Virginia

I will be doing three workshops here!!

– Tapestry Collaging Your Story

– The Alchemist's Book of Treasures

– Nature's Gathering…Exploring Stenciling


*Special Projects for Cloth Paper Scissors

I am very proud to say that I am one of the

Art Lessons Artists for 2016!

Stay tuned for more information. 



Winter Days, Moonlit Nights


These days are cold and white…

A perfect time for working in my studio

and window watching.






In the winter we have more birds than ever visit our feeders,

the jays and song birds, the quail and woodpeckers.

Small and large birds all together in the maple tree out front with the frozen river and snowy fields beyond.

And seeds hang on to their branches…

their time to fly is not here yet.




And on winter evenings the world turns blue,

a blueish white that glows

and casts a magical spell of wellbeing

on my little town over the river.




I have been working on a big project, the biggest project since my book, Storytelling with Collage…

which will be out in March and you can pre-order here.

My online workshop is called Pathways and Wanderings and we begin on January 3rd! I purchased a hi-definintion camera just for this and some very special projects for Cloth Paper Scissors in the spring. I even got a special light that mimics daylight so that I can videotape my workshop on dark stormy days!

Oh, I have learned so much! Isn't it a wonderful thing  to learn and then to create with all your new knowledge? I have learned about lighting and sound and color, and themes and transitions and adding titles. And even more important I have become comfortable with my video camera and move it around to different spots in the house with ease, depending on what I want to film. 

You can read about

Pathways and Wanderings here:

There is still time to join, we go live on January 3rd

and you can work with me or go at your own pace!

Here is a glimpse at some of the projects

that I will be teaching:








Pathways and Wanderings




Dear Artists and Friends…

the time is finally here for me to announce

that registration is open

for my new online workshop…





And Wanderings


Now that my work is finished for my book, Storytelling with Collage,  I am very excited to offer you this workshop and fill you with inspiration and creativity that will affect your whole life as an artist and lover of art.

During this go at your own pace workshop, you will create your very own Book of Wanderings… bound together with a very easy technique I created for one of my workshops earlier this year in Mendocino, California and have loved ever since.



We Will Wander…




Wandering Through… New Beginnings


Wandering Through the Seasons..

a Winter Landscape, 

The Renewal of Spring,

The Warm Glow of Summer

And Wandering Through…

The Winds of Change in the Autumn. 


There will be four components or sections to each week's theme. The main projects will be in our Book of Wanderings, but there will also be a "Pathways" component, "Letters to Myself" and "Studio Moments."

Each of these will sections will have videos as I gently guide and inspire you through our projects.

The videos and blog will be yours to access forever!

Our projects will begin with constructing our books using a very easy and fun technique. Next I will share and guide you through my processes from the backgrounds, to collaging, and lastly to embellishing and adding the final details.


Here are

some of the things 

we will be doing:

– Working with pan pastels, inks and watercolor paints.

– Collaging with texture papers and fabrics. 

– Adding different elements to our collages including metal and wood, wire, threads and found and collected objects.

– making books, one larger Book of Wandering and five smaller ones

(all easy to make!)

– Stitching by hand, wiring, attaching, constructing and assembling, painting, collaging, designing and most of all creating.

– Arranging and photographing, (any camera or your cellphone will work).


As many of you know, I love arranging everyday objects into still-life's and vignettes. And to find beauty in the natural world and even the smallest details… I would like to share my processes with you during this workshop. Photographing your art space and easy and using creative art and writing prompts will also be included in this workshop.

–  Writing, I will share five writing exercises and videos that are easy, fun and creative!



This workshop will include: 

  • Five weeks of inspirational projects, ideas and prompts.
  • New posts with links to the week's videos will be posted every week for five weeks.
  • Over 25 high definition videos to inspire and guide you, filmed in my River Garden Studio and my home.
  • A private blog that will help you organize your projects from start to finish and where I will share more ideas and art that goes hand-in-hand with our themes.
  • A private Facebook group where you can share your projects and get to know other like-minded souls.
  • An Instagram page that you can link to: #pathwaysandwanderings
  • Extended access to the blog and videos to last indefinitely (forever!)
  • Beautiful photographs and quotes throughout the blog and videos.
  • Inspiration that will find it's way into your life, your heart and your lifetime!!

Extra items: 

* High speed internet is recommended as well as a google account.

* A list of course materials will be provided later, after you join the workshop.

* You will be invited to the Private Facebook group after you register.

* Sorry, no refunds after the class begins.

* All levels of skills are welcome

 No matter where you are on your artistic journey, 

this workshop will


something just for you!


Registration is just


* When you pay through Paypal

you will be automatically signed up for Pathways and Wanderings! 

Please make sure the email address on your account

is the one that I can send you all information, 

material lists, private invitations and updates!

(Or you can send me an email at [email protected]


Storytelling with Collage



Here in my River Garden Studio Autumn has arrived and outside

a storm is brewing and wind is scattering leaves everywhere…

but not in my studio.

Window light is ever present, always warming, always clear.



This week I have been glowing in the excitement that Storytelling with Collage, Techniques for Layering Color and Texture, the book I have been working and dreaming about for the last few years has a cover design and has it's own spot on Amazon Books!!

This book has been on my mind and in my heart for so long.

Now it is real, now I can visualize it and now I am even more anxious for it to come out and share it with the world!

Book Cover Design

Here is a new glimpse of my studio. I have made some changes. Now my studio is just for collaging.

Not to work on my computer, (I do that on the dining room table now) and I am moving my encaustic station out to the garage.


Drawers have been organized. My collections all have homes…



Here is a close up of one of the photos that you might see in Storytelling with Collage.  

I am very thrilled that I got to do all the photography myself!!

Dozens of new collages and never before seen photographs fill the pages. 


 Here are also some some glimpses of some of the projects I will share in this book… 

_DSC0027 - Version 2


I will guide you through at least nine brand new projects,

so you can create your own version of them yourself. 


Each chapter, the themes, the colors, the words and the images have been

carefully thought out.

You will see how I begin and how I get inspired.

And how I work.


If you pre-order this book now, (or have already), please leave me a comment letting me know by October 31th! (This date was extended)

And I will put your name in a drawing for one of my new pieces of art featured in this book.

It will be a surprise collage just for you!


Finding magic


 Where do you find magic?

Or… does magic find you?


When you open your arms wide to greet the day?

(these two photographs are from Dayna Davidson Collins home, Alley Art Studio)


When you sit on the ocean cliffs and watch the sunset?


When you find a new collection… 

there is always sunlight somewhere.



We found magic at this beach

introduced to us by Holly (thank you) 

… the sea glass must have been a foot deep.

(the beach is called Glass Beach and is in Fort Bragg)


And my students found magic this weekend at

Mendocino Art Center. 

You can see more photographs here

(if we are friends on Facebook!)

Magic in colors, in subtleties, in textures.


Nancy's art.

Even in the smallest details, bundles and layers.


Jan's art. 

Wrapping twigs and creating windows and doors.


Holly's art.

Making wishes…


Zann's art.

Dwelling in the possibilities.



Jamie's art.

And for me, there is magic in every garden.


And in returning to my home… 


(This inspiration board is filled with my own art, photos, images from magazines, one of my very favorite quotes and a receipt of when I sold some of my first paintings and a small sketchbook painting done by my mom…)


 I know there is magic in your world too.

Can you feel it?


Inspired by Nature

This post is devoted to my 

student's artwork from this year.

It is just a small sample but I wanted to show you 

some finished products of

what we do in my



Dayna's artist book

Dayna's Art Bundle


It is just a small sample but I wanted to show you

some finished products

of what we do in my workshops!

I have a

Mixed Media Nature Journaling Workshop

coming up at the end of August

and these projects are a sampling 

of what we will be creating.

This workshop is in beautiful

Northern California

at the Mendocino Art Center

that sits on the cliffside

over the Pacific Ocean.

You can read all about the workshop here!

They even have lovely cabins

on site where you can stay

and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves…



 Tracy's Artwork

Student stitched leaves 

Student Stitched Leaves


Tina's Pages


 Karrie's Arwork 


Mary Jo's Artwork 


 Sydney's Nature Journal Page


Michelle's Bundle


 Sydney' Pocket 

Ronnie's assemblage

 Ronnie's Assemblage


Camille's Pocket


 Michelle's Owl 

Michele's feather story

 Michelle's Nature Journal Page

Tracy's bundle

 Tracy's Book Bundle


Judith's Artworks


 Heather's Windows to the Sea Book


 Kip's Artworks


 Susan's Windows to the Sea Book


 Jeannie's Artwork


 Tina's Pages 

Wouldn't you love to created pages like these?

I would Love to be your guide!


Some very exciting things have been happening

in my world… 

Did you know that you can now see

the first promotion of  my book

on Amazon here now?!

You can even put it on your wish list !!

It is called…

Storytelling with Collage:

Techniques for Layering Color and Texture 

A Case of Curiosities


A Case of Curiosities

Mixed Media Retreat

In The Land of Enchantment



March 13th – March 19th 2016

Five days and six nights


book bundle, roxanne evans stout

Join Seth Apter and Roxanne Evans Stout

For a magical retreat in Taos, New Mexico

At the

Mabel Dodge Lodge Luhan House


The Mabel Dodge Luhan House


Imagine… each day awakening to a gourmet breakfast with creative souls and art lovers like yourself, and then immersing yourself into creating, playing, exploring and art making to your heart's content.



Our projects begin with a simple wooden case, a box measuring 12" by 15". This case will have many compartments, or niches, of all different sizes that will house unique art pieces including hand made books, paintings, collages, assemblages, scrolls, shrines and tapestries.


Seth Apter


We will stitch and weave, connect and construct, assemble and build, all the while creating our own Case of Curiosities!




 Won't you join Roxanne and Seth for this once in a lifetime experience of discovery, exploration and inspiration and most of all

nourishment for your artistic spirit.


Celebrating the artist book and art journaling! roxanne evans stout

Please email either one of us for details

and registration information:

Roxanne… [email protected]

Seth… [email protected]

There is a special deal if you register soon!


By the Light of Spring




My world has been ablaze with color.

Warm rainy days

have watered the gardens and my soul.


_DSC0032 - Version 2


I've been quiet, 

relishing my moments, touched by my workshops,

and always touched by art.




First came the flowers

then the green

Our home is a shady refuge.




Just like many of you,

I love to find beauty in unlikely places

and savor it 

making it stay with me and last with 

my camera.




The return of the snowgeese

fills the sky with wonder

-filling me with wonderment too.




And the daffodil

wears her crown

for she is the queen of the garden.




 This is my world.

A bird bath, a flower

…a garden,

And the corner of my worktable.




Each day the light

moves around our house,

the sun rises and the moon shines over the river

and my art grows 

I am grateful.












Nature and wildlife

are major sources of inspiration to me.

I just got my copy

of Painted Blossoms by Carrie Schmitt


and if you love flowers and inspiration

You should get yourself a copy!




Click the image below

to see my Newsletter,

and email me if

you would like to receive it!

And may your June be filled

with wonderment and

simple beauty.




when the ocean calls



When the ocean calls

you need to listen.

She will tell you the story of your heart.

She will guide you in walking gracefully

as you move towards your next destination. 

When the ocean calls she will say

Listen to your dreams.

Live with intention.

Embrace your life.

Never forget who you want to be,

for that is who you really are.


Artwork by Molly Dufort

She will teach you about the vastness of the sea,

the ever-changing colors of each day

and the landscapes of your heart.


When the ocean calls, 



Artwork by Heather Pearlstein Sha 

This last weekend the ocean called. We went camping together, my husband and I. Spending time with family,  and friends, teaching a workshop and walking on the beach with our dogs were just what I needed.



Artwork by Susan Lehman

I have wonderful news about my book with North Light. Not only will it be out before spring in 2016 (advanced copies may be available in late December!) but my editor Tonia and the team have chosen a title for it!

Storytelling with Collage:

Techniques for Layering Color and Texture

I can't wait to see my first proofs!

About a week ago now, I finished the writing, projects and the photographs for my final chapter deadline! Since then I have been in a kind of daze, knowing that the hardest part of my book is finished (I think!) and thinking that now I have time… but what direction should I go in?

The ocean said be patient,

soon your path will be clear…


_DSC0028 2





In my studio I am easing slowly into new projects, organizing and making space… and getting ready for my next workshop that you can read about here



Please visit my River Garden Studio Facebook page

and if you are inclined LIKE it,

and check out my Workshop Schedule!


Nature’s Gatherings

Today I am very excited to share my newest stencil designs with you! As I carefully sketched and laid out each page I  hoped that they can be wonderful additions to your journal pages and collages. You will see how I used these stencils in the photographs below, and where some of my ideas came from.




My new nature inspired stencils are from my own sketches of things that I love, birds, insects and flowers.

My inspiration for this little bird and my stencil "In The Garden" came from a sweet little stone bird I have outside in my brick patio, and the beautiful flowers of English Phlox.




I demonstrated this drawing and much more in my Nature Journaling online workshop that you can read more about here!




I also love using symbols in my work. My Earth Song Symbols began when I cut them out as stamps, which you can read about here.

Then I drew smaller versions and designed the stencils you see below. I used these images in a book as a tryptich, using shades of black and white and gray.

I enjoy stenciling on different papers and fabrics and I especially like to apply them with pan pastels.




This is how they began…


_DSC0070 2

This stencil "Under The Sun" portrays my favorite bird, the Great White Egret that thrives along our river and marsh lands. These graceful birds never fails to bring a smile to my face.




What do you see out of your windows today… is it almost spring time like it is here? 


_DSC0026 3


Here is my Earth Symbol book all folded up… I've discovered symbols are everywhere, carved on the sides of old churches in France or doorways in England, symbols representing the letters in alphabets from other cultures and especially symbols on walls of caves from times long ago.


_DSC0030 2


And here is another project where I used some of my stencil designs. 




For more about my new stencils… Nature Gatherings or Earth Song Symbols hop on over and visit StencilGirl!

And to order these, to be shipped today go to the Stencil Girl Website here!