Talent Public Arts Announces

We are happy to announce our first weekend art opening for Celebrating Textiles and Fashion! We have worked hard to make it a great event, with light refreshments, music my Allen Krutcher and lively conversation Sunday Nov. 17th from 1-3 at Talent City Hall Gallery. Join us in this first of its kind invitational exhibit featuring local Talent artists Sharon Lilly Bowes, Carol Christofferson, Lucy DeFranco, Caroline Dignes, Deborah Dryden, Joe Dunbar, Diane Ericson, Kathy Fennell, Carol Harvey, Yelena Joy, Thalia Keple, Diane Lea, Jo Ann Manzone, and Elaine Plaisance. Explore the mixed variety of felting, weaving, jewelry, clothing and costume design of local masters of their crafts. The show will be open for viewing Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 5 pm from November 13, 2013 through January 20, 2014 Hope to see you all there!

Friends of Talent Public Arts Update

Talent Public Arts - Bringing the Arts to LIfeHey everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on our first meeting of the “Friends” of Talent Public Arts.

We met on the evening of October 3 over at the Talent Library and had a great discussion about starting up the group and how you all can participate.
We also met with Betty LaDuke about helping us to create a mural for the Valley View side of the Talent Liquor store! We are totally psyched about this great proposal. Betty will have a few of us come over to her studio within the next couple of weeks to look at her work and her sketch book and collaborate on what we want to use for the imagery. Betty is thinking of creating harvest scenes with an abstracted background that the community can help to paint, so here’s your chance to jump in! Kelly Lamb has graciously offered to be the email connection for the “Friends”- and I’d like your permission to give her your contact information. If you want to be on the “Friends” list and get involved in creating or supporting this or other art projects in Talent, please just write me back with YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION in the SUBJECT LINE of your email.
I will send your contact info to Kelly only after I have heard from you. Thank you!
We also have a new display The Artists of Clayfolk: The Southern Oregon Potters Association up at City Hall through the month of October. Stop by and take a look!
Karen Rycheck, co-chair
Talent Public Arts Committee

Meeting to form the “Friends” of Talent Public Art

Talent Public Arts - Bringing the Arts to LIfeDear Friends of the Arts: First I’d like to thank all of you who came out to the first ever Talent Art Forum last week during hot temperatures to eat hot soup, cool salad, and discuss how to make this a better place to live.

Man would that hot soup be perfect for today!
We really enjoyed getting to meet you and hear what you have to say and want for our fair city.
The enthusiasm was exciting and heartwarming and it made us feel like it’s all been worthwhile doing this work.
I have attached a compiled list of what we discussed and organized it (hopefully) in a helpful manner.
We are always open to your suggestions and feedback and hope that we can accomplish some great projects together!
We had a few new folks show up to our monthly public meeting as well, so that was great.
As a result of our last meeting, we decided it would be good to jump right in and have you all meet over at the library on Oct. 3rd at 5:15 to meet one another and hopefully form your OWN group outside of the City government sphere to help the arts in our community. If you want to participate but are unable to attend this meeting please let us know and I will pass your contact info on to the group. Hopefully they will have their own name and email soon so you can find them directly!
We (the TPAC) will be here as a support to you, as you are to us, but due to already tight time constraints we will not be able to be members ourselves until we are done with our terms on the committee at the end of the year.
The first fun and easy activity we are proposing for the “Friends” is that you march together in the Harvest Festival Parade on Oct. 5th!
Just show up over at the grade school at 9am sharp and look for Marlane.
She will be creating giant painters pallet “shields” for a few of you to carry.
If you have your own-bring it along, as well as large paint brushes or any tools of your artistic trade you’d like -just remember you have to carry it!
And bring your own t-shirt or apron with “friends of the arts” or some such thing written on them in bold letters. Berets are welcome too! Fake French mustaches, well you get the idea right? We’re artists- be creative! Make yourself into a cubist painting or be a living sculpture…whatever. Have FUN and show the town that you value the arts in our community. We wish we could all be in the parade, but most of us are already helping out in myriad ways during the event so won’t be available. We’d love it if you could represent us!
As a committee we will begin tackling the Forum list you’ve created and hopefully (with your help, and with aid and guidance from us) we’ll be able to complete some fun and needed projects.
As one of the items on our Forum list was Recycled Art, I wanted to let you all know that an artist that uses recycled materials will be having a show over at the Schneider Museum next month (Oct.) and it might be a great inspiration to check out his work!  I know he uses shoes and plastic bottles to create fabulous installations and wall pieces – not sure about his other work yet. Check it out here: www.sou.edu/sma/
We will be looking for at least 3 replacements on the Public Arts Committee at the end of this year. Most of us have served for 3 years now and it’s time to pass on the mantle and catch up on our own lives and artwork. We are really hoping some of you will step up and take over so we can keep the progress going. We will be more than happy to help you transition into these positions as well. Let us know if you’d like to apply and we will direct you to the application (just a simple one pager).


We have a new show up at City Hall: “Abundance”. Check it out and let us know what you think.
In addition, we are creating a show for the end of the year called “Celebrating Textiles and Fashion” which will open Nov. 12th and run through the end of the year.
This is an invitational show, but if you or anyone you know is a professional textile artist or fashion designer, please pass on the attached flyer and have them contact me here: [email protected] or call karen at 541-621-6239.
We are also changing out our display cases so come see our Ceramics display from the members of Clayfolk (the Southern Oregon Potters Association) in Oct. as well as sculptures by Wataru Sugiyama in mid Nov.

Art Forum Ideas Compendium

What we want:

More all-ages art opportunities in the community
Create/promote a unique identity for the City of Talent through interactive art projects that engage the community
“Square-foot-art” made as individual pieces, then shown together as one large project
“Recycled Art” project

Where we want it:

Art/creative aspect to proposed splash pad at Chuck Roberts Park, i.e. engineer, designer, landscape architect, artist
Art in the Great Green Garden (community garden)
Art on Ray’s Market
Art on the utility boxes
“Poetry Posts” or “Photo Posts” installed throughout town
Art benches throughout town

Promoting ourselves to the greater community:

Open studios tour/sale
El Dia De Los  Ninos in Talent (April 30th)
Day-long Art Festival in Talent- selling art, performing, dancing, etc.
Connecting to Bell House Gallery and Talent Studios and other art studios in town

How we can get there:

Establish Friends of Talent Public Arts as a non-city group to aid our mission
Set goals for small groups to work on together
Blog- Talent Artists
Better signage/media for the promotion of the City of Talent
Theme or design element woven throughout town

Wish List:

Poetry reading venue needed
Affordable studio space needed
More venues for shows
Gallery space needed

Possible OSF interaction/participation:

Community Art Center in OSF Prop shop?
Ask OSF to fund a small public art project?
Fundraising idea: online photo contest/collaborate with OSF?
“                      : paint a deer