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Catching Up with Teena Estep, Britt Volunteer

This is my second year volunteering at Britt and I love it. Interacting with people from our community is a highlight to my summer.  I enjoy assisting as a ticket taker, merchandiser, hill usher, and cushion renter.

My focus in life is helping other people.  I work  with wonderful individuals, some of whom are disabled or deaf.  Sign language is an amazing language and I find Deaf Culture fascinating. 

I love that Britt offers such an array of artists.  My favorite is country, but experiencing Britt has opened me up to all kinds of music.

Volunteers really complement patrons’ Britt experience. While we help others follow safety and other guidelines, we also enhance the evening with kindness, smiles, and servants’ hearts.

Being a volunteer is a privilege. We can effect the mood of the performance by smiling and assisting in kind courteous ways. We are there to prevent problems and our attitudes can change a bad situation to no problem at all. Our job is to help everyone enjoy Britt to the fullest.


Gabriella Mingoia, Former Britt Intern


Catching up with Gabriella Mingoia

We like to check in with our former interns to discover what new adventures they’re having and how being a Britt Intern contributed to their career goals. Gabriella was a Development Intern during 2013.

Education Fellow at Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Since graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2013, I have been working as an Education Fellow at the award-winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre. The fellowship is an 11-month program consisting of 16 professionals working in either the production or artistic side of the theatre. My fellowship at Berkeley Rep has been extremely valuable and I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve learned in the past 6 months. I work on behalf of the School of Theatre’s Teen Council program, an umbrella program for a variety of events/classes for Bay Area High School students. I function as an administrator, a marketing associate, a producer, and an educator. The most exciting aspect of my job is that I make sure that San Francisco Bay Area teens have access to theatre. I’ve learned directly from mentoring a teen, how important it is for the arts and the community to intersect. Working with teenagers has taught me how impactful community engagement really is.

My Future Goals

After my fellowship, I hope to continue to work in the Bay Area. I’m interested in producing community engagement projects that bring together a myriad of arts organizations and the communities they serve. In the future, I hope to get my MFA in Theatre Criticism. But honestly, my plans seems to change every day!  

How the Britt Internship Help Me Grow

I don’t think that I would be a fellow at Berkeley Rep if I hadn’t done my Britt Festivals internship. My mentors at Britt believed in my career goals and pushed me to pursue them. The skills I learned at the Britt were really applicable to my fellowship at Berkeley Rep. I still apply what I’ve learned to the daily tasks of the fellowship. It really prepared me administratively.

2014 Season Announcement Party Rocks!

Britt announced its 2014 line up of artists this Wednesday to a packed house of excited Britt Festival subscribers, TV reporters, and local businesses.  Donna Briggs, Britt Festival’s President and CEO, presented the artists creatively, offering patrons the opportunity to guess the band from the song, played with gusto by the Matt Hill Trio.  (All photos were taken by Vicki Rosette).


The stage was absolutely packed with Britt Festival patrons who were wined and dined with a delightful display of local wines and beers and gourmet pizza.  People reconnected, toasted to the upcoming season, and discovered new artists as video played of the headliners gracing our stage this season.


Britt staff member Bow Seltzer (left) and Britt Board member Jim Earley reconnect.


Ken and Linda Reeder look forward to hearing the Season Announcement.


The Matt Hill Trio plays “Kokomo,” while guests play “Guess that Artist,” to win Britt-focused prizes!


Paula and Terry Erdmann enjoy local wines.

Performance Garden Update

Progress is being made on Britt’s new Performance Garden—a unique concert venue that will create an intimate setting for approximately 150 people and capture the natural splendor of Britt. From these photos, you can really start to visualize what the final project will look like. This photo is taken from Gate 1. All that dirt and gravel will eventually be pavers.

performance garden

The concrete pad in the forefront will be concessions for the Performance Garden.

performance garden

President & CEO, Donna Briggs points out the tiered seating area.

performance garden

View from new seating area of where the stage will be.

performance garden

New improved and lighted stairs from the lower restrooms.



Construction is underway

Ground has been broken on our new Performance Garden project! The construction project also includes improved accessibility to the park, and part of that means moving the Volunteer Center, which was previously located directly across from the main entrance on First Street. Last weekend, volunteers gathered on a sunny Saturday to help dismantle the existing Volunteer Center and move the pieces across the street, where it will be reassembled in an area naer the Box Office, and expanded to include a public restroom.

All photos by Vicki Rosette.


Looking down at the site of the future Performance Garden.


Looking down from the main entrance to the Britt park.


Volunteers dismantle the Volunteer Center.


Looking at the construction site from the Box Office.


Volunteers doing some heavy lifting.



The new site of the Volunteer Center in the foreground, with the old location in the background.



Volunteer Profile: "The Chair Dude" Chuck Nagel

Volunteer Profile: “The Chair Dude” Chuck Nagel


Chuck Nagel and his family have been involved with Britt for a long time.

His parents, Rick and Yolanda, were Britt volunteers who introduced Chuck to Britt when he moved to Oregon over ten years ago. Nagel has done it all for Britt, from concessions to clean up to setting up and running the old information booth that he and his wife Cindy (also a Britt volunteer) named “The Hut.”

Recently, at the Steve Miller Band show (Nagel’s favorite show of the season thusfar), Chuck set the record for chair rentals, a whopping unprecedented 220 rentals in one night! The usual number is 60 to 100. It’s no surprise that he is known to many concertgoers as The Chair Dude, a title he wears with pride.

One of Nagel’s favorite and most enjoyed aspects of volunteering for Britt is, “kidding around with Bow” (Seltzer, the Director of House Operations), and being with the people of Britt, the other volunteers and the community members from all of Nagel’s other volunteer projects, an extensive list which includes the Board of Directors for the Camelot Theater, the Planning Committee and the Chamber of Commerce for the City of Talent, the Harvest Festival, coordinating the music for the Ashland 4th of July, Midsummer’s Dream, being a musician in the Rogue Valley and, of course, Britt.

Nagel’s love of music translates directly into his new venture, concert promotion company Nagel Entertainment. The company is producing a show with Incendio, a Latin jazz group with a taste of Santana, that will take place at Main One Center of the Arts (aka Kids Unlimited) on August 10.

Nagel calls Britt “the great melting pot of the valley,” a place where a common love of music unites the various personalities of our area, a place where he runs into people he knows every show, and a few he doesn’t know yet, that just know him as The Chair Dude.

Rock Camp 2013

Britt Rock Camp 2013

Now in its third year, the Britt Rock Camp was a great success. In just one week, campers learned, played and collaborated with industry professionals and each other to compose and perform an original song. For more information on Britt’s Rock Camp, click here.

 The 2013 Britt Rock Camp – Campers and Faculty
 Learning the basics of drumming.
 Learning and having fun – the essence of Britt Institute’s Education Programs
  Giving it her all at the Britt Rock Camp final performance.
 These guys had some interesting head gear. Homage to Buckethead?
 The 2013 Britt Rock Camp at their final performance at Rocky Tonk in Medford.

Check out the Britt Institute

See more pictures from this year and previous years on our Pinterest Board

An Interview with Lukas Nelson

Interview with Lukas Nelson- June 2013

Lukas Nelson & POTR (Promise of the Real) perform at Britt on June 24
with Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.

by Manda Moon Reyes

MR: There are a lot of people in Southern Oregon who were really excited to hear that you were coming here. They were all over our social media when we announced your show.

LN: Yes! Cool. I can’t wait to play for ‘em.

MR: Do you remember your last show at Britt? You opened for Blues Traveler a few years ago.

LN: Oh yeah, that was a cool venue.

MR: What is the most interesting venue you’ve performed at?

LN: The Gorge up in your area, or Redrocks. Anything outside.

MR: I was reading that a couple years ago you bought the tour bus that you spent a lot of your childhood in. Are you still touring with that same bus?

LN: Well, we didn’t buy it, its in the family. I make all the payments on it now. We’ll be out in that bus 9 weeks, something like that, long tour.

MR: Does that help with the rigors of touring, to have a familiar home base? Does the bus have a name?

LN: Oh yeah. It makes a big difference. It’s the “Honeysuckle Rose Three.” When we’re in it, its called “The Real Mobile.”

MR: I can really relate to the philosophy behind “promise of the real” and I can hear it in your music, it’s authentic and assessable but not simple. Do you find that it’s difficult to keep that promise in a fame-based society, where people treat you differently if you’re famous? How do you stay grounded? How do you, Anthony, Tato and John keep your perspective?

LN: Its not really that difficult for me to be myself. It doesn’t really entail much to treat people nicely and not doing anything we don’t want to do as a band, you know? I think that, I mean, we don’t have a record label, so we don’t have anyone telling us what we need to do. Not that we never will. It’s more of like, an individual kinda thing. We’re all who we are, and that’s for better or worse, you know?

MR: I have a lot of respect for your choice to go out on your own and make the music that you want to make. It seems to have had a profound impact on the integrity of your music, like it comes out of you, is not forced. How did you know you would be okay if you went out on your own?

LN: I just felt it. I could feel that it was right. I used my intuition. I have a strong sense of intuition. I used that, and I was okay.

MR: You sing about a better America. What is one thing you could recommend to Britt fans on how they can help make this a better world for all of us?

LN: Well, you can make the world a better place by just treating people on a daily basis in and out of your life well. By making yourself happy, following you own bliss, as they say, then that joy that you have of being actually and truly happy, by doing what you’re supposed to be doing, spreads and people feel that and it makes them happy. You can go out and do things that make the world a better place, actively, but you do that anyway when you’ve aligned yourself with the right frequency. If you’re feeling like you’re aligned with joy, then life presents you with opportunities to spread that joy in different ways. Like, once you find that road that suits you best and that makes you happy, then all the little side roads that lead off from that serve to enhance that happiness.

MR: I love that. Thank you for that. It’s a good lesson for everyone, you know. I needed those words today.

LN: Just follow your bliss, I mean, it’s not a new lesson.

MR: No, but it’s a good reminder. So, what is your favorite Pandora station lately.?

LN: Um, JJ Cale. But I don’t do Pandora too much. I just put on the record.

MR: If you could play on stage with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

LN: That I haven’t played with, or that I could do again? ‘Cause I’ve played with a lot of my heroes. Paul McCartney, I’d love to play with him. Love to jam with Clapton at some point. I’d love to play with JJ Cale. Any one of these, I mean, I could think of a lot of people that I’d like to get on stage with.

MR: There’s a lot of life ahead of you here still, too.

LN: That’s true.

MR: What’s next after this tour?

LN: We’re working on a record. Hopefully, we’ll go right into the studio when its done. We’re looking to record in August, try to get it out next year.

MR: Awesome! I’ll look forward to that.

LN: You gonna be at the show?

MR: Oh yeah. I’m going to bring my 7 year old. We love to rock out together.

LN: Well come up, say hi!

Taste of Summer 2013

Jacksonville’s Taste of Summer 2013 was a great success! The group effort of Britt Festivals, the Jacksonville Oregon Business Association and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce co-hosted and collaborated on the planning and execution of this fun day in Jacksonville, celebrating the beginning of summer and the Britt concert season.

From a Wine Walk, with over 20 regional wineries, a beer garden, food booths, classic cars, chalk art and live local music to children’s activities and street performers, there was a little something for everyone.

Two lucky winners, both from out of town, won the $500 drawing from Airport Chevrolet. They were very excited to host their friends and family with their Jacksonville gift certificates, valid at all local businesses and restaurants.


Enjoying the wine walk.


Chalk artist, Cathy Gallatin, and friends made beautiful pieces by the courthouse.


The Blank Notes and their youngest fan. 


Herb from Quady North explains his wine offerings.


This gorgeous GTO was one of the many classic cars that came out for the day.


3 little birds (who will be on the Table Rock Stage before Michael Franti on July 6) spreading good vibes.


The crowd enjoying the beautiful Ritmo Allegre Ballet Folklorico performance.


Ballet Folklorico’s gorgeous color and culture.

All photographs by Bryan Nealy, 2013 Video and Photography Intern.

Volunteer Cleanup Day 2013


The fabulous Britt volunteers and staff came out for Volunteer Cleanup Day on June 1, 2013. The volunteers painted, raked, updated, and spiffed various projects all around the Britt Pavilion.


Executive Director, Donna Briggs, and volunteer, Sherry Lee,
use their muscles to beautify the property.


Fredric Berger, happy to help paint the reserved seating benches.


Carolyn Trottmann, getting the Britt hill ready for summer!


Raising the new roof on the sound platform.


Interested in becoming a Britt volunteer? Click here for more information.


Photographs by Sara King Cole.