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March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery

March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery

Queen Print by Doug Wallace at Art du Jour Gallery Salon March 2017     middle falls, by Connie Fribance

Doug Wallace’s Eclectic Art, Connie Fribance’s Oils, and “Discovering Southern Oregon” Contest Art on Display!

During March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery, we continue our presentation of guest artist Doug Wallace’s eclectic realm of Byzantine queens and mythical maidens.  “Looking back down the tunnel of time,” Doug says, “scrolling through the historical archives of what has interested me artistically for most of my life, I always find a bit of the fantastic in all that I do…and nothing is ever completely realistic.”

His art eludes conventional description.  “The inspirational references for my paintings are many: Gothic, Pre-Raphaelite, Byzantine, religious icons, mythology, fairytales, book illustrators, and dreams.  Surrealism has also played a part in my creative thinking.”  He says, however, that if he were forced to categorize his paintings, he might call them “Eclectic Romanticism, or Theatrical Gothic.”

Roses by Doug Wallace

Roses by Doug Wallace

Doug prefers to work in oils, and it’s the human form that fuels his passion.  He studied art at the Atlanta School of Arts for a year, and after attending Georgia State University, he worked briefly as a psychotherapist.  The compelling call of art led him to Hollywood where he became an actor, screen writer and novelist.  He studied film making at UCLA and LA City College.  After nearly two decades of show biz, he moved to Ashland and began to paint professionally.  “I didn’t leave my writing completely behind,” he explains.  “I have written two published novels since arriving in Ashland [five years ago], A Force of Will, A Shakespearean Fantasy Adventure, and Phase Out, a futuristic thriller.  But painting remains one of the great loves of my life.”

Oil Painter Connie Fribance is Featured Artist this March at Art du Jour Gallery in Medford, Oregon

Oil Painter Connie Fribance is Featured Artist

Seven oil paintings by Art du Jour Gallery member Connie Fribance grace our feature wall this month.  Connie has always enjoyed creating art with pencil, charcoal and stained glass, and after her retirement, she enrolled in formal art classes in Medford.  She most enjoys oil painting, inspired by the colors and illuminations that she can create with her brush.

Connie draws her ideas from the natural beauty of the places she has visited.  “I see beauty in things that are common.  My goal is to put this on my canvas to share with others.  I want the viewers of my work to experience a visual emotion and a connection where they can see and realize the beauty in life that surrounds them.”

Connie did her painting “Middle Falls” along the McCloud River in Northern California while she was taking a plein air workshop with PBS artist Stefan Baumann.  “Louie’s Meadow,” another of her oils on the gallery’s feature wall, was also painted on site.  “I was looking for a stream or a pond to paint, but I couldn’t find that perfect spot.  When I turned the car around to head home, there was this meadow.  The late summer colors and long shadows were beautiful, so I set up my easel and painted this lovely scene.”  More paintings can be seen on Connie’s website at

We invite you to visit Art du Jour during March to delight in Connie’s beautiful artwork.

Vote for Your Favorite “Discover Southern Oregon” Artwork! 

A $50 prize and a “People’s Choice” ribbon await the winner of our “Discovering Southern Oregon” art contest and the winner is up to you!  Contest artwork will be on display during March and we encourage you to drop by the gallery and vote for your favorite!

New Artist-Members Welcome!

Art du Jour Gallery welcomes artists of any medium to apply for membership in our artists’ cooperative.  We have display space for you in our fine art gallery and invite you to visit Art du Jour at 213 E. Main Street in Medford and fill out an application.  Bring in three or four gallery-ready examples of your work for jurying.  Come join us!  (541) 770-3190.

Third Friday

Join us at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main Street in Medford, on Friday, March 17th, 5 – 8 p.m., to meet special guest artist Doug Wallace, featured Art du Jour artist Connie Fribance and other gallery artists as well.  Our reception will include the soothing guitar, keyboard and flute music of Minstrel Streams.  Appetizers, wine and cider will be served.  Regular gallery hours are 10 – 4, Tuesday – Saturday.  For more information, call (541) 770-3190.

Art Du Jour gallery logo

213 E. Main Street

Medford, OR 97540

(541) 770-3190 (Tues.-Sat., 10-4)

Contact:  Susie Lee

(541) 512-9332

SOAR Welcomes Kj Cumberbatch!

Revolution II, acrylic painting of a wave by Kj Cumberbatch

Revolution II, by Kj Cumberbatch

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is excited to introduce artist Kj Cumberbatch of Medford to the Visual Artists directory!

Kj Cumberbatch

Born in 1975, Kj Cumberbatch has been painting for over 25 years, selling many paintings and commissions in the process. However, Cumberbatch’s current exhibition of large acrylic paintings at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville is the first public display of his art. Subjects in his current works center around animals and the natural world. Each painting is very impressive both in style and size…the smallest is 36″ x 36″. While we love them all, our favorite is the (roughly) 79″ x 46″ [R]evolution II, painted in 2016-2017. These large-format works are perfect for hanging in large spaces, whether a home, business or nonprofit, or public space. If you’re in the market for such works, catch his show before it ends on February 28, 2017. Contact the GoodBean’s art curator Hannah West at 541-899-2012 or email [email protected] to inquire and make your purchase.

In addition to his love of visual art, Kj also studied audio engineering/ and composition at the The Art Institute of Seattle from 1995 to 1997.

While the works we see now are all acrylics, Kj paints in gouache and transparent watercolor as well. He also creates drawings in pencil, graphite, and ink as well as digital renderings. Interested in a large painting but don’t find what you want on the walls of the GoodBean? Contact Kj to discuss a commission. He will be happy to create the perfect piece to adorn the empty wall that needs color and movement to make your room complete. Be sure to allow enough time if you want your piece completed for a special event, however. These large paintings do take time, and he has a day job that limits his painting time somewhat.

Please visit Kj Cumberbatch’s new listing, then follow the link to his Facebook page to make contact and learn more about his work.

Medford Sneak Preview Poll – Pegi Smith is Favorite Local Artist

Medford Sneak Preview Choose Pegi Smith favorite local artist

In a recent Medford Sneak Preview poll, their readers named Pegi Smith Favorite Local Artist in the February 2017 issue! She is so grateful to receive this kind of recognition from local art enthusiasts. Smith is in good company too—congratulations to Cheryl D. Garcia and Julie Veronneau, who also made the list.

Medford Sneak Preview Poll : Image of a clipping from the Medford Sneak Peek, declaring Pegi Smith to be Southern Oregons Favorite Artist

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Motivation – What Gets Me Going & Keeps Me Going

Motivation – That Which Keeps Me Working.

Hi!  I have been wondering how personal motivation contributes to overcoming artist block.   Put another way, I would like to examine what motivates me and keeps me plugging away at my art.  By looking at what motivates me, both positive and not so positive, I might learn something about making art and life in general.


I was thinking  about how to tackle this idea of motivation.  During a little brainstorming session, I asked myself “what gets you out of bed in the morning?”  Perhaps not such a good question after all since the first thing that popped into my brain was “coffee”…and then maybe some more coffee.

Motivation; Study: Egg Not Fried

One motivation – learning something new to me. “Study, Egg Not Fried” done in acrylic during Gabriel M. Lipper’s still life class.

List of Motivators.

Pulling back from my personal narrative for a moment, I started wondering what might be some things to motivate people to make art and be “artists”.  Here’s a few of the ideas:

  • Money… as in income, award or the joy when someone purchases our work.
  • Prestige and fame; this can be local or on the big scale!
  • “Talent” – being good at something.
  • Discovery – examining the world around us.
  • Because we love art so much we need to try it ourselves.  In other words, learning something new.
  • Oh, and because a parent or parents were artists.
  • Maybe we have art materials and wanted to play in order to see what will happen.
  • To maybe “touch the gods” – that is to say that we begin to understand the Masters of art by experience making art ourselves.
  • The process of putting paint on canvas, engaging oneself in the act of drawing and painting is deeply satisfying.
  • And, then on the negative side
    • If not now, when?
    • What will I feel like if I never get around to the business of drawing and painting?

Motivation Defined.

Come to think about it, how do we define “motivation”?  In my mind, I’m talking about the inner, personal reason(s) to do something.  I checked the on-line Webster’s dictionary and it said pretty much the same thing; its about the reasons we are caused to act.

All of the reasons I gave above have influenced my motivation to draw and paint at some time or other.  As circumstances change and evolve, motivations change.

Current Motivators.

So, what is my current motivation to draw and paint?

  • If not now, then when?
  • Understanding and discovery.
  • Fun; that is to say being in the groove and focusing on the act of drawing or painting.
  • Mastery.  I really want to be “good”, or improve.

I came to the realization that this is what motivates me today indirectly.  It was while looking at Diego Velasquez’ portrait painting, Juan de Pareja, that the light went on.  There is so much to learn and experience in this world of drawing and painting.  I have just begun to scratch the surface and I want to learn more!

Motivation. Study, Asparagus

“Study, Asparagus”; Acrylic. Another study done in Gabriel Lipper’s class.

About the Paintings.

Local artist Gabriel Mark Lipper gives mini workshops at Enclave Studios and I jumped at the chance to take one.  It is a still life class that he titled “Classical Drawing, Vicious Painting”.  The title alludes to the painting fast and furious approach to still life painting. Put another way, “direct painting” – or lay the paint down and move on.

My usual mode of painting is layer upon layer; more of a sneak attack that takes a LONG time.  Its been a fun and interesting challenge to try to paint more directly.  I am definitely out of my comfort zone.  But the class fits the personal motivation of learning something new and challenging.

What Next?  Goals?

NPR had an article about a writing assignment that changes lives.  It talked about writing down what motivates you (me) and linking it to goals.  The article sites research that shows that this can be a powerful method for achieving personal goals, etc.

So, I’m thinking, the logical next step for me is to work on updating my goals.

How About You?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what motivates you and how you link it to your goals.  Thanks!



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Exhibit and Reception at South Stage Cellars

South Stage Cellars

Exhibit of paintings, including many new works, by Pegi Smith will be on display August 11–September 22, 2016
125 South 3rd St, Jacksonville, OR 97530
Reception on Saturday, August 27 from 5:30–8pm, featuring live music by Saucy—a five-piece band—complimentary hors d’oeuvres, fine wines, and of course art! Bring your smiles and join me for a delightful evening!

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SOAR Welcomes Artist Mindy Carpenter!

A new resident of Ashland and the southern Oregon arts community, SOAR welcomes artist Mindy Carpenter to the Visual Artists Directory.

Mindy Carpenter loves painting, writing, wonderful stationery, the ocean, all things nautical, funny animals, travel, books, vintage treasures, pastries, and cafés. She especially loves these things at the same time, which is how her business, Carpe Diem Papers, was born. She began painting in 2009 in Sausalito, California. It called to her–the colors, the texture of the paint, the meditative process, and the sweet time she spent on Sunday afternoons hanging out at the ICB building, home of an extraordinary artist’s community on Richardson Bay. she sat on the dock of that bay and though, One day I will do this full time.

SOAR welcomes artist Mindy Carpenter : Home, Sweet Home, original acrylic painting by Mindy Carpenter

Home, Sweet Home, by Mindy Carpenter

Fast forward a little, and Mindy has become a talented and successful illustrator. Her paintings and greeting cards have a childlike innocence, imaginative color palette, and a sweetness, a fondness for the little things in our journey that make us happy. Her recent move to Ashland yielded, among other things, a brilliant view of the Rogue Valley and a studio amidst tall trees where she paints the illustrations for her greeting cards.

We have syndicated Mindy’s fabulous blog so we can share her new posts with you as she writes new ones. Please visit Mindy Carpenter’s new listing at SOAR for contact information and web links so you can see more of her work and learn more about the artist.

Mindy will have an exhibition of her acrylic paintings at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville next month. We are looking forward to meeting the artist and seeing her work in person! Her show begins April 7 and runs through May 19th, with a reception on Saturday, April 30th from 5:30-8pm to include live music, hors d’oeuvres and of course South Stage Cellars’ fabulous wines.

We are blessed that Mindy has made southern Oregon and its art community the most recent stop on her creative journey. A journey charted by following her heart and seeing what’s on the other end of the yellow brick road. Carpe Diem. Welcome to southern Oregon, and to the Southern Oregon Artists Resource, Mindy!

SOAR Welcomes Artist Carla Griffin!

Carla J Griffin with "Emerald Lake," winner of the 2015 Pastel Society of Oregon Award of Distinction

Carla with “Emerald Lake,” winner of the 2015 Pastel Society of Oregon Award of Distinction

As she continues to make her name known as an important part of the southern Oregon arts community, SOAR welcomes artist Carla J Griffin to the Visual Artist Directory.

An award-winning artist from Grants Pass, Oregon, Griffin works primarily in pastel and oils, skillfully rendering a variety of subjects from still life and portraits of people to landscapes in styles from realism to impressionism. Fearless, she also offers a fine collection of pure abstract paintings. Carla might be considered an emerging artist, yet her work has turned the heads of judges, jurors and critics since she began exhibiting and gains more attention with each new show.

Carla grew up in Eagle Point, Oregon. Her mother was a self-taught artist, and due to her influence Carla has had a lifelong fascination with the shapes, colors, lines, surfaces and reflections she noticed all around her. She wasn’t able to take the time to learn art while raising her family, but was always looking at things, wondering how she would capture their light and beauty. She lived and worked in Texas for 19 years, from where she and her late husband traveled much, visiting the great museums in Europe, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and Chicago. After she married Burton, they moved to Grants Pass, Oregon. After settling in, she started taking classes with Marshall McDaniel, followed by workshops with Kim Ragsdale, Sue Bennett, Roni Marsh and Jeff Gogue. Jeff introduced her to Ryan Moon at Southern Oregon Art Academy. Her appreciation of the traditional art of Europe made the school a perfect fit. In 2012 Griffin was the first graduate of a three-year program at SOAA.

Bob Maass, oil painting portrait of a man by Carla J Griffin, Grants Pass, Oregon, painted by commission. This painting won a blue ribbon for Best Painting of the Year in a Southern Oregon Society of Artists juried critique in 2015.

Bob Maass, portrait in oil by Carla J Griffin

Griffin’s classical training has provided the strong foundation from which her art continues to grow. She paints in oil and pastel, with abstract works in acrylic. The most recent evidence of her success are two very special awards, 2015 Painting of the Year in the Southern Oregon Society of Artists year-end juried critique for her portrait in oil of Bob Maass and the Pastel Society Award of Distinction in 2015 for her pastel “Emerald Lake,” which went on to win Best in Show at the 2015 Josephine County Artists Association member show. President of the Josephine County Artists Association, Carla’s art hangs at Gallery One in Grants Pass, OR and at Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford, OR.

With these awards and many more to her credit, Carla finally decided it was time to get a professionally created website, and was recently completed. She’s even thinking of starting a blog, though that may take some time due to her busy schedule. Please visit Carla J Griffin’s new listing at SOAR for more links and contact information.

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome Carla to the Visual Artists directory and looks forward to sharing many announcements of prestigious shows and awards to come in this very talented woman’s career!




New Show at Shepherd’s Dream!

Pegi Smith - New show at Shepherd's Dream February-March 2016 announcement : Works by Pegi Smith will be on display at Shepherd's Dream in Ashland From Feb 5–March 31, 2016. Opening reception Feb 5 from 5–8pm with live music by Pegi Smith and Greta Gardiner, in conjunction with Ashland's First Friday ArtWalk

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Lotus Dreams

I just posted a newly completed painting, “Lotus Dreams,” in the Dreamscapes gallery on my website. This painting measures 60″ wide by 15″ high. Please contact me for details if you are interested in this piece!

Lotus Dreams : 60 x 15 Acrylic painting on canvas profile of a woman sleeping and a lotus flower with multicolored abstract and black background with gold aborigine-style dot pattern by contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith, Ashland, Oregon.

Lotus Dreams 60” x 15” Acrylic on canvas

Circular Conversations – Acrylic Painting

Introducing Circular Conversations

Hi!  I’d like to introduce one of my recent paintings titled “Circular Conversations”.  It was one of the last pieces I completed in 2015.

Circular Conversations

21.5 x 14 Acrylic over Watercolor on d’Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper

Fun with Acrylic Paint

This is unusual in that it is a paintings of figures done in acrylic.  I have done most of my figures in watercolor.  I enjoyed experimenting with acrylic on paper.  I might have to do more!

My Models

The subject was based on a drawing I did while waiting for an outdoor concert to begin.  The two women were engaged in a conversation.  I was at least 30 feet away and they didn’t notice me.

I thought I’d include the appropriate page from my sketch book.

Source drawings for Circular Conversations"

Ink & Graphite
Pentalic 3×5 sketchbook
People waiting for the start of the Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals Concert, Les Schwab Amphitheter, Bend OR. 6 Sep 2015

I imagine they were having a pleasant conversation, the type one has among friends.

About the Title

The title “Circular Conversations” refers to a type of conversation where you find yourself back where you started from.  Its funny how that goes sometimes.

I hope you enjoy the painting!  Thanks!


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