December 10: Noelle

Join Masterpiece on December 10th to celebrate the birth of Christ. “Noelle” features a stunning stained glass recreation by artists Kevin Christman and Veronica Thomas.  Embedded live actors bring this classical and mesmerizing narration to life. 


The event also features our “Noelle” art exhibit, elements of the Christmas story by our artist partners including Ron DiCianni, Thomas Blackshear, Michael Dudash, Michele Struss, Charity Hubbard and the Rogue Classical Atelier, Brenda Mickelson, Sandy Cathcart, and more.


At 9:30 a.m. during The Story regular church service featuring the stained glass performance, art exhibit, Pastor Xav’s message and regular worship.

A 3:00 matinee features Masterpiece’s hosted Christmas service featuring stained glass performance, art exhibit, special music and carols with the jazzy finesse of Jen and Jim Abdo, poetry with Amirah David, and a glimpse at the power of Christmas through the arts – observations with Masterpiece founder and President, Jeanne Randall.

For more info:  [email protected] or call 541.601.7496

Art exhibit featuring:

Angels Song by Brenda Mickelson, from the Noelle art exhibit
Angels Song by Brenda Mickelson
Immanuel God With Us by Michele Struss, from the Noelle art exhibit
Immanuel God With Us by Michele Struss
Simeon's Moment by Ron DiCianni, from the Noelle art exhibit
Simeon’s Moment by Ron DiCianni
Angel Light by Sandy Cathcart, from the Noelle art exhibit
Angel Light by Sandy Cathcart

Chamber of Commerce

We are also honored to host the Ashland Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Dec. 15th at The Story for the weekly Chamber Greeter’s Meeting. Masterpiece is a member of the Chamber and is delighted to offer this hospitality and introduce Chamber members to the work we do, showcase our Nativity stained glass installation, and have members tour the “Noelle” art exhibit. Our exhibits always give us an opportunity to share a Biblical worldview through this intriguing and respectful vehicle of the arts that fosters receptivity and fulfills our mission.

A very special thanks and appreciation to our host venue, The Story, at 318 B St, Ashland, Oregon

’24 Fringe Festival Application

The 2024 Oregon Fringe Festival Application is LIVE!

Visit this link to submit your application to present at the ’24 Fringe Festival.

Southern Oregon Guild May 2023 Event & Classes

Spend time with a Mother or caregiver in your life while enjoying fine art, local wine, homemade chocolates, and live music by Terry D. Davis. Let her pick out a gift from the variety of local art and fine crafts on display, or treat her to a gift certificate. In-person class sign-ups will be available for our upcoming Citrus Beeswax Candle workshop held on May 20. Attend together and make candles to enjoy and take home!  Our Mother’s Day event is FREE with no prior registration needed. Donations are always appreciated. The Guild Gallery & Art Center is located in the historic Kerby Belt Building at 24353 Redwood Highway Kerby, OR 97531.

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn a fun new craft this spring? We invite you to join us at the Guild Gallery & Art Center on Saturday May 20 from 1-3pm to learn how to make Citrus Beeswax Candles with Alyssa Babin of Fireheart Candles. During this 2 hour hands-on workshop led by Guild Member and local artisan Alyssa Babin, you’ll make and take home your own citrus beeswax candle using high-quality organic ingredients. Beeswax doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, and because there are no additives or chemicals, beeswax burns clean and doesn’t produce unsightly black soot. When burned, beeswax candles produce negative ions which bind with air pollutants (positive ions) and drop to the floor, removing them from the air and leaving it cleaner!

All candles will be made inside a large citrus peel of your choosing which emits an uplifting natural citrus scent when used! Learn how DIY candle-making can be easily adapted to your own unique tools that you have available at home. This is a wonderful opportunity to treat Mom or a caregiver to the class for Mother’s Day and make a candle together!

Class fees are on a sliding scale $35-$55 and include all materials. When you register, please honestly self-select your contribution. If the sliding scale would be a hardship and you’d like to request a scholarship, please send an email to [email protected] or call us at 541-592-5019.


Guild Member, Alyssa Babin, is a poet, musician, independent parent, and candle maker currently living on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. Alyssa was inspired to create her business, Fireheart Candles, when her child Alex was still in the womb. Driven by a desire to express herself creatively and spend as much time as possible with Alex, Fireheart Candles was born! Fireheart, Alex’s middle name, was chosen by Alyssa’s niece and means fire and love all at once–a metaphor for the warmth and beauty that candles offer us. Alyssa makes every candle by hand, beginning with mixing and pouring concrete for each container. After curing, they are then hand painted with her unique marbling technique and laser etched with her own designs created by Adobe Illustrator and laser etching robots. Local beeswax is then mixed with organic essential oils and poured into each unique container to create her one-of-a-kind candles! Every candle she makes is infused with love and the special bond between mother and child is felt! To learn more about Alyssa and Fireheart Candles, visit Alyssa’s beeswax candles, in various sizes and scents, are also for sale at the Guild Gallery & Art Center.

Art in The Vineyard: A New Guild Gallery at Bridgeview Winery, opening celebration on Saturday April 15, 2023 from 5-8pm

Kicking off with a solo show featuring the art of local landscape painter Sheila Mason!

The Southern Oregon Guild & Bridgeview Winery proudly present, ART IN THE VINEYARD, a new Guild Member exclusive art gallery at Bridgeview’s newly renovated Tasting Room in Cave Junction! Kicking off our new gallery, Sheila Mason will be displaying a solo collection of her landscape paintings and sculpture. Join in on Saturday April 15, 2023 from 5-8pm for a FREE opening celebration to hear Sheila share her creative inspirations and answer any questions. Light appetizers will be provided along with a variety of Bridgeview wines available for tasting and purchase. Bridgeview Winery specializes in German varietals such as Pinot Noir and Riesling. They currently have a gold medal award winning Oregon Pinot Noir that has received a 89 point rating with Wine Spectator and is a great value!

Sheila Mason is a self-taught artist who lives in the mountains of the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Her textured landscape paintings celebrate the flora and fauna of the Siskiyou & Kalomiopsis Wilderness, specifically the Pacific Coast Redwoods. Painting to her is about allowing the mind’s eye to stand among the trees away from the hustle and bustle of life’s minutiae. With each piece, Mason invites the viewer to join her in smelling the forest and hearing the sounds that abound there. She incorporates 3D textural elements into many of her 2D works. Tree bark comes alive and extends off the canvas through her unique application of thick gesso and plaster. She seeks to refresh the viewer and touch the soul, reveling in the glory among the calm and wonder of the trees. Sheila Mason’s work is currently on display at the Southern Oregon Guild Gallery & Art Center in Kerby, Oregon.

Bridgeview Winery is located at 4210 Holland Loop Road Cave Junction, OR 97523.

For more event information, visit

Oregon Fringe Festival Deadline TODAY

Apply Now!
Priority Consideration Deadline: Monday, December 12

Untitled sculpture by Jessi Eaton Shields
Untitled sculpture by Jessi Eaton Shields

The Priority Consideration Deadline to apply and present creative work at the 2023 Oregon Fringe Festival is Monday, December 12, 2022.

Students, local artists, national artists, and international artists are ALL encouraged to apply! Our roster includes music, theatre, visual art, film, dance, spoken word, and MORE. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to present something to a fun and diverse audience, but it’s also an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and concepts. Even more exciting, we will also offer up to three $1,000.00 honoraria to non-student artists whose creative work is boundary-breaking, unconventional, excites discussion, and explores different perspectives of a held position, principle, and/or belief.

Festival Dates: Wednesday, April 26 – Sunday, April 30, 2023
Priority Consideration Deadline: Monday, December 12, 2022
Regular Consideration Deadline: Monday, December 26, 2022
Late Consideration Deadline: Monday, January 9, 2023

To be considered for an honorarium, applications must be submitted by the Priority Consideration Deadline. 

For more information and access to the application, please click here. For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Artist Credit: Sculpture/4D Collective
Image Credit: Marvin Walder

20th Annual Rogue Winterfest

Holiday Singers, Rogue Winterfest 2018 at Evergreen’s Bear Hotel

North Valley Art League Announces Regional Juried Photography Show Winners

NVAL News – Oct 8, 2022 NVAL Carter House Gallery48 Quartz Hill Rd., Redding, CA 96003Wed-Sat, 11am – 4pm, 530-243-1023Click on the NVAL logo to go to Newsletter Summary NVAL 2022 Regional Juried Photography Show Winners Oct Second Sunday Workshop with Chuck Prudhomme – Oct 9 Annual Dues (July 1 – June 30) are NOW Due October Exhibit
October Exhibit September 28 – October 29 NVAL 2022 Regional Juried Photography Show
It’s time again for our annual Regional Juried Photography Show! This year we are honored to have internationally recognized photographer Brian Rueb as our juror.

The Award Winning Photographs
1st Place – Mark Coggins
2nd Place – Ian Dalziel
3rd Place – Charlotte Bryson
Merit Award – James Berger
Merit Award – Stephanie Luke
Merit Award – Bernie Bryson
HM – Shelley Edwards
HM – Laura Barbeau
HM – T.J. Hankins          HM – Charlotte Bryson HM – Stephanie Luke

Second Sunday Workshops with Chuck Prudhomme October Class is Sunday, Oct 9 12 to 4pm at NVAL Carter House Gallery Learn to Paint an Impressionistic Painting from a Photo! Bring your own photo or let Chuck provide one for you Oil or Acrylic Cost $40 per student, Sign up in the Gallery or online. Click here for details 

Chuck Prudhomme brings years of experience along with an innate artistic ability to create lovely compositions of landscape, cityscape and people using his signature impressionistic style.
The North Valley Art League is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the visual arts in the northern California region.

North Valley Art League | 48 Quartz Hill Rd, Redding, CA 96003 530-243-1023

Why A Smartphone Can’t Reproduce Your Art

This post is presented courtesy Giclée Yoshimatsu at Giclée Yoshimatsu.

Artists! Please Don’t Do This…

I’ve had many calls from artists who want me to color correct, up-rez (increase details) and print their art from smartphone photos. It’s always a challenge to politely tell them that their smartphone photo isn’t good enough to print large images to be hung and sold in galleries. After my most recent request, I wrote this article to help explain the reasons. (Digital camera mavens can skip this because I take a lot of shortcuts in this article.)

The first reason is resolution: Resolution is the MP (megapixel) count of cameras. The higher the resolution, the greater the number of pixels and the finer the details. Most smartphone cameras don’t have enough resolution to faithfully reproduce prints that are sharp, clear and crisp. Even those cameras touted as having 50 to 100+ megapixels produce compromised results. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that 100MP on a small sensor uses smaller photosites (light capturing buckets) than on a large sensor. Therefore, the smaller the light catching buckets, the less light is captured. Less light means less clarity just like your vision in low light. That’s why resolution is important but just part of the equation.

The second reason is size & compression: Most phone cameras capture small image sizes to save memory space. The smaller the image size, the fewer pixels (picture elements.) That means what may appear fine on a phone screen or even a computer monitor will pixelate (have jaggies) when enlarged. There’s no way around this. Too few pixels are filling too large an area. Next, even when capturing large images with many pixels, most phones save files in JPEG, a lossy compression format. Large swaths of similar pixels are lumped together causing loss of details and fine gradations.

A Short Diversion Into JPEG

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is an amazing technology that’s been around since 1992. It was originally designed for web and Internet use when bandwidth was precious and speeds were abysmal. As bandwidth and speeds improved, image sizes grew even bigger, ensuring the continued need for JPEG. Today, JPEG is ubiquitous and most phones automatically save images in JPEG format. The example image shows low compression (lots of data) on the right and high compression (minimal data) on the left. Notice how details are totally missing on the left side. Most phone cameras automatically use JPEG compression. Printing this file means interpolating (guessing) what details need to be added back, a near impossible task. Once a file is compressed in JPEG the results are baked in and can’t be recovered any more than a scrambled egg can be put back into the shell.

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programing

The third reason is that very few phone cameras offer RAW image capture. RAW is not an acronym but simply RAW data as captured by the sensor. In reality, even RAW data is “massaged” by the phone’s software to the manufacturer’s vision of an ideal photo. Sometimes, skin tones are too ruddy or foliage is too vibrant or water is too brilliant. The advantage of RAW is that these color interpretations can be corrected in RAW processing software. However, the biggest drawback to cellphone RAW is that most software is tuned to appeal to snapshooters who aren’t too picky about color fidelity. Combined with the tiny, noisy pixels created by cellphone cameras, the results are often sub-optimal.

Bottom line, cellphone cameras were not designed to capture images for large prints. Either get yourself a quality camera that has RAW capture or have a professional do the job.




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Empty Bowls Event!


Empty Bowls Event Featured Image_2014

WHEN: Online Silent Auction: October 8th-13th, 2021

WHERE: Virtually! Text ‘EmptyBowls2021’ to (406) 302-5086 to get a link to bid or visit directly.

FUNDRAISER BENEFICIARY: Options for Southern Oregon and Josephine County Food Bank. Proceeds will help food insecure adults, children and families in our community access food.

CONTACT PERSON: Sarah Small, Development and Integrated Health Coordinator at (541) 476-2373 or email at [email protected].

Empty Bowls is a grassroots effort led by Options for Southern Oregon in partnership with the Josephine County Food Bank that includes artists and restaurants in our community. This event raises funds to fight hunger in our community.

Empty Bowls has historically been held at the Parkway Christian Center in Grants Pass. Due to the pandemic, last year’s event was held virtually. While we had hoped to return to an in-person event in 2021, unfortunately, our region is experiencing a surge in cases. Because the safety of our community is paramount, we have decided to once again shift to a virtual event to respond to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic.

Our virtual Empty Bowls event will feature an online silent auction featuring unique ceramic bowls and art pieces. Individuals will also have the option to purchase one of the beautifully crafted event bowls, much like our usual Empty Bowl experience. We wanted to bring a bit more of our in-person event to the virtual space, so included with each bowl purchase is a $5 coupon that can be used at one of our participating restaurants.

The auction will begin on Friday, October 8th, and will close on Wednesday, October 13th. Participation in the silent auction will be free and open to all, but individuals will need to register to participate. We will end the virtual experience by hosting a drive-through event at the Josephine County Food Bank (3658 Upper River Rd, Grants Pass, OR 97526) on Friday, October 15th, where individuals will be able to pick up their silent auction items and event bowls.

We want to extend a special thank you to this year’s restaurant sponsors, including Casa Amiga, Climate City Brewing Company, Ma Mosa’s, Taprock Northwest Grill, The Laughing Clam, The Train Depot, The Twisted Cork, The Vine, and Wild River Brewing & Pizza. In the past, these amazing restaurants have donated soup and gift cards to our event. This year, they are partnering with us to provide an opportunity for Empty Bowls supporters who purchase event bowls to get soup. Clayfolk potters and other local artists have generously donated their time and talent to make more than 150 beautifully handcrafted bowls for this year’s event.

Thank you to our generous event sponsors AllCare CCO, AIG Retirement Services, Banner Bank, Clayfolk, Evergreen Federal Bank, and J.D. Fulwiler! These organizations have been supporting Empty Bowls for many years, and their generous donations help make this event a success!

More information can be found at and the Josephine County Empty Bowls Facebook page (

CHAP September 2021 News

Get Your FREE Tickets to the Party!

Watch Parties are going to be all the rage this year! Order a few Party Boxes and invite friends over for a mini CHAPlandia at your house.

Each Party Box includes enough wine, signature drink supplies, decorations, snacks, special anniversary gifts and more for two people to enjoy.

“If I knew how awesome these party boxes were, I would have ordered a hundred!” -Lauren Holden Kilbane, CHAPlandia 2020

Order your Party Box!

Meal options available for CHAPlandia 2021!   We’ve partnered with a few local restaurants who will be donating 15% to CHAP from CHAPlandia attendee purchases!

You’ll be able to order from the menus of Belle Pomme or Epif!

The big 2021 CHAPlandia raffle item is the winner’s choice of 5 different packages! Options are: New York City Getaway with a 3 Night Four Star Hotel Stay and a Cooking Class including a Multi Course Lunch or Dinner for (2) Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa 3 Night Stay with a Merryvale Winery Wine & Cheese Experience for (2) and $150 Budget Gift Card Disney World Resort Adventure with a 3 Night Stay at either the Disney Art of Animation, Disney All Star Music or Disney All Star Sports for (2) with a $500 Disney Gift Card Best of Boston with a 3 Night Stay at The Fairmont Copley Plaza, Samuel Adams Brewery Tour with Dinner and Beer Pairing for (2) Fairmont Scottsdale Princess 3 Night Stay for (2) with a $300 Gift Card for Golf, Spa or Dinner Raffle tickets will be available in the online auction starting October 22nd. Be featured at CHAPlandia 2021!

2021 is the 15th anniversary of CHAP as a nonprofit. Can you believe it? To celebrate, we’re looking to capture stories and memories about CHAP so we can all take a walk down memory lane together. 

Here’s what we’re looking for: Record a video message on your phone (it doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as we can see and hear you) Maximum 1 minute Use landscape format (vs.vertically) Ideally use earbuds with a microphone close to your mouth for better sound Preferably in mov format (for iPhones) Send to [email protected] Last day to send you message is 10/8/21 Include anything you want, whether it’s showing a piece of art you made with CHAP, your favorite thing about CHAP, or a sweet/funny story you’d like to share (be sure not to use children’s names). Have fun with it!
CHAP in a Box Shipment

The studio is filling up with spirit lamps as all our volunteers are pitching in to make the frames for our spirit lamps. These boxes are filled with all the supplies to make these uniquely decorated tea light lamps. CHAP in a Box makes it possible for families outside of the Portland Metro area or those who are unable to come into the studio to experience the healing power of art.

Wall tiles in celebration of our 15th Anniversary

Our commemorative piece is coming together, tile by tile! Do you want to join us in collaboration? Email Faye for details and let us know what CHAP means to you!

Recap of outreach events

We had a team building session with Portland Public School teachers- so fun!

Thanks for coming to our 15th Anniversary Party!
It was so fun to make art and eat the cake! Volunteer opportunities:

We are allowing 4 volunteers at a time into our studio, and request that everyone be vaccinated and remain masked.
We have in-studio and take-home projects available.

Email [email protected] to schedule a shift!
Since 2016, Troy Thom has been doing an annual bike ride supporting CHAP.

This year’s ride will take place in central Oregon and will consist of 50 miles a day for 5 days.

As a bonus, if we are able to raise $2000, he will ride one 100-mile day!

Please donate to this ride and help us reach our $2000 goal.
You can write a check to CHAP with “Troy Thom” in the memo line or give an online donation in his honor – writing his name in the drop down menu on the checkout page.

For more information, please reach out to Faye Pendergrass, Outreach Program Manager at [email protected]. We are offering team building activities for you and your colleagues!

Arrange a remote or outdoor activity with Program Manager Faye Pendergrass and create artwork with your team!
Email [email protected] for more details.
Thank you for supporting CHAP’s mission of bringing the healing power of art to children and families facing medical challenges. DONATE TODAY AND BRING MORE “CHAP”PY SMILES Stay up to date and follow us on social media! Copyright © 2021 Childrens Healing Art Project, All rights reserved.
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Our mailing address is:
Childrens Healing Art Project8065 SE Grand Ave Ste 160Portland, OR 97202-6586
Add us to your address book