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Unstoppable Voters 2021

Our Unstoppable Voters project is fighting voter suppression through creativity, joy, humor, and innovation.

Find out more at:
Unstoppable Voters Info Session
Friday, May 21, 3-3:45pm EST
Register via Zoom

We support and fund wild, experimental, funny and joyful projects and help make them more impactful through training, research and community building.

If you can’t make it at this time, register anyway, and we’ll send notes afterwards, and a recording.

Who’s This For?

For Voter Advocacy Organizations

If you work for an organization and want support to make fresh, fun voter campaigns, get in touch, and attend the info session.

For Artists and Creative People

If you want to use your creative skills to help defend democracy, join the info session.

For Anyone Who Cares about U.S. Democracy

If you like this idea and want to support it, join the info session to learn more and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates soon. And donate!

What is Unstoppable Voters?

Unstoppable Voters celebrates voting rights and counters U.S. voter suppression through experimental, innovative advocacy. It is run by the Center for Artistic Activism, a leader in the field of research and training around creative campaigns. Effective advocacy must be waged on multiple fronts, and we bring a focus on the cultural change that is critical. We also bring new voices to advocacy – artists, cultural workers, and other creatives who contribute unique perspectives and revitalize movements with joy, humor and art. You may have seen our work in the press right before and after the 2020 election, like the feature in CBS This Morning.

If you’re not sure creative activism is effective, just look to our most recent huge win: we started the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign last year, to use creative activism to make COVID vaccines free and accessible globally–and the Biden administration just announced its historic support for what we’ve been fighting for!

Here’s what will happen in the next few months:

Creative Activism + Voting Info Session – May 21

This is the kickoff. We’ll discuss creative activism responses to voter suppression and how you can help. The session will include an extravaganza of voting rights experts. We’ll talk about how organizations, artists, activists and others can be involved.

Unstoppable Voters Workshop – Mid-June (exact dates TBA)

A three-session, online workshop where participants learn our trade secrets about creative activism, and refine ideas for anti-voter suppression projects. Great for staff and volunteers at voter advocacy orgs, for artists, creatives, and more. This is a chance to experience our popular Creative Activism Academy training that we’ve been honing for 12+ years in workshops around the world. You’ll learn lots of examples of inspiring and truly effective creative actions, plus processes and tools you can apply to your own work. Applications for the workshop will open by May 21.

Applications open for funding Unstoppable Voters Projects – June 11-25

We invite you to submit your best, wildest, most impactful project ideas. 

You do not need to participate in the workshop to submit an application, but it will help you refine your proposal and make it more successful!

We’re especially looking for projects that:
  • Are creative, risk-taking, innovative ideas that might not be supported elsewhere
  • Feel relevant, exciting, pressing, and get new people to show up and get out
  • Motivate people to act on calls from advocacy organizations
  • Help advocacy organizations do a great job engaging people in voting issues
  • Help other people express themselves through creative activism
  • Are collaborations between artists and voting advocacy organizations
  • Are nonpartisan
Some questions that we have, and that you can ask yourself:
  • Will it have real impact against voter suppression, especially in key states like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona? Does it align with real needs in communities most impacted by voter suppression? 
  • Does it do more than “raise awareness,” meaning, the project has strong potential to change people’s behavior? 
  • Does it empower and create community? Does it welcome people to participate? 

How does this work for advocacy organizations?

In 2021 we are providing creative advocacy support – funding, artist fellows, training, outreach – to organizations working against voter suppression. Right now, thanks to a generous funder, we can give some of this support for free to a small number of advocacy organizations.

Some of the benefits that orgs see when they work with us are increased engagement among new audiences, more high-quality volunteer assistance, new leadership skills and organizing confidence among staff and volunteers, and more creative and successful campaigns. 

How will it work? One or some of your staff should join the info session and sign up for the workshop. Or contact us.

Past Unstoppable Voters Projects

Some of the projects from 2020: 

Cirque d’Vote organized dozens of circus performances at early voting locations and on Election Day. Courting Voters with Court Fees was a North Carolina effort focused on the approximate 100,000 formerly incarcerated people who could newly vote. Float the Vote organized Detroit food and ice cream trucks to educate people about registration, early voting and polling locations.  #MyJamMyVote was a songwriting contest to amplify civic engagement in the 2020 election cycle. Project Your Vote projected voting information and narrative imagery in dozens of locations. Drawing Out the Vote was a voter mobilization campaign in Georgia that used music and animation to illustrate Fair Fight’s information about voting access. Voter Suppression Interventions drew attention to voter suppression tactics through satirical interventions and videos. Fuck Talking, Go Vote mobilized diverse cowboys and cowgirls across the country in 11 rides to the ballot boxes before election day. Delivering Democracy were troupes of dancing mailboxes throughout Pennsylvania. My Vote Won’t Bite took the form of stickers, flags, and posters in a dozen locations. Packing and Cracking is an interactive mapmaking event about gerrymandering. 

More details about these and other Unstoppable Voters projects are here.

Unstoppable Voters is a project of the Center for Artistic Activism and has been made possible through the generous support of Andrea Soros Colombel and Open Society Foundations.

Thank you hugely to our generous Unstoppable Voters anchor funder Andrea Soros Colombel for knowing that artistic activism is the future of advocacy, and for caring so deeply about democracy.

The photos on this page are from the Unstoppable Voters projects in 2020.

Big Win for Vaccine Access!

Care Bears hold a banner aloft reading "Sharing is Caring"

This week pharmaceutical corporations lost out to Care Bears and the power of creative activism.

On Wednesday May 5, we saw our past year of creative organizing around equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines pay off in a big way.

As you know, the Center for Artistic Activism been working alongside the access to medicines movement over the past year. Through our collaborative project Free the Vaccine for COVID-19, we’ve been helping hundreds of people use creative activism to get the COVID-19 free and accessible around the world. It was looking grim, as pharmaceutical corporations were successfully making billions of dollars while billions of people outside first world countries have not had access to life-saving vaccines. 

But on Wednesday we learned that President Biden has indeed listened to our demands to support the TRIPs Waiver, and favors waiving protections on vaccine patents so that poor countries can produce the vaccines. This is a huge win for the movement and for everyone.

And since May 5th, more countries have signed on to support equitable vaccine distribution, and our collaborators have been all over the news, from the UK to Japan to Australia. The artificially inflated stock prices (propped up by monopoly agreements and government supported research costs) even seemed to begin to correct themselves.

How did artistic activism help create this huge change?

  • We created an Advocacy Innovation Lab where people were educated on access to medicines issues and artistic activism skills in a accessible and communal way.
    We helped health access organizations develop and implement new creative strategies, from ambitious objectives through surprising tactics.
  • Instead of the usual body bags and “you say X, we say Y” chants, there have been Care Bears, Dolly Parton parody songs, delicious food, and Go-Go Bands.
  • We energized hundreds of new people – artists, grandmothers, sheet metal workers and so many more – in a vibrant, global, and online community to contribute their creativity and skills over thousands of hours in the past year. While in quarantine.

Photos from our May 5 Action in DC

This was a group effort of Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 and the People’s Vaccine coalition. Photos by Nicholas Moreland.

Hiring: Assistant Director of Finance, HR, Operations

We’re hiring! We’re looking for a part-time Assistant Director for Finance, Human Resources, and Business Operations to help with budgets, contracts, hiring, and non-profit administration work. This is a remote position at approximately 10-15 hours per week to start, but the amount of time may be negotiable and flexible for the right person. Must have experience with nonprofit administration. We’d love someone in the NYC / upstate area, but we’re open. Check out the full job description below and on You can apply by sending materials to directors at

Help with budget, finances, hiring, and operations at a small, growing nonprofit dedicated to helping people use art and creativity to effect social change.

The Assistant Director oversees Finance, Human Resources, and Business Operations, including budget planning, development, implementation, analysis, transaction reconciliation and reporting; identifying and addressing fiscal opportunities, challenges, and risks. The Assistant Director advises on resource allocation and financial planning. Exercising initiative and independent oversight, the Assistant Director works with C4AA’s leadership to facilitate the allocation of resources to advance our mission. The Assistant Director provides the strategic vision for the human resources function across the organization and is responsible for C4AA employee growth strategy, providing guidance around building a strong organizational infrastructure to support our continued growth.  

Most work will be done remotely, with occasional in-person meetings in NYC or the Hudson Valley if possible. Work times are mostly flexible. 

Center for Artistic Activism is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and seeks staff, contractors and partners who reflect the diversity of the people we serve. At the Center for Artistic Activism, a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all employees and volunteers, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, feels valued and respected. We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach and provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all of our departments, programs, and worksites. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

The primary responsibilities of the Assistant Director are:


  • Lead development of annual operating and capital budgets with executive team, and Board to support C4AA’s tactical and strategic initiatives;
  • Provide leadership and ensure monitoring and review of operating and budgets, and completion of monthly report to President and quarterly reports to Finance Committee;
  • Supervise accountant and bookkeeper and staff to ensure accurate and efficient processes for payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable, account reconciliation, preparation of financial reports for grant applications and reports, and maintenance of financial records, including all contractual agreements between C4AA and outside parties and organizations;
  • Maintain internal control systems to assure integrity of financial transactions to prevent errors, omissions and possible fraudulent activity
  • Oversee development and security of financial management systems and technology;
  • Serve as primary liaison with outside auditor and C4AA’s Financial Committee in the preparation and completion of annual audited financial statements and all necessary federal and state filings.


  • Build an employment environment in full compliance with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating legislation; enforcing adherence requirements; advising the President and Board; on needed actions, and overseeing C4AA’s Personnel Policies Manual;
  • Oversee staff recruiting, retention, performance review and disciplinary processes to ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work place;
  • Manage employee health and retirement benefits;
  • Partner with management to resolve employee relation issues; provide coaching and counseling to management and staff; collaborate with legal counsel on issues as appropriate;
  • Support Directors and Board Chair in DEI training and other skill building for Board and staff.


  • Direct staff in monitoring and reporting on progress toward achieving the goals of C4AA’s five-year strategic plan and annual work plan;
  • Support Directors in managing operations 
  • Direct C4AA in maintenance of all insurance policies and riders;
  • Support and advise Board and Directors in Strategic Planning as relates to business operations.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in non-profit or for-profit management and/or finance/HR, with a comprehensive understanding of financial processes and national standards in human resources and a track record of excellence in organizational and financial management, supervising staff, and creative problem solving;
  • B.A. degree and advanced degree in nonprofit administration, business, organizational management, accounting, or economics preferred;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one and group settings;
  • Belief in the necessity of creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work place and evidence of pursuing these goals;
  • An eye for innovation and an adaptable and nimble approach;
  • Possesses high ethical standards. Respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others. Interprets and understands policies and applicable laws and regulations to ensure personal and unit compliance;
  • A collaborative, understanding, flexible, fun and relaxed team player who enjoys their work and wants to be part of our mission.
About the Center for Artistic Activism

C4AA is a NY state nonprofit formed in 2009. We help people organizations and individuals create impactful social change through art, culture and creativity. We have trained thousands of people in 30 countries. We are a small organization of 2 full-time staff, and 2 part-time staff, but growing as more and more people see the incredible possibilities inherent in innovative methods for advocacy. We are funded through a combination of grants, contracts, and individual donations. We work remotely from our homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Beacon, and Catskill, NY but meet up at least monthly and travel often in non-pandemic times. We have not had a person in this position previously – we are looking for the right person to help us grow. Learn more about us at

May 5: DC Rally for a People’s Vaccine

Participants walking down the street in DC with signs

Haga clic aquí para leer este mensaje en español.

A global pandemic requires a global solution. Yet we’re allowing pharmaceutical corporations to profit off the pandemic and public research. Their monopolies prevent generic producers, and limit production and access to these life saving medications for our neighbors in other parts of the world. These policies prolong the pandemic and allow virus variants to spread.

We know governments can do much more to end the global pandemic, including sharing vaccine recipes and helping the world make billions more doses.   

Join us May 5th in Washington, DC for a Rally for a People’s Vaccine

We’ll call on the Biden administration to ensure urgent access to safe and effective COVID-19 treatments and vaccines for everyone, everywhere.  

Rally for a People’s Vaccine (October 2020), Washington DC

What can you expect?

Well, if you want everyone to have access to delicious pie, you wouldn’t ship pies around the world, you’d share the recipe! That’s what we are asking the Biden administration, pharmaceutical corporations and the WTO – put our tax-payer funded research to use! Share the vaccine recipe, technology, and know-how with the world so we can scale up manufacturing, increase access and curb the pandemic!

So expect some pie and ice cream at this event! There will also be music from Long Live Go-Go, and dancing to our Jonas Salk Remix!

RSVP and see you there!

Call for Submissions: Actipedia

Actipedia – our open-access, community generated wiki to document, share and inspire creative activism – is looking for fresh submissions!

You can contribute to Actipedia! Here’s two wildly different but incredibly effective creative actions to get your wheels turning.

The Condom On Jesse Helms’ House

Remember that scene from Pose where Blanca and the squad inflate the giant condom over the racist, transphobic real estate lady’s house? Their ingenious enterprise was inspired by a REAL-LIFE maneuver of Artistic Activism from 1991 that prevented Senator Helms from proposing and passing life-threatening AIDS policy ever again. Read about the impact of the 1991 Condom on Jesse Helm’s House here before you shed a tear for the final season of Pose.

Pothole Party

After two years of trying to get the local government to fix a cumbersome pothole without success, the Contemporary Art Center in North Macedonia decided to throw it a birthday party. They bought a cake and decorations and invited the media to “a celebration of the birthday of the hole in the road.” The local media put pressure on the municipality and within three days they began repairs on the road. Read about the Pothole Party and its subsequent brilliant action – the Pothole Pond – here.

Visit to create an account and upload your action and follow @actipedia on Instagram to get inspired!

Bernie Sanders supports a People’s Vaccine

Bernie Sanders Supports a People's Vaccine

During the People’s Vaccine Alliance March 10 Global Rally Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a message announcing his support for a People’s Vaccine and calling on the Biden administration to take the necessary steps toward global vaccine equity.

It is unconscionable that amid a global public health crisis, huge multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies continue to prioritize profits by protecting their monopolies and driving up prices rather than prioritizing the lives of people everywhere, including in the Global South.

Our government has invested enormous sums of taxpayer dollars into the production of these technologies. All people should benefit. Not just a few already obscenely wealthy CEOs and shareholders in the wealthiest country on earth.

We need a People’s Vaccine, not a profit vaccine.

Senator Bernie Sanders

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 was a founding member of the People’s Vaccine Alliance.

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 – Open Meeting

Join Free the Vaccine’s Open Meeting!

Come talk with leaders in our campaign about artistic activism for global vaccine equity, actions and events coming soon, and see how you can support the campaign for global COVID-19 vaccine equity.

Everyone is welcome! Register now

Alumni Report: A Promise to Your Hero in Albania

Albanian artistic activist, Migen Qiraxhi, joined a Center for Artistic Activism training in Sarajevo in 2019. Since then he’s taken those lessons and shared them with groups in Albania to create remarkable actions against corruption. We’re happy to share a recent report from Migen.

We created and printed in 2d versions the figures (silhouettes) of the most important and respected historical figures of the Albanian history. Taking into consideration the respect that citizens have for them, we built a campaign in which citizens were asked to condemn the phenomenon of corruption. Their messages were an invitation to reflect their actions or passivity in the Albanian society. Through their signatures on the printed figures of the heroes, we managed to create interactivity but also to got from citizens their commitment in the fight against the phenomenon of corruption.

Together with the team trained for creative activism, we worked with:

  • The selection of figures – which were comprehensive and with a high contribution to the country
  • The definition of the design
    • red was labeled as the color of the Albanian national affiliation;
    • a minimalist style and silhouette was chosen as the most suitable to have space in order to give more weight to the message and not the visual details of the heroes;
    • the size of the figures was chosen the same as that of a real human to create a direct relationship between figures and citizens.
  • Messages for each figure – each figure asked citizens to promise to them that they would not commit corruption in a specific sector, which is related to the hero’s work by relating it with a problematic sector of corruption (evaluated according to national and international organizations).

Invitations prepared for each city

We had the opportunity to talk to citizens in all the cities and got a lot of compliments and appreciation from them on the idea of the action. We also managed to collect their signatures in the form of commitment in the fight against corruption, attracting the attention of the media and various personalities of our country and taking the activity “A Promise to Your Hero” in another level, by becoming a campaign at the national level to address the issue of corruption.

Tirana, Feb 22, 2021

The Municipality of Tirana did not allow us to use the town square, thus we were located in a tourist street in the center of the capital, which has a private administration, but which allowed us to communicate equally with the citizens and throughout the day the exhibition was visited by hundreds of citizens passing by, many of whom signed a promise to their favorite hero.

The event was covered by 4 national television stations and in two of them, live broadcasting was made possible for 15 minutes. Below you can find the news prepared by some of them:

The project staff conducted two livestream conversations on Facebook, which had a high level of views and positive reactions from citizens. The first livestream was realized in the form of an interview where Mr. Migen Qiraxhi, as leader of this action, presented the symbolism and messages that each hero carried. The conversation was reached by 3,000 people and had 9 shares.

The second livestream conversation on Facebook focused on the topic of corruption, during which a character very dear to the public, activist and professor Mr. Erion Kristo was invited, who made a presentation of the negative phenomena of corruption in the Albanian society. The conversation was reached by 1,000 people.

Shkodër, Feb 28, 2021.

The activity in Shkodra was of great interest to pedestrians. The exhibition was covered by 6 national televisions which broadcasted the information in the central news editions.

Below you can find the news prepared by some of them:

Voice of America

Vlorë, March 3, 2021

During the activity held in Vlora, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Albania H.E Ms. Guusje Korthals Altes expressed her interest to visit the exhibition and give her message, who described this action as an effective way to talk to citizens on the phenomenon of corruption and the role of citizens in the fight against it. She shared this activity on the social media of the Dutch Embassy also.

Present in this event was also UNICEF representative Dr. Roberto De Bernardi , as well as the Mayor of Vlora, Mr. Dritan Leli , who chose to show his commitment and sign 2 figures: Ismail Qemali (father of the Albanian state) who is known for his statements that as an official he would not seek or accept corruption; and since we are close to the parliamentary elections he also signed the figure of Musine Kokalari (dissident) who requires her fellow citizens not to fall prey of vote buying or vote coercion. He also shared the photos on his social networks:

Korçë, March 5, 2021

In the city of Korca, the gallery of the heroes and the activity were positioned on one of the most important streets of the city, which gave us the opportunity to attract the attention of many pedestrians with whom we communicated and got their commitment on the fight against corruption in the country.

Kavajë, March 7, 2021

Taking into consideration the invitation of a group of young people from the city of Kavaja (Kavaja Book Club) we decided to organize our action in the city of Kavaja also, where we also attracted the attention of young people and other pedestrians.

Online campaign

Throughout these days of activities we have accompanied our actions with numerous posts on social medias, which has increased the interactivity between those who could not be present physically at the event to make a promise to their hero.

Also, to increase the impact, we have prepared 5 video – messages which will be distributed on social networks to spread out the message.

Below you can find the link of the materials on YouTube, which are not planned to be published in the following days:

1 year into our COVID campaign

“No one should be poor because they are sick, or sick because they are poor” is what our partner at Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, Merith Basey, told us last year before the pandemic began. She saw it coming and we started planning. The pandemic was declared, and two days later we had the plan for Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 on paper.

Today is the one year anniversary of the declaration of the pandemic. While many in wealthy nations are getting their vaccination shots – in record time – the disparity in the roll-out is shocking. In 130 countries around the world, not one dose has been administered to anyone in those nations. The people paid for the research and shouldered the risk in developing these medications – not just through “Operation Warp Speed” but decades of publicly funded science through taxpayer supported institutions like the National Institutes of Health (in the United States) and others in places like Canada, Europe, Korea, Austrialia, and New Zealand. We paid for the research and have now allowed that work to be monopolized by private corporations and sold back to us.

Today in London

No one is safe, until everyone is safe. Profiteering off a pandemic is unacceptable. Permitting monopoly patents on publicly funded research only prolongs the pandemic.

The scarcity that drives profit and prioritizing the nations who can pay the most leaves our friends and family around the world in danger. It exacerbates inequality between rich nations who can begin to move forward and nations with less who will continue to suffer. But even the vaccinated are threatened by these policies too as delays allow variants to spread and thrive.

So what have we done?

When the WHO declared a global health emergency in January of 2020, we had the benefit of already being in conversation with Merith Basey, a Center for Artistic Activism training alumni, and with her we developed a new program to address the disparities we saw coming. Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 took elements we’d developed in years past – online instruction, action driven teaching, cultivating innovative methods, and more – as well as Universities Allied for Essential Medicines’ expertise in access to medicines and mentoring youth leadership.

We got started in March of last year holding information sessions that foretold the challenges ahead, mapping out alternate paths, and explaining how people could be involved, how they could contribute and learn, and how to do it from lockdowns and quarantines around the world. We set up a secure online forum, found spanish translation, and reached out to partners from places like ACT-UP, Health GAP, and Public Citizen.

Each “season” we ran includes hundreds of participants from dozens of countries around the world. Participants, exhausted by countless typical online meetings, describe Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 meetings as the highlight of their week. They talk about learning new things from the access to medicines world, or discovering new ways to push forward their campaigns from the artistic activism side. Despite the depressing reality of the issue we’re working on, friends are made and a lot of fun is had; dance lessons, costumes, black-tie award ceremonies.

And over time other organizations have joined us. Along with UNAIDS, OxFam, and Global Justice Now we launched The People’s Vaccine coalition.

Yesterday Senator Bernie Sanders created a video announcing his support of our work and calling on the Biden Administration to clear the obstacles that patents and profits put before public health.

Today, March 11, there are actions in cities all over the world, calling to “Free the Vaccine”.

Pfizer Headquarters New York

Washington DC

Protest at the offices of PHRMA – a Pharmaceutical Lobbying group

Moderna in Boston



What you can do

  1. Call Ask the Biden Administration to join C-TAP – the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool. This would enable the sharing of data and research with the rest of the world. Call the White House +1 202 456 1414
  2. Call your leaders to support a COVID TRIPS Waiver at the WTO, which would waive restrictions on “trade-related intellectual property rights” thus allowing W.T.O. member countries to produce generic versions of any coronavirus vaccines and Covid-19 treatments.
  1. Ask any research Universities you may be affiliated with to sign the Open COVID Pledge.
  2. Talk to your friends and family about the value of public funding for medicines!

SuperCorsa: How To Make High Performance Artistic Activism

A special course in March & April 2021, sponsored by Voqal.

SuperCorsa (formerly known as the Master Class in Artistic Activism) will be an online course taught by the experts at Center for Artistic Activism. It is free to you, thanks to Voqal’s sponsorship. The SuperCorsa will take place over four 2-hour sessions in March and April (dates to be determined based on finalist’s availability).

SuperCorsa is free to you, thanks to Voqal’s sponsorship.

Before You Apply
You must watch the Intro Seminar (Beyond Raising Awareness: An Introduction to Creative Activism), if you haven’t already. It’s the first part of the course, and required watching before applying. The video recording is below and links to resources we mention in the video are here:

Apply here for SuperCorsa, by March 8 at 11:59pm ET.

What Is the SuperCorsa?

SuperCorsa: How to Make High Performance Artistic Activism is an online course for people who want to better use creativity, art and culture in their social change practice. It will take place over four roughly two hour sessions (with a 20 minute break) over a three – four week period in March. The Center for Artistic Activism team will share methodologies, tools and lessons learned from years of research and trainings. They and your fellow participants will help you to refine objectives and develop creative tactics for current or future campaigns. Graduates can join the Center for Artistic Activism’s online artistic activism community where people from all over the world share projects, ideas and inspiration for creative activism.

Who Can Apply?

This course will include activists, artists and others. Most participants will be staff of advocacy organizations that Voqal supports across the United States. We also have created space for 5 artists (note: we define “artist” very broadly!).

We’re selecting participants who are:

  • generous
  • have some previous experience
  • open to new perspectives and methods
  • excited about exchanging expertise and insight with others

When, and How Much Time?

The SuperCorsa will take part through online sessions and online forums throughout the month of March and in April, with introductory meetings in February. Dates will be finalized after finalists are selected.

The course will be structured around four 2-hour online meetings, with additional homework and interactions with other participants, on your own schedule. You can plan on spending around 4-8 hours a week on the course, depending on how much you choose to put into it. The work is designed to help you work on a campaign, issue or project you already are working on, or want to work on.

What Will You Get From It?

  • An understanding of how creativity has been effectively used in social movements around the world, and principles you can draw on for your own work.
  • The research and theory behind artistic activism, and methods for assessing and evaluating creative action campaigns.
  • Tools and skills to help you integrate creative strategy into your social change practice, and ways to include your colleagues, friends and comrades.
  • Your own proposal for a creative campaign or social change project, with clear objectives and creative tactics, and ready to share with colleagues, funders and others.

Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions.